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    posted a message on [1.4_1] Snakes and snakeskin armor mod, v1.3 Cobras!!
    Hello and welcome to the minecraft beta 1.4_1 snakes mod.

    Mod Description:

    This mod adds Snakes into the game. Snakes are reletively hard to find but have a very decent drop, their drop is snakeskin, or scales for the blue snakes. Snakeskin is used for making snakeskin armor (Bandana, chest, legs and boots). BlueScales are used to make scale swords and are droped by the animal blue snakes, and gray scales are droped by cobras, gray scales are used to make scale picks, axes, shovels and hoes.
    All snakeskin armor has about thesame durability of chain or gold.

    Green and blue snakes are completely passive creatures and will not hit you on the other hand cobras spawn at night and will attack you the same as any other mob although they only spawn in desert areas.

    i made a video of this mod right before i added snakes so here it is. Before i added snakes zombies droped snAKe skin so thats what im talking about in this video




    The sword

    The Snakes
    Green snakes

    Blue snakes


    Requires modloader
    1.3 latest - http://www.mediafire.com/?6y8gykumm31yuad
    older versions

    If you have any questions,concerns, or comments please leave them down there :smile.gif:, thanks!I dont know how to fix compatability isues with other mods. I didnt design it to work with other mods, although it does work with modloader and too many items but those are the only mods ive tried :tongue.gif:
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