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    posted a message on Harry Potter Wands - Bringing Magic to Minecraft! [1.7.2 - 0.0.4 Beta (Updated 8/12/14)]

    can you make this mod open source?

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    posted a message on [FORGE] HP Spells! Cast spells with your voice!

    hello! are you still working in this mod? also, would you mind porting it to 1.12.2?

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    posted a message on Detroit: Become human Androids

    Can someone make a mod that adds B:BH androids, like androids that can help you doing things, like the LittleMaids Mod but craftable.
    I have been making textures for a while now, so If someone is interested I can help making textures. I don't know how to program (Yet).

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    posted a message on Magicka - Revolutionizing Minecraft Magic! [WIP again for 1.12]

    Hello, its this still in development? I could help doing textures

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    posted a message on [WIP] Wands Mod 1.12.2 (Harry Potter)


    Nice! Ask me for any texture, I also made a logo for the mod!

    Do you have discord?

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    posted a message on [WIP] Wands Mod 1.12.2 (Harry Potter)

    I've got some ideas for the mod:

    -Spell Learning: With the key mechanic, when you create a wand it would have simple spells like Episkey and Aquamenti, but if you press repeatedly a certain key combination, the wand (or the Player) could learn new spells but depending of the Core, the number of press to learn certain spell its lower or higher. Some spells could have a different learning time, for example: Avada Kedavra should be one of the most difficult to learn.

    -Wand Lives and Durability: If wands dont casts spells for a long time, they can die. That means they're useless and cant cast any spell. They can break if someone that isn't its owner casts a lot of spells or casts a powerful spell with them, when casting spells with a broken wand the spell may bounce back at the caster. The most common to break due someone that isn't its owner casts a spell with them its Unicorn hair core wands, because these are the most bonded to their owner. Broken wands could be fixed by re-doing the creation ritual.

    -More Spells: My ideas of new spells!

    1) Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum): Its a spell that would take a lot of time to learn, but when you learn it, a random tameable animal would spawn per. player: Wolf, Cat, Parrot, Horse, Pig, Sheep or Cow. But not a normal one, one that can attack hostile mobs and other players if they attack their owner (even if they cant in normal form), and they would be blue, transparent and shiny.

    2) Expelliarmus: Its a spell that disarms or removes the item in hand of mobs or other players. It would work in skeletons, zombies (if they are armed, obviously) and players. You can only disarm if the item they're holding its a weapon or a tool, if you steal other player's wand, its loyalty will be change to you. If you cast Expelliarmus in a mob without item or it cant hold one, or a player without holding an item, they'll be pushed back

    3) Obliviate: This one would be a really hard to learn one, because it makes a hostile mob to forget what they're suposed to do, basically, it makes them a passive mob. If this spell its casted on a player, the player will forget all of their learned spells.

    4) Apparate/Appa (Ender Core exclusive): This spell will work as a ender pearl, only quicker. If casted near other mob or player, this one will teleport with the caster too.

    5) Flare: It would be a dueling spell, every one key combination means 6 attacks, its a blue short "beam" (Like the ones Tina Goldstein casted on Grindelwald at the end of Fantastc Beasts: And Where to Find Them.) It would do half-heart damage.

    6) Protego and Protego Totalum: Its a shield spell, it would be like a bubble around the casted and can block other players and mobs, proyectiles, explotions, and other spells. Protego Totalum needs Protego first to be casted, it would be a gigant shield (Like the one Molly Weasley, Professor Slughorn and Professor Flitwick casted around Hogwarts in Harry Potter: and The Deathly Hallows Part 2) and the size depends of how many people casts it.

    7) Protego Diabolica: (Casted by Grindelwald at the end of in Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald) it summons a blue fire that desintegrates any mob that touches it. If it kills a player, its items will be burned too.

    -Renaming your Custom Spells: I hope you don't get offended or anything, i just think its kinda odd that almost all spells finish with "ius" or "us". So I'll leave my requests to making better names for your spells! If theres more spells, let me know! (I'll leave the whole phrase in Latin, if you traslate it, it'll be probably wrong, I used google traductor.):

    1) Growtilus -> Herbivicus

    2) Augamenti (If this its a typo and you tried to write Aquamenti, let me know.) -> Eritaqua "Erit aquae."

    3) End Chestius -> Sussidet Annauca "Et supellectilem possidebunt te: et Annaeus Seneca."

    4) Craftolius -> Eccego crea "Ecce ego crea."

    5) Breakomnius -> Perdere

    6) Explodius -> Hidissiliunt "Hic Dissiliunt."

    -Dueling and Clashing: The essential spells to dueling are: Protego, Flare, Expelliarmus and Explodius, these spells would be casted more faster than other spells no matter what type of wand its the caster using. The R button should be used to block incoming spells. The spells like: Flare, Expelliarmus, Avada Kedavra, Explodius can connect and begin a clash, players would need to press certain keys that appears in their screen so their spell can get stronger and win. when someone loses a clash, both of the spell affects him.

    -Horcruxes: To make a Horcrux, you need to kill a tagged mob, a tamed mob or a villager ONLY with a weapon (axe, bow and arrow, sword, etc.), then next you need to drop any item, and then say the Horcrux-Making Spell through the chat "Ego interfeci." (Its not cannon, the Horcrux-Making Spell hasn't been shown in the Harry Potter Series.) The only way to destroy a Horcrux its throwing it in lava or fire in the Nether or with a Basilisk fang (You can add a basilisk). When a player has at least one horcrux, when theres not hearts left, he will still live, unless all of his horcruxes are destroyed

    -Flexibility (AKA Loyalty): Could add variants for each wood. Each wood would have certain flexibility, this affects on how the wand works on other players that arent their creator. That means if it is more flexible it means its not so attached to their owner and any player could use it, if it is rigid, it means its pretty attached and it's more possible that the spell could fail if it's not its owner, the wand could even break if used too much or used spells too powerful by someone its not their owner, if you kill the owner, the wand will be yours. The core type also affects the wand loyalty.

    -More core types and power: Different types of cores have an impact on the wand spell learning speed, effectiveness and also, loyalty. More types of cores would mean harry potter cores: Phoenix feather, Dragon Heart Fiber Core (Made out of Dragon Breath) and Unicorn Hair, If you can, you could add those mobs so they can drop these material and make cores from these. Heres how i would describe each type of core (From already implemented to my ideas):

    1) Dragon Core: It would be extremely powerful and pretty quick learning new spells. The only problem with these wands is that they are not attached to their creator, that means any player could use it without any problem (A wand with a dragon core should be one per world, So basically, its like an Elder Wand). It would have a exclusive called Protego Diabolica (Casted by Grindelwald at the end of in Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald) it summons a blue fire that desintegrates any mob that touches it. If it kill a player, it items will be burned too.

    2) Star Core: Its less powerful and slower than the dragon core, but the loyalty depends of how much a player casts spells with these.

    3) Ender Core: It would be way less powerful, but it would be quick learning new spells, and also has an exclusive spell: Apparate or Appa. The loyalty would be random (I mean, in numbers 1 to 10, it would be random).

    4) Wither Skeleton Core: These cores are the same as the Star core but with the exception of the power, these are a little bit less powerful than the Star core.

    5) Unicorn Hair: These are weak, their spell learning speed depends of the type of spell, if the spell its bad, it would take time to learn it, but if it is a good spell, it can learn it in no time. Also, these types of core can get VERY attached to their owner. (You can implement a unicorn mob, it would work as a normal horse, the drop would be leather and Unicorn hair, but you can also use a shear to get 2 to 3 unicorn hairs).

    6) Dragon Heart Fiber: They're almost the same as the star core, but it can learn very quickly evil spells, specially avada kedavra. (You could get this Core by brewing the dragon breath).

    7) Phoenix Feather: They're less powerfull than the Dragon Heart Fiber core but the loyalty depends how much spells casts on these. (To get Phoenix Feathers you need to tame a phoenix and shear it).

    -New Magical Creatures: Adding magical creatures can help with sources for crafting, and making cores for wands. Heres my magical creatures list:

    1) Unicorn: A unicorn mob would work as a normal horse but way faster, They spawn at flower fields. The drop would be leather and Unicorn hair, but you can also use a shear to get 2 to 3 unicorn hairs and the Unicorn hair can be used as string too.

    2) Phoenix: These would work as a parrot (Without being able to ride the player's shoulder) but it can attack other players and hostile mobs. Once tamed, you can shear it so you can get Pheonix feathers to make a core. Their location it's deserts.

    3) Hippogriff: Hippogriffs can be tamed and be mounted by a player they would spawn at deserts and taiga forests, basically, its a horse but with a difference: It can fly.

    It would be a neutral mob and its drop would be 1-2 Feathers.

    4) Basilisk: These are gigant snakes that can spawn in swamps, they are extremely agressive. Their drop would be a Basilisk Fang, with these, you can destroy Horcruxes.

    5) Domestic Elf: These would only spawn in taiga forest, they can teleport when you ask them to (Like Appa) and can cook, store items, etc. They can steal your wand with their magic (Like Expelliarmus) but they cant attack you. To get them to serve you, you need to give them coal. Once domesticated, you must hide your armors because once they find them (You and other Players can give them armor too), they'll get the armor and run away (Because they're free!), if you kill a free Elf, they'll drop their armor.

    I hope you like my ideas for the mod. I hope someday you could implement them. Also, I would love to help you making this mod, if you need help with texturing, you can ask me to do textures. I've already made a Logo, tell me if you like the new name and i'll send you the logo. :D

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    posted a message on [WIP] Wands Mod 1.12.2 (Harry Potter)

    are you still working in this mod?

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