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    I found a seed (-502778015028798192) that is pretty decent in terms of survival. At spawn, there is a dark roofed forest, a great source of wood. The other biome at spawn (badlands, and a little farther from spawn, eroded badlands) is separated by a river running between both great scenes. The Badlands is a good biome because of the abundance of gold, which can be used in bartering with piglins. In terms of loot, there isn't much near that I know of, but if you travel forward a hundred blocks or so, you'll see an extreme hills biome. Going over it after a while, a plains biome. You reach the sea there. There is also a washed ashore ruins, and when you find the buried treasure, you will find four diamonds, along with some other things, TNT, gold, and iron. This requires traveling a few thousand blocks. A taiga is also nearby, and in it, a ruined portal. The ruined portal has over 20 obsidian blocks, along with about 5 crying obsidian. The chest there contains flint and steel, as well as a fire charge and a Fortune II golden shovel, which really isn't that useful. About the e. hills biome: you probably know it is good for coal and contains emerald ore (and silverfish blocks, rarely), so this is a good seed for mining.

    When I went into the nether, the biome you spawn in is a Basalt Delta. If you are a builder, you might like this biome, as there is lots of blackstone, magma, and basalt, of course. The fortress is ~200-300 blocks away, and I don't know what quad. But once you get out of the nether, and you want to go to the end, you are met with a good surprise.

    The stronghold isn't completely underwater, so that makes navigating the portal room a bit difficult. I believe there are three or so eyes of ender in the portal already, but it is best to bring 15 or so just in case. Once you jump into the portal and kill the dragon, and you jump into the end city gateway, you'll be met with an end city with a bit of traveling. This end city has an endship, which from a video from Youtube, only generates half the time. The endship loot is decent in the late-game, but likely, your inventory is full, and collecting a few items in the chests is prudent.

    I can't say the coords to those locations, as it will make exploring this seed obsolete. Even if it saves much trouble.

    Also, note that this is only for Java, and I don't know about whether it would work on Bedrock. (look at the java tag)

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