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    logo by Zenrix

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    The land of Bastion used to be a land of peace and prosperity. The different races living there got on side by side in harmony. Then one fateful day, the Core, which kept darkness and misfortune away, was destroyed. The natural balance of Bastion was severely damaged and a chain of natural disasters wrecked the land. People started calling it The Calamity. A group of survivors fought their way across the land and managed to find a place safe from the Calamity, though they had to leave many behind. These survivors built a town called Wiltshire and slowly began to ease back into the peaceful life. Then one day, they decided to search for the survivors they left behind. They established a brotherhood of Explorers, comprised of the toughest survivors and these Explorers left Wiltshire in search of the remaining survivors. They soon found them and many other 'survivor towns'. But one night, while they were camping in the woods, planning for their next destination, they were ambushed by a band of the wildest and most vilest fighters they had ever crossed swords with. They were overcome by the sheer force and darkness and soon all of them were slain. Save for one, Icarus. He fled back to Wiltshire and reported the arrival of the DarkStalkers. Leading them was a man called Non, who they had abandoned years ago. The DarkStalkers declared war on the land of Bastion, with plans of finding the 'new' Core and using it to spread their iron grip. Thus the Great War began...

    Welcome to The New Bastion Server, an action packed new server set in medieval times. Join the epic battle between good and evil, the Explorers and the DarkStalkers. A new age has begun in the land of Bastion. The dark empire has been enlarging its borders and you have volunteered to join the order of the Explorers, a brotherhood created to protect the realms of free men. You start off as a lowly peasant joining an Explorer expedition to find a new haven after the old world was destroyed by the DarkStalkers. Work your way up to become an Explorer by completing quests, unlocking amazing abilities such as becoming a hero. The available hero classes on this server are: Knight, Mage, Merchant and Beastling. Each class has specific skills and can use different tools and armor. E.g: Knights can use diamond swords but beastlings cannot. When you reach Level 50, you will be able to choose a specialization. The next ranks for Knights are: Viking & WhiteKnight. For Mages they are: StormMage and PyroMancer. For Beastling they are: Herbalist and EarthWalker and for Merchant, they are: Tradesmen and Artisan.

    PVP Classes
    Class Details ( Click the banners for more information! )

    DarkStalkers are the sworn enemies of the Explorers and live in the darkness.A DarkStalker has the ability to become a Supernatural being (More info below). To become a Darkstalker, complete Non's DarkStalker quest. Darkstalkers have the ability to become Hassassins which can specialize at level 50 to become BladeLords.


    Camp Forde

    Cowardice is not welcome here...

    Camp Forde is where you begin your epic adventure. It is home to numerous Explorers such as Icarus the Bold, Engel the Enchanter and Maokai Hammerfist. Here you will begin your training to become an Explorer to help against the battles against the DarkStalkers. There are numerous plots here for players to purchase or win through events, though you can only buy a maximum of 1 plot ( While you can win others through events. ) When you first start off, you should collect sponges buy doing NPC quests.

    A race of humble, alchohol loving cave dwellers. They have great skill in making friends, crafting beautiful objects and mining.

    A group of outlawed warriors who were recruited to the DarkStalkers and were given a potion greatly enhanced their natural abilities such as sharper eyesight. The Rangers were last seen in the Battle of Florent and records of the Hawk Potion were lost. However, Sage Gajumat managed to brew a similar potion, although not as potent. To restore Rangers to their former glory

    Shinobi No Mura

    Home to the fearless ninjas

    For centuries, the clan of the Shinobi hid from the rest of the world, preparing for the day that the DarkStalkers will rise again and attempt to raze the land of Bastion. With their lightning-fast strikes and bulls-eye accuracy, the Shinobi is even deadlier when they reach their full potential.


    Welcome to Zungath, home to the Goblins :3

    Zungath is one of the last remaining free towns in the land of Bastion. It is home to the Goblins, a race of semi-intelligent, crafty warmongers who like nothing better than the company of heroes. They are also the masters of Herbalism and Poison and remind many of the Beastlings. Here you can meet the Sage of Goblins, who may be able to turn you into one of them...

    To become a Goblin, you need to finish the quest " The Trials of the Sage " and use /hero profession Goblin. Goblins are a Race/Secondary class, which means you can have it alongside another Hero class that isnt a race. For example, you can become a Goblin Knight or a Goblin FreeTrader.

    :Diamond: NO GRIEFING Spawn/Shops/Plots ( Griefing is allowed in Faction Warfare )
    :Diamond: NO excessive swearing
    :Diamond: NO client mods/hacks
    :Diamond: DO type the word 'Sage' in your whitelist application
    :Diamond: DO NOT be a jerk ( Excessive name calling/bullying )
    :Diamond: NO killing right outside of the spawn city or in shops/plots
    :Diamond: NO racist/sexist or obscene comments

    Want to help support the server? Donate here.

    Donors will receive benefits such as:
    :GoldBar: "Count" Title
    :GoldBar: 10 000 Hero EXP
    :GoldBar: 5000 Gold
    :GoldBar: Access to /msg command
    :GoldBar: Access to /me command
    :GoldBar: Ability to create ChestShops

    :GoldBar: "Lord" Title
    :GoldBar: 10 000 Gold
    :GoldBar: 20 000 Hero EXP
    :GoldBar: Access to /msg command
    :GoldBar: Ability to lock chests
    :GoldBar: Access to Hero class: Noble
    :GoldBar: Ability to create ChestShops
    :GoldBar: Access to /me command

    :GoldBar: "King" Title
    :GoldBar: 15 000 Gold
    :GoldBar: 30 000 Hero EXP
    :GoldBar: Access to /msg command
    :GoldBar: Ability to lock chests
    :GoldBar: Ability to use /broadcast
    :GoldBar: Access to Hero class: Noble
    :GoldBar: Ability to create ChestShops
    :GoldBar: Access to /me command

    To claim benefits, please include your IGN when donating and wait for chokato to confirm your donation.

    To apply please fill out this form and post it below:
    Why you want to join the server:
    Did you read the rules?


    Quick Start Tutorial

    Ok, your first aim upon joining the server would be to become an Explorer. Why you ask? For one, the Explorer rank allows you to use godly skills such as calling lightning upon your enemies.
    So, the first step, is to get a quest from Icarus who is an NPC conveniently located at Camp Forde. You can do this by right clicking him and then left click to cycle through his quests until you come to a quest named Welcome to Bastion. Right click him again. After that is done, he will tell you to help out some villagers in Camp Forde and collect 5 sponges from them. Now, you can only accept one quest at a time so next, type the command /quest abort. This will allow you to stop doing the Icarus quest so you can do quests from other NPCs. Now, you should take quests from the NPCs Maokai, Engel, Goblin in Camp Forde and these quests will give you sponges on completion.
    Here are the names of all the quests that give sponges and the NPCs that give them, so you don't do a random quest that won't give you a sponge:

    - Helping out, The Love Story
    - Helping out, Combat Training
    - Helping out, WHY U NO SMILE?!

    You can check your status by typing the command, /quest status and this will tell you what you have to do to complete the rest of the questline. After collecting 5 Sponges, talk to Icarus again and complete the quest Welcome to Bastion.

    Support us!

    Wear our banner!

    Check us out on minecraft-servers.biz:

    Have a nice day.


    Thanks to jhoijhoi for the awesome line dividers!

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    Wheres everyone? ._.
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    For those of you getting pissed about the level range thing..
    I'll try to fix it ASAP :sad.gif:
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    Quote from Sci_fi_nut_123

    Welcome to the server
    Have fun

    Nice to see you're doing your job :smile.gif:
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    Whats New? ( 8 Jan 2012 )
    - New Quest; Alchemy, which you can get from Engel. It gives 1 Nether Wart as a Reward.
    - bob and pedringano have been tempbanned due to spawnkilling and excessive griefing for 20 Hours MAX.
    - Creepers no longer explode.
    - Weather is now disabled.
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    Whitelist temporarily disabled
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    People from the old server need not apply for the whitelist again.
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    Quote from fishiron4

    Age:13 (nearly)
    Why you want to join the server: I was on the old server and made lots of friends and had a good time so I think i should join again, plus my brother (Anoumanous) goes on the server aswell.
    Did you read the rules?
    yup :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from silentdeath

    hey chok its me again my friend dont have a fforum acc and his mom wont let him have one so here is his app for server :
    why he wants to join server:cus im shi friend im on it and he thinks its cool cus ive showed him around and demonstrated some stuff ot him
    did he read rules? yes sir!

    Quote from Whitealkaline

    IGN: xxkemistryxx
    Age: 14
    Why you want to join the server: Looks very good
    Did you read the rules? Yes

    Quote from EvillLynx

    IGN: EvilLynx
    Age: 15
    Why you want to join the server: Because I'm lookin for a decent server and this looks like the key one!
    Did you read the rules? Yes

    Quote from Jimorrison

    IGN: Rixinson
    Age: 19
    Why you want to join the server: I've been looking for such a server for a while, where I could play RPG and still be able to build some stuff. The classes system really looks good.
    Did you read the rules? YES.

    PS: Btw, I'm french, hope you don't mind :smile.gif:

    Quote from Sgt_Buzzkill

    IGN: Sgt_Buzzkill
    Age: 14
    Why you want to join the server: I'm looking for a new server and this seems to be pretty good. The plugin choice is also pretty nice.
    Did you read the rules? Aye

    Quote from phillip447

    Why you want to join the server: sounds like my type of server
    Did you read the rules? yes

    Quote from Kazzira

    Why you want to join the server: Well the server i was playing with the heroes plugin decided to take a turn for the worst and just made it not fun to play it no more so when i saw this i was like yay a new heroes servers =]
    Did you read the rules? yes i did read them =]

    Added all the above, sorry for the wait...
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    Click the + if you can't wait for 1.8 Update
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