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    posted a message on Enigma PvP - Factions - Raiding - McMMO - SilkSpawners - ObsidianBreaker
    IGN: wookie15
    Suggestions: Nothing, I think you guys are doing great!
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    posted a message on RougePvP [PVP] [NO Lag] [McMMO] [Factions]
    Rogue PvP

    Rogue PvP: A hardcore factions server with much to do!
    Factions: Group up with friends to defeat your foes!
    McMMO: A Minecraft ranking system to show off your skills all the while giving you special bonuses!
    Shops: Well balanced prices, but if you see anything wrong please tell a staff member!
    Mob Arena: Fight against waves of monsters using different and unique classes!
    Parkour: 4 jumping puzzles, test your Minecraft skills!

    IP: roguepvp.beastnode.net

    Have fun, and I hope I see you there :)

    (Warning: Server is small so we are looking for players for a max amount of fun, so please dont leave right away!)
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Staff, Spawn Builders, And Beta Testers
    :D Okay thanks, I wont be on a lot today.... But I will be on for atleast 2 hours :D
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Staff, Spawn Builders, And Beta Testers
    First name: Aaron
    IGN: wookie15
    Age: 16
    Skype: aaronm151(sorry no mic, I can text through Skype to you though :) )
    Job you want: Co-Owner, Admin, Moderator, something along those lines :D
    Why you should get it and not someone else: Because I am very experienced and have been staff on many servers, I am kind and respectful to players and other staff members, I know when to ban, kick, mute, or jail, I know some great plugins, I will be on the server a lot if I'm not I will tell you why, I can help make forum posts to get more players, I wont abuse my power, I will be creative and I will use my ideas to benefit the server, I will try my best to keep all hacking, spamming, and other rulebreaking off the server, I can help a little with building the spawn because I'm not too bad of a builder(but I'm not too good either :P I would much rather help as staff )
    Past experience: I have been Admin on 2-3 different servers, I have been Moderator on 3 servers and Co-Owner once. I have also owned my own server but my computer couldn't handle it so I was forced to shut it down. :(
    Anything else: Thanks for taking your time to read my app :D Today I wont be on very much, but tomorrow I will be on a lot(or I should be) :D
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    posted a message on >>BuuCraft.com<< Survival - Factions - PVP - MobArena 24/7 DEDICATED
    IGN: chewbacca15
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    posted a message on Conflicted realms • looking for dedicated builders • • looking for plugin developers and coders! • need staff! •
    IGN: wookie15
    Skype: aaronm151(I don't have a mic but I can type to you)
    Why do you want to join?: So I can help the server grow by doing my part watching over the server to make sure no hackers, spammers, or x-rayers effects the other players fun. I also want to join because my friends want me to find a server that they can play on.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since the first update of beta.
    What previous experiences do you have as staff?: I have been staff on many different servers. I have been Admin I think twice now, Mod like 3 times, and Co-Owner 1 time.
    What will you bring to the server: I can bring new fun plugins for the players that will enhance there gameplay. I can watch over the server for rule breaking and hackers ect. I can help build a small bit because Im pretty good at building but I'm not super good :P I can be serious when I need to be. I can help other staff members if they have problems. I can bring extra players(my friends), and I can make forum pages for the server.

    Extra info: I am 15 years old and I am very nice to players. I will also play survival when Im not in creative. But I don't want to be restricted to survival only :P I will tell you if I wont be on one night so you don't have to be angry at me and can be prepared for stuff :D
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    posted a message on Exile Networks | 2 Servers | Hiring Moderators and Admins | Apply now!
    Okay great! I've sent you the friends request on Skype :D
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    posted a message on Exile Networks | 2 Servers | Hiring Moderators and Admins | Apply now!

    In-Game Name: wookie15
    Age: 15
    Skype: aaronm151(I don't have a mic but I can type to you)
    Country/TimeZone: America - UCT (Central Timezone)
    Have you been staff before: Yes many times

    Proof of that:

    Devicraft: http://www.minecraft...t#entry21354609

    Cobalt Rebirth(old server): http://www.minecraft...cobalt rebirth

    AwesomeCraft: http://www.minecraft...ing-for-staff‼/

    Experience: I have been Admin atleast 2 times, Mod like 3 times, and Co-Owner 1 time. I only put 3 up there because I don't wanna spend all day putting links in my app :P

    What do you do better than others: I know some fun plugins that would make the players have a better time on the server. I can probably watch over the server better then some of the other staff members(not all of them :P ) I can help a bit with building, but I don't want to be a builder rank because I'm not an amazing builder but I'm not a bad building either. I am nice to players when they don't break the rules or hack. If you want to ask me more just ask :P

    Any unique ways you moderate: I give people chances if they did something bad but not terribly bad. If they do anything very bad like hacking I will usually ban right off the bat. If they spam then I will kick and mute for 12 hours and if they spam again I will kick again mute forever. If they x-ray I will jail them(if no jail) I will temp ban for 4 - 8 hours and I will take there x-rayed stuff and throw it away, if they do it again I will ban them for 12 more hours and take the stuff and throw it away again, if they do it yet again I will ban forever and throw the stuff away yet another time, (I will use the same times as the temp bans with jails if we have them).

    Any other things you want to say: I will tell you if I wont be on one day and why. I am serious when I need to be and when I don't need to be serious I will have fun and probably play a bit in survival. :D But I don't want to be restricted to just survival no creative. :P

    Which server do you want to be Moderator on: The PvP server
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    posted a message on Need Staff, Co-owners, Mods, Admins Juicycraftfactions.net
    BTW: I don't care if you PM me, Skype me, or write it on here if I was accepted or not :P
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    posted a message on The Legends of Minecraftia! Looking for Staff, Plugin Devs, Builders, and more!
    Minecraft IGN: wookie15
    Age: 15
    IRL Name(Optional): Aaron
    Skype(Required): aaronm151 (no mic but I can type to you)
    Position Wanted(Maximum - 3):
    - Staff
    Why do you want to join our community: I want to help this server grow, I would like to watch over the server to make sure no one is trying to hack or break the rules in any way.
    The Proof: I don't want to be a builder, but I have some links of past servers I've been staff on

    Devicraft: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1714009-devicraft-mcmmo-factions-pvp-mobarena-minigames-no-lag-147-100-slots-website/page__hl__+devicraft#entry21354609

    D'haraCraft: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1695766-dharacraft-looking-for-buildersplayersmods-247/page__hl__+cobalt%20+rebirth#entry21007152

    Cobalt Rebirth: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/808478-cobalt-rebirth-100-18-slots247/page__hl__%20cobalt%20%20rebirth (this is the old forum and server I was Co-Owner on, they have a new one because the old one shut down but Im not staff on the new one because I didn't bother with the server anymore after the shutdown)

    Hopefully that is proof for you... if you need more PM me saying so
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    posted a message on Need Staff, Co-owners, Mods, Admins Juicycraftfactions.net
    Name: Aaron
    Minecraft Name: wookie15
    Skype Name: aaronm151(sorry no mic but I can type to communicate with you)
    Age: 15

    How serious do you take this?: Very serious when its time to be serious but when there's nothing going on I usually just talk to players or I will tp to them and vanish to see what they are up to (checking for hacking). So Im serious when I need to be and have fun when we are not in a serious situation

    Building Skill (Scale 1-10): 4 - 6 (not bad but not good either)

    Knowledge of Plugins (Scale 1-10): 0(if its downloading them and putting them on the server) but a 7 - 8(if its knowing fun plugins to add to the server for the players benefit)

    Knowledge of Factions (Scale 1-10): 9 - 10 (I play survival factions when I don't have a server to watch over)

    Knowledge of Prison Servers (Scale 1-10): 3 (I've only played 1 prison server)
    If not accepted, what are your plans? To find another server to apply on...
    How many other servers are you active in? None at the moment

    What can you bring? I can bring new fun plugins that you may not of heard of that could give the players a better time playing on the server, I can watch over the server for hacking, x-raying, and rule breaking ect. I can also build some things in spawn but not all because Im not that good :P I have some friends that will join the server to play if I become staff

    Can you provide screenshots of your builds? I don't really have any because I don't build a lot... maybe if I get accepted I can make something to show to you? I wanna be a staff anyways :P

    Story about yourself? I am a freshman in Highschool, I play Baseball, Football, and Basketball(it is baseball season now). I live in America(Missouri)

    Story about your minecraft life? I started playing Minecraft when I had just turned beta, I have been staff on many different server. I love playing in survival mode so when Im not building or dealing with something I will play like a normal player. I love talking to players and to other staff about stuff, I know some cool plugins(don't know how to install them).

    Hacked clients? I do not own a hacked client, I know of Nodus and Aimbot, but I don't use them

    PS: I would like to be an Admin or Mod seeing that I am not old enough to be Co-owner :P
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    posted a message on SmiteCraft! [Factions] [PvP] [No Lag] [McMMO]
    Join the servers awesome!
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    posted a message on Server looking for staff/builders 1.5
    Quote from fellason

    IGN: fellason

    Name(last name not needed): Austin

    Age:13 (very mature for my age)

    Which country you live in:United States

    Position wanted: I'd prefer co-owner but moving me down in the ranks will be just fine

    Pics of builds you have made:

    Why we should choose you: i can build great and have lots of experience with running a server. i am a friendly player that gets along with mostly everyone and will try my best to ensure that the players come to the server and stay at the server.

    Experience: I have been staff on 8 servers.
    1. Lobstercraft
    2. Repasacraft
    3. Foxcraft
    4. Azzaks
    5. Bigcrafter
    6. Subzerocraft
    7. Nitrocraft
    8. Devicraft

    What will you do to help this server?: i will bring players to the server along with building the server and making a welcoming environment for the players.
    He was a rogue mod on our server(Devicraft) he used world edit to destroy the spawn and crash the server several times and then he would blame it on me, and on top of that he said that he didnt do it on purpose but we now know that he auctually did... And I dont think he really built that :P Ill be watching fella, if you take the same picture of the same boat and I can see your name in chat then Ill be amazed and believe you...
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    posted a message on | CraftableGaming | - [NEED Builders] | MUST HAVE SKYPE |
    Quote from fellason

    Real Name (First Name): Austin
    IGN: Fellason
    Age: 13
    Skype: [email protected] or Austin Payne
    Are you fluent in English?: Yes
    Are you mature? If so, how much?(1-10): 9
    How much experience do you have being a part of staff on servers?(1-10)Please explain.: I have about 9 on a scale of 1-10 on server experience, I have been staff on 7 server now and am able to list all the server names if needed. I have also been builder rank on 6-9 servers but i can not list the names because there were so many.
    Have you been banned on any server? If so, why?: Yes but it was for no reason at all. I was randomly banned.
    Why do you want to be Administrator?: I am great with helping out the server and know how to control people and enforce the rules. I can also give many ideas on how to improve the server and how to keep it open with a good amount of players.
    How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server?: I will be able to dedicate all of the time i spend on minecraft into the server witch is at least 3 hours a day.
    List 3 reasons why I should accept your application.: Three reasons why you should accept my application are . . .
    1.I will not only help myself by getting this position i will also help out the server.
    2.I am dedicated to the server and will spend my time trying to improve the server.
    3. I have had a lot of experience with being staff on servers and have a lot of time to help improve the server.
    List 3 things you know about performing role as an Admin that other Admins might not.:
    1. Make the server fair for all the players and not just the ones you like. (for example: many admin will choose players that they favor over others and give them items)
    2. Make sure to have a good first impression on players so that they wont judge you and leave because of the staff.
    3. Spend time improve the server instead of making random builds out in the middle of nowhere.

    Extra things I might need to know about you.: I am a great builder and can build almost anything but would prefer to be a higher rank. I am able to manage players and enforce rules and come up with a punishment for the player that will also be fair (like common law where if one player does something wrong that don't get a harsher punishment than the last). I am able to Skype daily and play daily. I am also on the Eastern Time Zone and live in the United States.
    Hes a rogue mod/admin that is what he did to ou server(Devicraft) And you were not randomly banned, you were banned for destroying and crashing the server over and over and blaming it on me... We now know that you did this on purpose, please dont lie to other people.
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