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    posted a message on Jaffa Cake seed.
    this is the most horribly done seed post I have ever seen
    you don't even have the seed in the post it's in the title, no screenshots and just a small description of "good" loot
    anyone can find this you shouldn't have even posted
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    posted a message on [Surv][Adv] ☠☠ Quad Mountain Survival ☠☠
    ahh this was still one of the best maps ever~
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    posted a message on What's the most useless item in minecraft?
    most useless item would probably be the flower, the yellow one

    or maybe the cauldron
    or the mob heads because you can't get them other than the wither skull

    if you mean actual application then its a hard one between dyes and fireworks.
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    posted a message on I think "seed" should be displayed in F3 mode
    it's really stupid how mojang actually made it so it's displayed by typing /seed

    rather than just having it in f3 mode "incase people didn't want to give out the seed by accident on video"

    yeah? well I would tell those people to quit being whiny little entitled idiots and just deal with other people having the seed.

    just a thought though, why does anyone need to protect a seed? it can't affect anything if everyone knows what a particular seed is, this isn't in response to anything but rather the reason why mojang made the /seed function to protect people's seeds, they seriously don't need protecting for any reason other than someone to be smug and entitled and arrogant.
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    posted a message on Seed-NPC Ravines and Diamonds
    is this james woods?
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    posted a message on 800 Days of Minecraft, in 8 Minutes
    that is idiotic.
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    posted a message on Bitmining
    Quote from BC_Programming

    Oh Bitcoin.

    Where to begin!

    It already starts on the wrong foot. The entire reason it was devised was because the people behind it were like 7th Day Stock Adventists. They were convinced the Entire world economy was going to collapse, money would lose value, and don't want their money 'controlled' by the government and banks, so they made up their own money system, which doesn't require any financial institution between them. In other words, it's something created by the tin-foil hat army for specious reasons. Not looking good so far.

    Add to this it's difficult- even impossible to really find out how bitcoins are "mined". I found this.

    The best I can deduce is that Bitcoins are "minted" by some central repository. Then you "mine" them by descrypting them (or something). a "coin" is a chain of digital signatures, each transfer to the next owner is done by digitally signing the hash of the previous transaction with the public key of the next owner and adding them to the end of the coin; a "payee" can verify the signatures an ownership using this. Apparently, the entire bitcoin network is working through building arbitrary encrypted blocks of data, containing all the most recent transactions of the network in an encrypted format. When you decrypt one of these blocks, you broadcast the key to the network, it validates, and then all the transactions in it are fulfilled, and you get 50 bitcoins for your trouble and the network moves to the next block. Point being so you can't just "manufacture" bitcoins, since the transaction that adds fake bitcoins to any of your public keys won't be in one of the those encrypted blocks.
    Money can be lost, however. There's a file that holds both your private keys and the amount of bitcoins in them. If you lose this file, that money ceases existing. If you steal it from someone and also have their public keys, then you have all of the bitcoins associated with those keys.

    Worst of all? Bitcoins are worthless. There was a "crash" of bitcoins a while back because some malware was designed to steal the wallet.dat file off people's PCs, and some early adopter that owned like 40% of all the bitcoins in the world got his coins stolen, and the perpetrators sold them for 1 cent each. This caused the value of bitcoins across the network to take a collosal nosedive, going from 17 dollars a bitcoin to a little over 5 cents. This from a system that is designed to avoid "crashes". After this, the changes make it neigh impossible to exchange bitcoins for real money. Which means you need to use the bitcoins.

    Go to a grocery store. Can you buy food with bitcoins. No.
    Go to a gas station. Can you buy fuel with bitcoins? No.
    What can you do? The only thing you can do is hope that somebody will use REAL money to buy your bitcoins (why they would want bitcoins is another mystery...)... then use that real money to buy things. It just doesn't make any sense, because it purports to "fix" all the problems of money being handled by a third-party but still requires it to actually be used, which defeats most of the purpose; leaving only the 'benefit' of anonymous transfers. the Bitcoin community encourages people to install Tor to make it anonymous,because I guess the government is keeping a close eye on a few blowhard that think they can fix every single problem with the current money situation after a LSD-induced fever dream. We all know that Tor is used first and foremost for shuffling child pornography and other illegal materials around and isn't something any sane individual aware of it's underpinnings would install purposely on their machine. Not to mention the HILARIOUS fact that most Tor Nodes are actually run by agencies like the NSA.

    This is where things get sinister.

    Now, there are people willing to buy Bitcoins. Originally, I thought- "who would want bitcoins?" Then I got to thinking that these are less "tracked" than your standard money transfers. It's harder to trace who gave what to whom and for what, when it comes to bitcoin purchases, since they are decentralized.

    What does this mean? I'd be willing to bet that Illegal materials like child pornography are distributed and sold using bitcoin transactions. So those people that you sell your bitcoins to? There really is only one reason a person would want to buy bitcoins. And by selling your bitcoins... you've become involved. Congratulations. There are basically two sides to the bitcoin (haha)...

    the side that mines bitcoins and sells them and never really wonders why people would want bitcoins.
    the side that uses bitcoins in transactions for illegal materials.

    It wasn't designed this way, of course, but it works for these purposes.

    The best part? Bitcoin crashed <again> simply as a result of a SomethingAwful forum thread. Apparently somebody was pushing Bitcoin discussion on the forum, and there was some speculation about how it was unstable as a currency, and how it was a market bubble created by speculation on a worthless commodity, and how nobody will accept it. What happened? The people in the aforementioned first side of the coin started to jump ship and sell their bitcoins. And the price crashed as the supply of available bitcoins to buy exceeded the demand for people to buy them.

    hahaha thanks for the information, I saw this guy named ridley report on youtube advertising them after every video, I knew they were WORTHLESS, I hope they get hacked more
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    posted a message on New block? or am I stupid?
    you're all wrong even if you're right

    I'm right

    I think that they're definitely going to do something with this in minecraft
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    posted a message on should they put spawners in your inventory in 1.5.0?
    yes and they should drop from silk touch
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    posted a message on Nastier Skeletons? What do you think?
    I sincerely hope they don't nerf monsters, every monster needs a power revamp or something to improve their AI and that includes making them harder
    but with that they will be better, as terrafirmacraft's philosophy goes, when things become harder you get more of a sense of achievement.

    I think the skeletons need even more range, endermen need to not teleport away 90% of the time, 70% of the time I try to kill one, it just disappears

    but yeah skeletons are not too easy now they are just okay, they were just annoying before and now that they actually have range they are more than an annoyance which makes it a sense of achievement when you kill them
    for survival you need bones alot of the time and you can have infinite food
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    posted a message on Cracked VS Legit
    I know mojang is a ripoff on the game it should only be 15 and that would be above reasonable
    atleast until they stop taking the week off to do stupid sh-things
    but you do get updates and you just feel better having solid account and don't have to wait for some idiot to update the file

    you also get the right to complain about how the game is poorly developed especially with lower fps snapshots
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    more like stupid moving
    a couple of the features need to be implimented into vamilla, other things need to not be effed with.

    prone needs to be in the game while your idea of latter climbing is a huge fail.
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    posted a message on The White Stuff Mod! 1.0 [1.5.2] [FORGE]
    so what, you made quartz
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    posted a message on [Discontinued] More Village Biomes
    why can't mojang do this.

    seriously how does it seem like a bad idea at all.

    they are too busy at mojam
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    posted a message on Revolution of the Sun OOC
    once upon a time space was a big empty vaccume where the most complex terrain was carbon dioxide atmosphere and 900 degree ground temperature with molten rivers and huge canals carved out by lava, or a giant rock made completely of hydrogen with large cracks in the surface with no atmosphere whatsoever
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