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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Bigger Survival Island
    guess I'll try it

    hope that un rendered land doesn't contain a river biome with a huge mass of land.
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    posted a message on Snapshot survival
    no pic no use
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] AWESOME SEED! Village, Epic Mountain Biome, and Desert Temple, All near spawn!
    Quote from BUTTER4SKY

    is this tru

    like if you like my pic!

    your pic is pretty much the 2nd image ever uploaded to the internet
    I remember seeing it in 2004.
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    posted a message on My seed bank - Seeds for the public
    all this work and no pics I'm not even going to read.
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    posted a message on [SURV] Arcadia Islands [CUSTOM TERRAIN]
    bookmarked as well, I will play when there's structures lol

    suggestions can be like cabins in the mountians
    dungeons anywhere with decent rewards
    villages with villagers that have decent trades
    sunken ships perhaps
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    posted a message on underwater survival house, I kinda feel like I should delete this world, should I keep?
    thanks all lol ;3
    I suppose I'm not going to delete it
    I'm going to probably wait a while for a good snapshot to come out or something and then start a new world
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    posted a message on Broken Anachronism v14 - 1.7 blocks and Plant Overhaul (Feb 13)
    I love the way it looks c:

    it kinda reminds me of saladfingers and some of the items are hard to tell what they are but that can be fun sometimes. I'll definitely be trying it on.
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    posted a message on underwater survival house, I kinda feel like I should delete this world, should I keep?
    Quote from MrLaurent94ANTW

    You sure did put some time and effort into this. I'd keep it, can't hurt anyway. And just give it like, another name like: old underwater base or something, then start a new world. You can also keep the coordinates of this build, leave everything behind and wander out to find new land, stuff to explore and play in. I wouldnt get rid of it (: Because nonetheless i quite like it, especially the room with the 2 wolves in.


    haha thanks ;3
    I decided i'm going to keep playing the world until I like defeat the ender dragon or something~
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    posted a message on Mushroom Biome, Mineshaft, Stronghold, & 2 Npc Villages!
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    posted a message on Nice NPC Desert Village with Diamonds
    spoiler alert
    I'm spoiled rotten and will have to quit minecraft now anyone want my account?
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    posted a message on underwater survival house, I kinda feel like I should delete this world, should I keep?
    thanks~ hmm I just feel like the place isn't deep enough under water though.

    also i experemented with a tree where the study is and will do it in a future project.

    you don't have to rebuild it, you can just use bone meal with enough space.

    and hmm i'm not sure about signs because there's so many blocks you would need an inventory full of them since they don't stack to 64
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    posted a message on underwater survival house, I kinda feel like I should delete this world, should I keep?
    yeahh after a death in the nether I just suddenly feel like I should delete this world, I am just not happy with the terrain and how deep the ocean is and how the whole world turned out really, the home is still a WIP but I feel like it would be hard to add any rooms and make them useful or even add pretty but useless rooms

    this is in part due to how terrain genreation is just awful, it's just insipid and boring and anything fun is extremely rare in the terrain generation and I think terrain generation needs to be completely redone but that won't ever happen.
    here's some screenshots of it

    what do you think? should I keep the world or delete it?

    everything was made legit, I had to fill every room with gravel and remove all the gravel to make them have air but it's a legitimate underwater survival house but I just don't feel like I enjoy having it
    I was initially inspired to make an underwater house by a user on youtube named archmage melek and he did it in like minecraft alpha, and I have been trying since alpha and so far this is my best shot I think, but I feel like my inspiration was largely blocked because of the crappy terrain generation, the house is barley below the surface of the water which makes it feel extremely redundant and the land above is just completely boring

    eh this turned into mostly complaining but tell me what you think~
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    posted a message on Rillian's Gothic House Tutorial
    don't use hideous white wool
    use quartz
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    posted a message on I suggest mojang focus on optimization and fixing important bugs.
    The top screenshot is minecraft snapshot 13w17a unmodified in the new launcher that "gives performance increase"
    and the bottom is minecraft running magiclauncher 1.0.0 with optifine_HD D1

    enough said?

    no not enough said
    this is pathetic, hate to be rude incase someone from mojang sees this, which they probably won't, but seriously? ZERO fps? when I could get 20 fps with a mod that is donation based and developed probably in the developer's spare time?
    mojang really needs to start working on how the game runs and game breaking bugs like how mobs clip into walls and RANDOMLY DIE and add things they've promised to add instead of fixing minuscule bugs like "shift clicking an active furnace gives you the active furnace in creative"
    I had a person tell me "optifine barley scratches the surface of what can be done to improve performance"
    and it's fairly believable, they need to work on making the game playable and fixing important bugs, I think people can still play minecraft if you shift click an active furnace and you get a lit furnace, but not if you get ZERO FPS and your pets clip into the floor and disappear forever

    also I initially went into the snapshot because it fixed issues with record players which I was hoping it would fix the sound, for whatever reason if I'm not facing a certain direction, I can't hear songs on the record player at all even if I'm right next to the block and the sound issues are not with my computer and it really ruins record players

    I'm just saying, the game has alot of work that needs to be done and they need to quit adding features (or atleast quit adding them and then ruining them right after like iron golems and horses and horse equipment by making them too rare to be relevant to the game)

    other bugs that I hate/features and I suggest be fixed
    -creepers exploding distance has been lengthened, this makes them easier, they explode even when out of hurting distance, problem solved but more annoying to get records
    -you stay running while in water but don't go any faster and stop running when you reach land so it just takes your hunger
    -witches are too rare
    -the bow shoots low and to the right even at point blank, I understand arrow drop but the arrow shooting to the right has ruined alot of shots especially around corners and at long range
    -iron golems were "nerfed so people couldn't farm them" but people farm them anyways, there should be an iron golem in every village because they don't even help villagers much
    -villages only spawn in two biomes even though they said they added villages spawning in more biomes
    -dinnerbone said he added more color to maps such as wool but didn't(not correctly atleast and probably just added more wasted code)
    -animals clip into walls, even ladders and DIE(stated above)
    -you can't see the sky on short render distance but you can with optifine
    -you can just go underwater and hold right click with a fishing pole to farm fish
    -temples are too small/rare/yeild no reward, not worth exploring for
    -mob heads except wither don't drop when it is pointless to have them creative only
    -glass texture is ugly and needs redoing or connected textures mod
    -oceans are empty
    -minecart with chest in abandoned mineshafts tend to despawn
    -enchantment is unfair especially with diamond swords
    -all the upcoming features such as horses are going to be too rare and their equipment such as armor and saddles and also nametags are going to be too rare
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    posted a message on Swastika Shaped Village
    this is a scam ripoff it doesn't work.
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