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    posted a message on please its a must have thing i'll be glad if any one helps!
    surprised all these rude "minecrafters" haven't even given so much as a reply to this.

    umm if you look up bebopvox then he made a seed video and I'm pretty sure it had spawn diamonds.
    ALSO I could be wrong, but the seed itself "Bebopvox" (not sure if caps was used or not) then that should give you a good spawn village with a temple with diamonds, my suggestion is to look him up.
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    posted a message on Horses and a desert temple
    all this effort and not a single picture. dissapointing
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    posted a message on SURVIVAL ISLAND
    fail. misleading.
    no pics. that's an automatic nobody is going to use
    and I bet it isn't even an island.
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    are the dungeons 2000 blocks from spawn or are they under the island?
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    posted a message on easter egg seeds?
    I reallly hate that word "In-joke"

    anyways uhh all the "easter eggs" are the famous ones that notch reveals etc

    minecraft community has so much transparency with the dev and the community that easter eggs are pretty much impossible other than to new players.

    new easter egg: name an animal dinnerbone or grum I dare you. watch what will happen.
    I suggest dinnerbone because he is awesome<3
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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    lol you made your typing part of the quote too</3
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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    -They're only 50% faster, not 500% faster.
    -They use the same exact hitbox model as their adult form, like all baby creatures.
    -They only make up 5% of natural zombie spawns, if this is game breaking somehow, then I don't know what to tell you.
    - Neither do zombies with helmets, which appear a lot more frequently than baby zombies once you stay in an area for long periods of time.

    I personally think they're a great feature as is. It's nice to have something different every once in awhile when fighting Zombies. I have not been killed a single time by them, they are pretty damn easy to kill.

    Mobs have the "persistence" tag added to them if they pick up an item off the ground, which prevents them from despawning. They also have a 100% chance of dropping the item they picked up.

    wrong. zombies actually RARELY spawn with armor, making them probably 2% of all zombies and they're a single, slow target.

    you CAN'T say they're good as is, they need to do less damage, and drop the items that they pick up and drop EXP then maybe they'll be acceptable
    and burn in the day unless they have a helmet, but mind you the helmet rapidly loses durability so your statement is also invalid to some degree.
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    uhh my opinion on 1.6 is it's great, the game runs well, with optifine only of course, the mobs come in hordes which makes it not safe to go out at night, that was a CLASSIC part of minecraft which I was sad to lose when beta1.8 came out.

    I have a few irks with 1.6 though, BABY ZOMBIES. I made a post regarding this called "Baby zombies: the overpowered menace"
    and the way that horses LAG, it's kinda like I'm getting disconnected from a server, but I only play singleplayer, horses seem to barley move properly alot of the time for me. so that needs to be worked on. but other than that I'm happy with it I guess.carpets are pretty cool, they were STUPID at first but now that you can put them on fence posts and on top of eachother and on top of most blocks it greatly improved how useful they were.
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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Quote from Talons7331

    They don't spawn randomly, they have a very controlled spawn condition - if player x (x = you) is being a boring old chap and sitting around in his base all day every day, we need to make the game harder or he will
    a) get bored,
    B) have life too easy

    So what happens is the game spawns more powerful mobs. More armour, baby zombies, you get the idea. If you actualy read the patch notes, you'd have known.

    that definitely clears things up, but when I took this screenshot, it was in the daytime, and I was riding my horse through a snow biome, and uhh horses don't exactly keep you in one place for too long, it's kinda sorta what they were implemented for? I don't know maybe they were implimented for MLP fans to wank to or something.

    so the mechanic is broken in my opinion,
    not to mention, they drop NO items, no exp, no reward, no worthless zombie flesh.
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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Quote from The_Drizzle_404

    so dont play hardcore worlds. >_>

    honestly, hardcore worlds are for those who expect to lose them sooner or later. its a game mode for people who see challenges like that and say 'seriously? thats the best you can do?' its a game mode for masochists, really.

    just play a regular hard map. difficulty is subjective, and changing 'hard' to be easier just so you can feel manly when you tell your friends you play on hard isnt a good enough reason.

    this reply is inferior, how do you know I'm not a masochist?
    I play for the reward of defeating the ender dragon without dying once, kinda like being legendarily good, it's rewarding in it's own way, kinda like feeling more realistic, you die and you're done, if you can make it to the dragon, you're awesome.

    and this is completely besides the point, the baby zombies are overpowered and broken, saying "just don't play hardcore" is equal to microsoft saying "buy a 360 if you don't want your xbox to always be connected" or "#dealwithit"
    and see how that turned out?

    Quote from aary33

    I'd prefer them to have 3/5 of health instead.

    that's not a bad idea, they're little tanks but you can bash them in one hit, that would be fair enough if they also burn in the day.
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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2
    banned under ICE investigation also possession of methamphetamine

    and playing terarria eww
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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Kay so, with 1.6, they added baby zombies, spawning what I think to be randomly, they are a menace as the title explains, a huge menace.

    my suggestion is that they make them half the speed or 1/3 the damage that they do now, or ATLEAST burn in the daylight like regular zombies

    I've lost 5 hardcore worlds, all to one thing, baby zombies.

    FIVE WORLDS of which I wouldn't have lost in 1.5, I would consider this a game breaker.

    I put this in suggestions because it will be considerably a Feature to have them function correctly, and that mojang MIGHT see this. but probably not.
    and no, I can't put it on mojira because the mods there are rude, unresponsive, and don't believe me on bugs, they literally just resolve them pretty much automatically, and bugs seem to have priority in there, obviously I bet somebody reported baby zombies as a bug by now so say like how horses move Very laggy? that will get pushed to the back while furnace texture in an item frame is top priority on fixing bugs. mojira is still a pretty bad system.

    so what's wrong with them?

    -they're fast, pretty much 5 times faster than normal zombies
    -they do just as much damage as full grown zombies, but are tiny, this is an unfair advantage
    -they drop NO reward, exp, or even worthless zombie flesh, they're just a detriment and a game breaker
    -if they pick up an item of yours, they keep it even after death.

    when 1.6 came out, I asked my friend if they were implimented as a glitch, but they weren't I guess, they're glitchy, they're TOO POWERFUL.

    now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the new feature of 1.6, the mobs are everywhere, it turns into a battlefield at night, going out at night is something you regret, and that's how minecraft is supposed to be, like alpha, ever since alpha I wanted HOARDS of zombies to come at me because well, they're zombies.

    and this is finally true, now you have to have skill to go out at night, so remember, I'm not complaining about any other mobs OTHER THAN baby zombies.

    but the one thing that puts a peg in all of this is when I lose a hardcore world to baby zombies, I even lost a world in the daytime because one didn't burn and got me.

    one final point- this is just another reason why mojang needs to start releasing snapshots again, to adjust the bugs from 1.6 like baby zombies, can't shift click while on a horse etc
    it's no effort for them to upload the snapshot so I HOPE it's for some kind of reason that they're not adding any, if its really just because they were taking a break then that is pretty disappointing.

    edit: thanks for the overwhelming support of 26 rep<3 lol
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    posted a message on Item Frame on top of blocks?
    not even going to read the post. this needs to be added into the game. for maps on tables.
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    posted a message on Most Useless Thing In Minecraft?
    i'd say the only useless features are the UNIMPLEMENTED ones that are just sitting in the game bogging up the code and making it slower.

    enderman angry sounds? they were not added to endermen for a YEAR but they were in the files since 1.1
    or umm the ability for mobs to wear armor, or zombie animations swinging arms up, those were in the game since ALPHA and they were just too incompetent to impliment them. that, is what I think is the most useless features.

    I'm pretty sure there is probably code from the unimplimented quiver too, and alot of other things, like things that they promised and didn't deliver.
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    posted a message on particles.png WEIRD PICTURE? (Frowning villager AKA unused file)
    I think we have the smartest person on the forums here, atleast for the night,

    yep minecraft upgraded to 32X32 but it's a spoileralert easter egg secret feature and you're the only one who got it, good job man.

    keep being successful like somebody give this guy a medal quick before he makes the sun collapse into itself from him being so dead on about this post.he's so dead on that I think I will personal message him for his address so I can just give him everything I own because he's so right and that this isn't actually an idiotic post.
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