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    posted a message on THE ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM IS A RIPOFF something must be done about it.
    Quote from LibertyFreedom

    Yeah. Notch & Jeb sucks cos' they got tons of money and can't come out with +20 mobs each week, improve their system, etc.

    And do you want to know why?
    1. They are just like everyone else. Just cos' they made a game, does not make them magical beings that are supposed to be quicker and better than every modder out there.
    2. Compability. You can't just add tons of new stuff without thinking of plugins/mods/multiplayer it would take too much time than it's worth, having to wait so long for a feature in a game that is very important to +5 million people.
    3. The enchanting system is flawed, yes, and that's why (on most servers) they have a plugin that gives you the ability to "re-pick" your enchantment. (Like the Heroes mod)

    We/They have to pay respect to the population of Minecraft Community, and that's over five million people who have bought the game, aswell as +25 million who have registered.

    Making giant changes, etc. is going to have an effect on that playerbase.

    They are not ****ing just like everyone else, the point of what i was saying was that other modders without money do alot more than them
    they have MILLIONS to spend and its their JOB to make the game, people in their spare time make mods faster, better and with no promised pay.
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    posted a message on THE ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM IS A RIPOFF something must be done about it.
    Quote from danthonywalker

    You complain about it being a ripoff that you spend hours to get XP, but don't we all play Minecraft hours on end before anyways? What's the difference? <_>

    whats the difference? you have to go out and kill mobs in a dedicated trip, which can be fun but is mostly tedious.
    its the fact that at the end of it is a big ripoff, how can you even defend the enchantment system?
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    posted a message on THE ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM IS A RIPOFF something must be done about it.
    That's a really good idea. but man, that makes way too much sense for jeb or notch or jon to actually fall for it..
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    posted a message on THE ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM IS A RIPOFF something must be done about it.
    Quote from Nightbreed19

    I actually agree with this to be honest. I am so sick fo working my butt off to gain exp the old fashioned way (no exp farming) only to have it thrown in my face with a pathetic choice system.

    Seriously if im magically inclined to the point of making weapons special surely I can choose which speciality I want....I have never heard of a wizard casting a spell and hoping its the right one.....no its a very precise art and in this case it should be too. You can keep the randomization if need be but at least label them so we can see what were getting then we can choose whether to take it or just try again for another attempt at something good!

    yeah that is true. it just throws it in your face with bane of the anthropods.
    share the post, get the word out, even if it isn't my post, the players want a better system.
    i think it should atleast give you a minimum level based on how much you spend

    right now as i stated you can get a level 2 effect with 10 levels while you can also get it with 45 levels, i think that if you invest level 45 in anything it can give you a random enchantment but the effect can't be lower than level 3 or 4. that would be fair.
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    posted a message on THE ENCHANTMENT SYSTEM IS A RIPOFF something must be done about it.
    Here's the edit of my original post which i tried to make a new topic but i am a noob to the forums and wasn't aware that they liek to keep things in one post. whatever, anyways,

    I did and didn't expect this to get much attention, i was thinking someone might be more inspired to make a full effort to get a change to the enchantment system, what i hope for is to get enough peoples attention that they get the information to the actual developers that what we want Now is a better enchantment system

    I did kinda just rant and ***** about it in the first post(which can be seen below) which wasn't completely what i intended, the whole intent of this is again: to get word to the developers that we want a change and now.
    And hopefully they will listen, there are alot of people that talk to mojang and its possible if enough people show they dislike this system

    Alot of users have posted and it is a nice discussion and changed my views a little
    sure the randomness could be fun, but it isn't, because like i said "you can spend 45 points and get a similar enchantment you could get with 16 points" something like that.
    there were users talking about "controlled randomness" like the terrain generation, this is a very good idea and it adapts to the random nature of the game
    i think it should be random but you need to Get what you pay for, sure there's nothing wrong with it being random since that is what minecraft is, but if the biomes were random like the enchantment it would be a giant mess, no biome could be depicted from another.

    one more thing i learned recently, you can get 1 level and get any level 1 enchantment, but you could also get 7 or 10 or even more and still get a level 1 and i think i have with enchantments in the 20s.

    So i think a way to improve it is put limits on how bad the enchantments are that you can get.
    say you spend a certain number of points, you get a random enchantment but guaranteed a certain level corresponding to how many points you spend, it could even be like level 10 and up = level 1 enchantment, level 20 and up= level 2 enchantments and so on
    but im sure someone could make alot better of an example.
    or others could think of alot better ideas and they have through mods

    So with that, i'm leaving it to the community, we need to spread word to the developers that we want a better system now, i don't care if its this post or a post from someone i've never met, we want a better system.

    one more thing, they added arrows sticking into mobs, it was a real hype in the "adventure update" propaganda which managed to disappoint. The arrow thing was a cool new feature, but somewhere along the lines they programmed it out, this has always kinda pissed me off so i think that needs to be a priority of a bugfix, instead of mostly multiplayer which i know bukkit is going to disappoint with. it was hyped as all hell, added, stayed for a couple versions then mysteriously vanished due to bad programming, so i hope the community can get the word to the developers about that too.

    remember, this is a post about expressing ideas on making the system better and getting word to the developers, if you're just a troll who is going to start a flame war and defend the current system to the death then i will gladly put you on my ignore list.

    original post:
    Seriously, we need to bring this up as an issue, if the community joined together and made a statement that it was a ripoff maybe they would change it if it got enough attention

    i don't care if it's this post or someone elses. i think something has to be done.

    Take maplestory for example
    its an MMORPG, you kill monsters, level up and spend your stats to make the best character, MILLIONS of people across the globe play it. do you think ANY of those millions would play it if you spent hours leveling up and then it randomized your stats for the better or worse but most likely the worse? i know for a fact nobody would play it.

    The enchantment system now is garbage and you all know it. please give this attention or someone make something that will get it attention to jeb and the developers.

    Take for example how you can get 12 levels and get sharpness 2 (not exact)
    While you can also spend 30 levels or even 45 levels and get the same sharpness 2

    it's basically a gamble "random enchantment level random enchantment name selected from random letters that gives you a random effect"
    anyone with half a brain could do better, there are mods that make the enchantments so you can choose the enchantment.

    really it's completely unfair how the system works, they could atleast make it less random where if you get a level 40 enchantment you can only get an effect that is a minimum of level ___ for example.
    I just use NBT edit and cheat my levels and enchantments back to before i did them if i get ripped off and it ruins the whole idea of enchanting.

    It's a ripoff and an insult to the game how little effort they put into it.

    while jeb was making sheep eat grass faster someone was working on the twilight forests mod that adds castles and a huge beautiful realm. while notch took 3 weeks to make squid drzhark was adding 20 new mobs to the game

    they were made world famous off of minecraft and they have the least development on it, it was us that pathed the way to their games like scrolls and cobalt and they need to give back a bit, the enchantment system is an insult to us players and needs to be changed.

    and if you really read all of this then good job, i didn't actually expect anyone to.
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    posted a message on What I don't like about the new wood
    pretty retarded.
    if you don't like it don't use it.
    you can regrow trees.
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    posted a message on Silk Touch nerfs
    i think if anyone is willing to waste their time with a mob trap you might as well just get toomanyitems and cheat the items or NBT edit and cheat the exp because it's the same thing no matter how you look at it cheating is cheating

    i think if mojang doesn't want people cheating then they should probably make the enchantment system atleast half way fair not COMPLETELY unfair like how it is now.
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    posted a message on DaftPVF's Mods (Treecapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInv, FloatingRuins)
    thank you very much for making the tree capitator.

    tehkrush has a mod just like it called timber but he is incompetent and doesn't update his mods for ****
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    posted a message on timber mod?
    Quote from AdhysA

    DatPVF's Treecapitator.

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    posted a message on timber mod?
    is there anyone who is ripping off the timber mod?

    you know the one that makes trees fall in one hit of the axe?
    it makes the game alot more playable but tehkrush won't update it

    is there any mods out there like timber but from a competent mod maker that updates it? to 1.2.4 specifically
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    posted a message on what do you guys think of cherry blossoms?
    Quote from The_Watcher7780

    Is that difficult?
    Cuz I make pixels and I hate how limited the color choises are. And from what iv read the mods that let you change the colors are kinda difficult.
    I just wish notch would add a color index to the game..

    well it wasn't that hard, i simply found a picture of cherry blossoms on the internet, copied the color with gimp and basically tried to make the pattern as similar to the leaves pattern as possible, but with sponge so i didn't have to replace any leaves but i could still have custom trees.
    it looks pretty stupid without the texture pack though hahaha spongy trees.also the download is in another topic of mine, maybe ill even make some schematics of the sponge trees.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] my custom texture pack
    Quote from austinj2010

    Dude this is alright you should continue i love it except the leaves why not just make them a really light green. :D
    If you ever continue it to 70% il do a review on it!

    the leaves aren't the standard leaves lol its sponge retextured.
    Quote from racerautov8

    Flint and steel texture is copied from painterly pack... :Zombie:

    if you would read more than half of it it would mention that
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    posted a message on what do you guys think of cherry blossoms?
    i re textured it myself~
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] my custom texture pack
    NOTE: please read the entire post, you don't HAVE to read the intro below but people like racerautov8 just scrolled down and assumed without reading that i am taking credit for ALL the textures, i only take credit for some, under the "things i did make" section

    This is the texturepack i've been using since alpha 1.2 i think
    It's not a complete overhaul or anything that will change the feel too much.
    remember this is more of a combination of the textures i like and the textures i have made, its mostly old moon phases, paintings from another texture pack, some mob skins which i liked, it's just general things that i think make the game better looking for me.

    one more thing, if you have a request for any textures just send me a PM ill be happy to give it a try.

    Things i did make:
    Sponge leaves
    most tools which i found myself using the most

    though i am considering completely making it a texture pack instead of just slight edits.

    i will probably neglect this texturepack unless someone asks me to update it.

    and the sponge is turned into cherry blossom leaves which i used to make my own custom trees:

    as for the items i also didn't change too much
    the bow is a compound bow for example

    the tools have a polymer black handle with grip and some of the diamond tools look more like diamond mixed with iron with a more realistic look. as realistic as minecraft goes atleast.

    note the diamond sword and pickaxe, looks more diamond encrusted than pure diamond

    Edit: i have always despised the new moon phases in minecraft "dey get 2 b squar and round too ;) " - Notch

    no notch, they look like ****, the current square/round moon phases looks like scraps from the good moon phases.
    so i found the round phases and sun from 1.9 pre release 2 i think

    much much better especially when its in a crescent shape.

    i did steal some things for this texturepack like kz.png from one which i don't remember but if i find out ill post credit.

    also i stole a creeper in a suit texture from deviantart (minecrafters group)
    and a nazi zombie texture from the skindex

    and the flint and steel from the painterly pack which is a zippo lighter.

    if you want more screenshots i'll post.
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    posted a message on what do you guys think of cherry blossoms?
    made this back in beta 1.5 i think.
    looks pretty cool i would say but the texture is just sponge and i made these trees myself
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