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    posted a message on Looking for: Large Taiga Biome w/ Nice Mountains
    that doesn't make sense
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    posted a message on "Woof!" = Epic Mountainainous Platform
    nevermind I'm an idiot.you should edit this post and say beta 1.4
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    posted a message on AMIDST completely doesn't work, how can I fix?
    I've been attempting to use AMIDST for some seeds I've been using but every time I download it, I can open amidst but nothing more, when I try to load a world from level.dat, it simply shows a white screen and nothing else, what could be causing this?

    I used amidst once to get coordinance and it didn't work, but that was probably my fault, I deleted amidst but recently have tried to redownload and it will start up but refuses to load any worlds.
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    posted a message on Landlocked Mushroom Biome 1.4.7
    hmm is there anything else this seed has to offer? village etc?
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    posted a message on Questions in regards to "childs play" charity fundraisers
    Okay so, I've known about childsplay ever since 1.7 when kurtjmac(the blocking farlands idiot) mentioned he was going to do a livestream and give the money to this charity and the whole minecraft community has done various fundraisers giving them potentially HUGE amounts of money

    this is all a good thing when it's said and done, giving money to donate to something in general sure
    but what I don't understand is, why childsplay? to me childsplay is effing RETARDED to be honest.
    keep reading, don't just post after this point.

    "Since 2003, we’ve set up and organized Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. Over the years, you as a community have answered the call and come together to raise millions of dollars."
    okay, it improves their lives potentially last months/weeks

    but to be honest that doesn't sound very practical if $ 5,000,000 is just going to a bunch of toys and games so the kids have something to entertain themselves when those same kids probably already have tons of support from family and don't even need hospital funded recreation to begin with.

    it's just that, when you're donating such a large amount of money, just giving it away, why not donate it to something that will go towards Saving the lives of children, it would be alot smarter to send it to children living below the poverty line, or children that can't afford healthcare to begin with, to be honest childsplay is a waste of money in my eyes and it's a sickening one at that considering that money could go to actually getting children healthcare that need, moreso than a game.

    I don't know, enlighten me on how having entertainment is better than having healthcare at all because to me this seems like a huge waste of money if it's not actually going to kids who's parents can't even afford medication, or even atleast to researching diseases in children to better the future.

    maybe is there something that I'm missing, that the funds Do actually go to kids that need healthcare or is childsplay really what it sounds like? just providing entertainment that they don't need, while there are other children on this planet that are DYING because they can't afford the healthcare that they need
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    posted a message on minecraft suddenly playing pathetic again what could be causing this please help
    another thing I should add is sounds barley play, they're extremely broken and either play really low or extremely faint or not at all, though occasionally something like grass breaking plays at full volume

    also, if I switch to short render distance the fps goes up to 44, then evens back down to 14 just like on normal render distance, so say I turn it to tiny render distance, it does it no justice.
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    posted a message on minecraft suddenly playing pathetic again what could be causing this please help
    Quote from diamond_rake

    I would guess that when you rebooted your computer a lot of changes were made and possibly a virus was installed or something got installed that is a resource hog. Check task manager while playing minecraft and see if anything else is running in the background that is taking up resources

    I check task manager weekly to see something or other, absolutely nothing is out of place

    actually minecraft usually took up 850000k and it ran okay, and now it seems to run at 650000k

    I'm thinking maybe if I reinstall the actual launcher it might do something but now that I think of it that probably won't do anything please continue with support thanks.
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    posted a message on minecraft suddenly playing pathetic again what could be causing this please help
    Quote from Tedster

    Please could you post your full specs?
    It's probably that Minecraft was running off of something different from what it's running on now.

    thanks for the offer of assistance

    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+
    RAM: 1918 MB
    System type: 32-bit operating system

    there's the basic specs, if there's any more information you need then you can just explain what you need and I can find itas of now I'm getting about a max of 19fps and it is somewhat stable but then becomes very unstable if I try to do anything such as approach a village or attempt to fight mobs the game goes down to almost no fps

    I just don't understand how it's so bad now
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] THE CRASH Adventure Map 10,000+ Downloads!
    you're hardly even literate and the map is poorly made.
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    posted a message on framerate drop between 13w05a and 13w06a
    Quote from Burgru

    Bows were never meant to be accurate. When they were coded the code said that the longer you aim, the less accuracy you have and also, this isn't CoD, there is arrow-drop.

    you're an idiot.
    I know about drop compensation, but the bows always shoot low and to the right, no matter what distance, the left and right doesn't vary by wind or anything, it's just a small bit to the right so go get shot
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    posted a message on framerate drop between 13w05a and 13w06a
    I noticed while watching etho's video that he got a drop in framerate and he downgraded to 13w05a and it fixed the framerate

    this is especially annoying because mojang has basically been taking it easy the past 3 weeks uploading terrible snapshots that don't add anything, don't fix any important bugs and only drop the framerate

    seriously they had a week to fix bugs and they fixed 3 minuscule bugs that nobody would notice in 100 years why don't they fix how bows don't shoot accurately to the cursor or something that is actually important and not minuscule
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    posted a message on minecraft sounds not playing/sound really far away, please help
    so basically this happened in one of the updates and I can't seem to get it fixed, I've deleted my entire minecraft folder several times over

    my fps has been pathetic and the sounds play lower, some sounds are full volume, if I am any tiny distance away it sounds like it's the max distance away that you can hear something say I break a leaf block and am 3 blocks from it, it makes a very faint sound

    I know there are some effects that are in two parts, say I go through a door and keep moving, it only plays the first half of the effect, I think this could be related to why my framerate has dropped so pathetically

    but I haven't done anything to make the sound mess up
    how can I fix this and is anyone else experiencing it?
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w07a Ready for Testing!
    Quote from Random_Guy_32

    First of all, it wasn't "they", it was "he". Dinnerbone was the only one who coded for the snapshot. Secondly, how do you how much they get paid? And furthermore, if you think working on the lightning is pointless, have fun building with stairs and slabs. It will look horrible, trust me.

    well it's probably not 50 dollars a day I can tell you thatmuch
    and umm they get gamer friday and all kinds of little vacations of that sort
    they don't work hard.
    maybe the lighting will be useful to work on if he can add colored lighting, I saw a mod that added red glow to the area around lava so it definitely can be done
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    posted a message on minecraft suddenly playing pathetic again what could be causing this please help
    I used to get a decent 24-30 fps when playing minecraft

    for some reason when I moved(making me have to turn off my computer which I try to do as little of as possible) I started minecraft and barley barley got 8 fps, the game barley plays even on tiny render distance(not much different than normal which is about 7 fps) that's right, turning render distance to tiny does it no justice

    anyways it started to slowly play better after a while for no apparent reason

    but then java updated and mcafee antivirus was about to install and I had to put a stop to that, I think I attempted to cancel but it updated as usual, then I heard etho say his framerate had dropped on the newest snapshot and I checked and mine did too because of the snapshot, but now I only get 7 fps constantly

    I did reinstall java and it gives me 14 fps when I'm in caves for whatever reason but when I go back to the npc village in my world it goes back down to 7

    of course I tried deleting my entire minecraft folder and going back to minecraft 1.4.7 and still nothing was any better
    now the sound is weird too, if you're behind a sound it will barley play or if you're a couple blocks away it will sound like you're almost too far away to hear it, sounds randomly cut off and some sounds play at full sound

    what could be causing this patheticness?
    before I used to play on normal render distance at about 24 fps which is still pretty pathetic but barley playable but now it isn't playable and there's no reason explaining it, could anyone help?
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    posted a message on SEED: clap yo face off mamma
    just send a link of the upload.

    you won't even say anything about what is in the seed you're an analevacuation.
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