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    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name)Cha0s1324
    • Age-19
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below?-Yes, indeed
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.-none
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    Role-Play Exp.:Ive played Fallout 2 through new vegas.

    Why Us:Because its the best server ive seen in a long time.

    Time You Can Dedicate:As much as i possibly can




    RP Example :(Beggar) "Please, can you spare any food or water?"
    (Weary Traveler) "No, go away."
    (Beggar)*pulls out a 32.* "put your hands up and give me your caps!"
    (Traveler) *looks at the gun*"those 38 specials?"
    (Beggar) "huh?" *looks at gun
    (Traveler) *Grabs the gun, sidesteps and fires the round into the ground then twists the beggars
    arm around his back, takes the gun and pushes him to the ground.
    (Traveler)"i should kill you, but since i have some mercy i'll give you 2 minutes
    to get what you can carry and leave town, if i ever see you again... i wont be so nice."
    (Beggar) *runs off
    (Traveler)"Now, what was i going to do? ah yes, the saloon."
    Backstory :Was a teen in the Kaibabs tribe in the Grand Canyon, on one day while i was out hunting i
    returned to burning huts and dead people. i rushed into my house to find my father, shot in the head
    in a corner and my mother, gagged and naked on the bedding with a bullet through her head. After that
    day, I took what supplies i could and wandered the waste, without meaning. Every day i could'nt stop
    thinking about it,the smell of ash, the screams of the wounded and the beaten, a memory, an etching
    of the horrors that this new "Legion" had chosen to unleash upon my people Then i found myself in
    freeside,breezing through town as usual when i learned that the legion was here and were facing
    off with the NCR.
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