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    posted a message on Can't run minecraft java with 512x512 texture pack and seus ptgi 12

    I can't understand how in the world i can't run minecraft with those "addons".

    Mention that i have more than a decent powerful pc:

    I7 7700k

    16Gb ram 2133

    RTX 2070 8gb (msi ventus)

    and SSD samsung 860 evo plus 250Gb

    Well, with Seus and textures i'm getting ariund 20-30 fps, an without textures i'm getting 120-160fps. At the beginning i tought that the problem was from seus, but not.

    So can someone explain me why is this (the textures) so hard to run on a so powerful graphics card ?

    (Note that i have java installed at 64bit)

    It is someting not well optimised ?

    And also with everything crancked up in the real ray-tracing minecraft shaders (minecraft windows 10 edition) im still getting around 55-65 fps on a normal world generated.

    So something makes me think that the textures are not optimised well. I have the R3D CRAFT 512px textures.

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