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    posted a message on ScalaMC | 🛡Factions Server⚔ | Needs Builders and Staff!!!!

    After spending a lot of time lurking on the discord and conversating with the staff, I am confident to say that I think this server is absolutely amazing! The community is very friendly, welcomes new comers and answers any questions they can! Everything is set up very nice and the discord is very user friendly! The staff is great! They have answered any question i've had and goes above and beyond too.

    Overall a great server, Glad I found it here!

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    posted a message on ScalaMC | Looking for DEVELOPERS!

    ScalaMC Is a Factions server, With a small dedicated staff team! We are currently in need of a Developer that has decent coding experience!

    - We are looking for a Developer who is capable of making a well enough factions plugin!

    - Someone who will be dedicated to the server and will stick around for some time

    - Someone who is professional and helpful when needed

    If you are interested in applying, Please add "ExcessHorse#0578" On Discord.

    Thanks for reading!

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