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    Level 10 is retard status hard... I had no clue I needed to write down all those "U" and "D" as i passed them... Also after 45 mins of searching for 2 of the levers to finish it off, I couldn't find the lever to open the door in the bottom of the outhouse(Mushrooms door), or the one to open the door to the witches house... I gave up, and just cheated to see the end only to find I needed all the codes... Although I'm new to reviewing these maps I still found this map enjoyable overall. Maybe "alittle" more direction would have shed-ed some more light on that last level for me. I found the map incredibly difficult at time, and rather easy at others. The throwing slimeballs onto pressure plates was AWESOME, and challenging at the same time. Overall, I would give this map 7/10 the level of creativity and thought put into the design is amazing.So big HUGE ups on that. But, I would have to say just throw some more directions in there... And by no means am I saying spell out every detail. But maybe just small clues that lead you in the vicinity of where you need to be instead of wondering aimlessly through the village(which I found myself doing alot LOL.) Other then that awesome map man, make more!!!! As I said I'm new to the adventure maps of minecraft. But the few I have played got me hooked... It's all I want to do now. I hope I followed the review process right, and forgive me if I didn't. I hope you don't take any of this negatively the map was pretty amazing overall.
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    whitelist please i'm new to minecraft and looking to get into muti-player. Ive done quite a bit of the single player survival mode and think this server sounds awesome! So if you would whitelist I would join for sure.
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