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    Quote from cats715

    this is just sad. its insane how easily someone can walk into a building and do something like this. execution is to good for this man, have him burned alive!

    i got angry, the last sentence is not my real opinion, i dont beileve in the death penelty.
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    anyone know the youtuber inthelittlewood? he inspired me to write this poem. id recomend anyone checking him out.

    go be happy, go be free
    go where your heart longs to be
    live your life in harmony

    forget your troubles
    send them far away
    leave your fears behind
    and cherish every day

    life is to short to waste
    it can end with such haste
    there's no time to have regrets
    because life is so short, and don't you forget

    go be happy, go be free
    go where your heart longs to be
    make history, or just climb a tree
    do whatever makes you happy
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    becouse it is happening in the past. therefore i must do it earlier.

    how light does it need to be to make mobs spawn?
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    the basics of my idea is that, the chooseing skins option is removed, now we unlock skins and choose from that ( with eventuelly unlocking 100% costom skins). it starts out with the default skin, and a new look for the default skin. once you mine 10 coal and make a torch, you get your first skin: the old coal miner. it looks like a dirty guy with a vest and a beard lol.

    skin index:

    tier 1 skins:
    cut down 100 blocks of logs: the lumberjack skin
    kill 20 zombies: zombie skin,injured person skin
    cause 20 creepers to blow up: burned person skin
    pick up water in a bucket: water man skin
    create a fishing pole: fisherman skin
    find a dungin: knight skin
    unlock 4 of these skins to begin unlocking tier 2 skins

    tier 2 skins:
    kill a spider jockey: dark knight skin
    make a bow: archer skin
    mine a diamond: master miner skin
    open a nether portal: dark wizard skin
    kill a ghast: ghast man skin
    kill 10 creepers in a row without any explodeing: creeper man skin
    pick up lava in a bucket: lava man skin
    unlock 4 of these skins to unlock the final tier of skins

    final tier skins:
    kill 5 of every hostile mob in the game: god skin
    kill 10 ghast AND have killed 5 of every hostile mob in the game: the ability to make custom skins
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    finally an inventory editor! i havent seen one since beta came out.
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    posted a message on The "Herobrine Effect" -- Hidden Updates Actually Awesome?
    maybie already done. my friend keeps saying he heres sounds playing that sound like voices about 10 minuites into his gameplay. but if hes lieing or something this would be pretty awsome if it was made.
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