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    posted a message on Complete Zelda Re-skin
    So this is sort of amazing, I'm surprised this hasn't gotten much attention, maybe because it's in the skin forum and not the mapping and modding forum?

    Regardless, this looks pretty amazing judging by the screenshots and I'm gonna give it a try now.

    Edit: After actually trying it out, it's extremely well polished (though I still gotta figure out what's what lol) but again, I'm surprised this hasn't got a ton of attention, unless people assumed this was just another Link skin without checking the topic.
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    posted a message on [V1.8.1]HoverBoat
    This is really really cool! and just to emphasize what other people were saying, I think steam punk + plane idea should be mushed into one with this mod and make an airship! Regardless, this is awesome.
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