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    posted a message on Repose - Walkable soil slopes. Give your spacebar a break!

    Man, I did password recovery on my old minecraftforum account just to tell you how happy I am that you updated this mod. (why are comments disabled on curse? :P)

    Repose (with the default settings) is really how minecraft should always have been. It makes a lot of situations more interesting, and shuts down a lot of really cheesy tricks. Some of my players complain endlessly, but that's ok. They're wrong. Repose will be a staple of all my modpacks forever as long as you keep updating it. It's one of those mods that's a simple twist on the game but really breathes new life into it.

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    posted a message on BTFU: Zero-effort high-efficiency continuous server backup

    Pretend everything before 1.4 does not exist. I am terrible. (forgot to set it so the mod wasn't required on clients)

    BTFU is a backup mod designed to be so easy and efficient, you'll have no excuse not to take frequent backups. When you install it, it will refuse to let your server run until you configure a backup directory. Past that, it will operate in the background without bothering you again, until the fateful day when you need to restore. BTFU backups are dead-simple to restore, because they're simply complete copies of your minecraft server directory. And BTFU takes these backups every 5 minutes, and yet is very easy on your disk space!

    How does this sorcery work? BTFU implements a time-honored UNIX backup strategy. It uses rsync to sync your server state to a master backup copy, and then makes a hardlinked copy of that to a datestamped folder. Hardlinks are files that point to the same underlying data on disk. Because of this, each new backup takes up only as much space as however many files have changed since the last one. In other words, backups of your 5GB world don't take 5GB each, unless the whole dang thing is chunkloaded. Even then, infinitely many backups could take their toll, so BTFU lets you set a total limit (default 128) and will prune the backups logarithmically, meaning that it will keep a higher density of more recent backups, but will always retain the original backup and a complete history of your world. (You can also manually delete any backups you wish, and BTFU will not mind.)

    BTFU wants you to relax. The reason for this backup approach is threefold:

    • Backups are very fast, allowing them to be taken continuously
    • Backups are incremental, allowing many to be kept with low disk space cost
    • Backups can be treated as copies of the server directory, allowing you to easily hand-restore the entire server, world, configs, mods, .mcregion files, or whatever else you want, or use tools like the wonderful mc-region-fixer to restore individual corrupted chunks

    Once you configure your backups directory, you can forget about BTFU until something goes wrong. If it has issues taking a backup, it will print log messages. Otherwise it will stay quiet and do its job.

    Using BTFU is NOT necessarily a complete backup strategy! There are two major threats to your world. This mod is here primarily to defend against world corruption from buggy mods or other issues. The other threat is underlying issues with your disk or filesystem. If you want BTFU you to defend against those, then it is up to you to ensure your BTFU backups directory is on a separate disk. It should go without saying that backing up to a folder right next to the server folder, won't help if that hard drive dies.

    One more thing. The only way to get perfectly consistent backups is to fully shut down the server first. For example, say some player deposits an item from mod-based storage into a vanilla chest right before a backup, and the mod doesn't respect the save-all command. The resulting backup might have that item duped, because it exists in both the synced chest and the old un-synced version of the mod's storage. These issues are not likely to be a serious issue or hose your server, but the possibility is something to be aware of. Even if you use BTFU, it might also be good to occasionally shut down your server and take an offline backup. Personally, I don't bother. Up to you.


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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Tinkered Constructor - a balance fork of Tinker's Construct for 1.7.10

    Full disclosure: this is 99.9% not my code. Full kudos to the real Tinker's Construct team for all the hard work.

    This is a fork of the final discontinued 1.7.10 version of Tinker's
    Construct, to allow for balance changes that I consider important but
    the original devs did not think were in the spirit of their vision.
    Some of the tweaks are also provided by Iguana Tweaks, but that mod does
    entirely too many things I don't like, and Tinker's Construct 1.7.10
    development has halted, so I wanted to just tweak it myself to keep
    things performant and simple.

    WARNING: Unlike Iguana Tweaks, this is a replacement,

    so do not try to install it alongside Tinker's Construct. However,
    every change I made is configurable, and Tinkered Constructor can be
    configured to behave identically to Tinker's Construct, or to include
    all of my changes, or anywhere in between. Furthermore this mod is
    network-compatible and only needs to be installed on the server, if you
    want to impose my changed rules on your players without editing the
    client modpack.

    New Features (enabled by default):

    • disable invulnerability of dropped tools (both extended despawn time and immunity to damage)
    • drop life canisters on death
    • 3x damage from thrown daggers

    Changed Defaults (this only matters if you create a fresh config file with Tinkered Constructor):

    • Keep hunger on death turned off (restored to vanilla minecraft behavior)
    • Keep levels on death turned off (restored to vanilla minecraft behavior)
    • Disabled all oreberry generation
    • Reduced slime island frequency

    If you play my fork, and you want to donate money, the original authors Boni and mDiyo

    deserve it all. While I consider my changes important, they only took a
    few days. Fund the creation of more cool mods for me to later screw


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    posted a message on Lingering Loot - increase item despawn timers, based on flexible settings

    Interesting question sknif. I went ahead and peeked at the Iguana Tweaks source code at https://github.com/Parker8283/IguanaTweaks/blob/c40d09578961e00cbd03021b9c55202bc159e857/src/main/java/iguanaman/iguanatweaks/events/IguanaEventHook.java

    What I see is similar to what my mod does, where it traps a few events and changes the EntityItem.lifespan property. Lingering Loot, though, is designed to avoid stomping over settings from other mods and only adjusts timers from the EntityItem default, so the ultimate effect will be that Iguana Tweaks settings override mine.

    Iguana Tweaks seems to only do these actions if your configured lifespan is other than 6000. So if you want to use Lingering Loot's configuration, simply set all the lifespan values to 6000 in Iguana Tweaks, except for items thrown by a player, which don't have that check (mistake? Hopefully that gets changed.)

    If Iguana Tweaks has enough configurability for you, I'd suggest avoiding Lingering Loot. Otherwise, I'd go based on what I said above, but do your own testing and make sure it's working properly. You might also suggest that the Iguana Tweaks developer (parker8283?) take a look at my mod and copy my configuration options, so that there will be no need to run both mods. Having 2 mods that both intercept all item spawns and try to muck with the lifespan is just not ideal.

    Final note: there's no event that fires when another mod alters a dropped item's lifespan, so I have no way to track all those changes. Therefore the new 15 second about-to-despawn warning will not function properly if other mods lower an item's lifespan after my mod has added them to its tracking queue. (If lifespans are pushed up, Lingering Loot will notice and send them back into the queue)

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    posted a message on Lingering Loot - increase item despawn timers, based on flexible settings

    Just a heads up for my lovely users, the new version with dropped items jittering before despawning, is up for 1.8 and 1.9. I will have to backport unascribed's LambdaNetwork library for the 1.7.10 port so it may be a few days.

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    posted a message on Lingering Loot - increase item despawn timers, based on flexible settings

    darkevilmac: your feature request has been filled, well, mostly. Fading was too hard but I made it so items will jitter around. Jar for 1.8.9 is uploaded to curse. 1.9 will come shortly. 1.7 might take a bit longer pending backporting unascribed's LambdaNetwork networking library.

    Thanks for the great request!

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    posted a message on Lingering Loot - increase item despawn timers, based on flexible settings

    Boom, 1.9.2 support.

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    posted a message on Lingering Loot - increase item despawn timers, based on flexible settings

    For too long has the world of minecraft been subject to a performance decision made for computers the better part of a decade ago. We been willing to accept that our items despawn after 5 minutes, and that's the way it has to be. We have been making our butt-naked death runs across the nighttime landscape, in deference to our game's hunger for freeing resources. And when our friends died, we have stood there, juggling their items onto the ground frantically, in fear of that despawn that comes without warning or mercy.

    Tonight, it ends. Tonight, we make minecraft wait for us, and also warn us when items are about to despawn.

    This mod allows you to set custom despawn timers for a number of fine-grained cases, allowing you to dramatically raise the timer for items of potential interest (particularly items dropped due to player activity), without compromising server performance by persisting all the random environmental drops for as long. It also features an exceptions list, allowing you to give high-volume problem drops their own lower despawn time that supercedes the other rules you set.

    Additionally, as of 2.0, items will start to jitter around 15 seconds before despawning, intensifying until they finally flicker out of existence. Don't be caught by surprise!

    Bugfix release 2.5: I found an alternative to using NBT data, to eliminate a problem that can prevent items from stacking

    I made this mod because it just didn't make sense to me that the item despawn time was hardcoded at 5 minutes, and that everyone has just accepted that. 5 minutes is far too short, on a pure gameplay balance basis, for your stuff to magically disappear, and on a performance optimization basis, is just not needed any more. It is my hope that this mod will lift a source of stress from players everywhere, that was never an interesting part of the gameplay design. It is also versatile enough to use for the opposite... I could imagine a PVP kit server wanting dramatically faster despawns.


    This mod allows you to set independent despawn timers for:

    - drops from player death

    - drops from mob death

    - drops from mobs killed by a player

    - items thrown by players

    - items mined by players

    - and of course, "other" for anything else!

    To those who would call this cheating: You have accepted a performance optimization as a part of your game balance. Go to the hardware store, buy yourself a pickaxe, take it home, throw it on the floor, and let me know when it magically disappears. If the 5 minute timer has become fun for you, good for you, but I can't imagine running a server with 5 minute despawns again.

    Technical notes: minecraft EntityItems, aka dropped items, have a lifespan that they count up towards. The 5 minute standard is hardcoded into the constructor, but saved into a modifiable field. This mod intercepts items as they are spawned into the world and tweaks that lifespan value. The jittering is performed by re-randomizing the random hoverStart field on dropped items that is the basis for their rotation and up-and-down wiggling.

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    posted a message on Online Minecraft Inventory Editor - Mac / Windows / Linux!
    Antazaz (and other haters)... obviously an online gamesave editor isn't useful in all situations... but it's a really cool tool to have. Just don't use it if it's not relevant to your needs.

    Awesome tool. Any chance of adding support for player.dat files from a server?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    This mod will revolutionize minecraft!
    Any chance of a bow turret?
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    posted a message on Join my SDK gun mod and jamioflan town. [Server]
    Hey, can you whitelist me (capitalthree) and my friend senseoffenders? we have the mod and want to play
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    posted a message on Regarding SMP "cheats" -- An updated policy
    I'm glad to see this policy change!
    Now that we aren't pretending we can just hide all the cheats away, hopefully more efforts will be directed towards improving the security of the game on the server side.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Thanks for updating ModLoader for 1.3_01 so quickly!

    This is a minor gripe, but could you please put version numbers in your filenames? That would make it easier to keep track of downloads for new versions (and keep me from ending up with "ModLoader(1).zip", etc).
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    posted a message on [V1.3_01] X-Ray 11
    It's amazing how many idiots are coming into this thread talking about morals, as if it's immoral to make a tool someone *might* abuse.

    There's a program called wireshark that, if used in a coffee shop, will steal your minecraft passwords. It's not designed to do that, but it's a possible use.

    There's a program called nmap that scans computers for remotely accessible services to exploit.

    Both of these programs are freely available and nobody whines. The real world world accepted long ago that making everything public is the best for security. That's how problems get widely noticed, and thus, fixed.

    If you think it's even *possible* for dfransway to be immoral for making some mod, then you are wrong, stupid, ugly, and smell bad. Please get the **** gone, so that those of us who want to discuss this mod, it's implications, and actual solutions (as in fixes minecraft_server.jar, not "pull this mod"), can have intelligent conversations.

    People have the right to make whatever software they want and release it. If you don't like their software, don't use it. If you don't like what people do with the software, you have to realize that the author of the software only IMPLEMENTED it. What this mod does was always possible, and likewise, if wireshark didn't exist, anybody could write any other network sniffer to steal your minecraft password.
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    posted a message on [V1.3_01] X-Ray 11
    If there's a hole in minecraft (that the server sends covered-up blocks to clients) then that's notch's problem to fix, and dfransway is doing a good thing by making a mod that makes it painfully obvious.

    The game is in beta, and we can hope for it to get more secure. But only if things like this are brought to light. Software vendors (microsoft for example) are notorious for ignoring security holes that they know about, for months, if they don't think it's going to get out and tarnish their reputation.

    Dfransway did not make this bug. He's probably going to be responsible for getting it fixed. You folks out there who hate cheaters, feel free to start thanking him.
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