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    posted a message on QuantumFlux - Wireless RF [2.0.2]

    Any plans to implement item/fluid routing on top of RF? Think of the cables that could be saved!

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    posted a message on QuantumFlux - Wireless RF [2.0.2]
    You know, I had this same idea about eight months ago, but I didn't know my way around the MC code to bring it to reality: https://github.com/capSAR273/OmniRouter

    Good luck, and if you need any concept ideas let me know! I'll be keeping watch on how your mod turns out, I wish I had the knowledge to create my idea of this :)
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    posted a message on [1.5-1.11.2] Vein Miner - Quickly mine veins of ore
    It worked, thanks!
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    posted a message on [1.5-1.11.2] Vein Miner - Quickly mine veins of ore
    Hello! Having an issue with using Veinminer on the client only: http://paste.ee/p/fyCpz

    Can't figure out why it doesn't let me connect to my own world, just kicks me back to the menu as soon as I try to load it. Thanks for the help!
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    posted a message on The Calculator Mod
    Thanks! I love the secret stuff you're adding to the mod but you should make a Wiki for more detailed documentation, might help too when the mod gets updated, it would be easier to update how to do things than on a forum thread :) OR better yet, make a book for the mod! Those are really nifty.
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    posted a message on Creative Blocks (creative building in survival for whitelisted blocks)
    This looks really useful! Now servers can give players the option to build their bases creatively. Would it be possible to enable flight while holding these creatively specified blocks? This would let players truly build in creative (not sure how difficult it would be to code though). That also could be abused, but it's the fist thing that came to mind.

    Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on The Calculator Mod
    Quick question, I am trying to craft an amethyst sapling, but the recipe requires either amethyst wood and leaves or just leaves and the large crystal. How do I get the leaves/wood if I can't craft the sapling to begin with? :P Nothing shows up in NEI besides those two recipes. Thanks, and love your mod!!
    Also, the recipe for the Pear sapling is broken, I have the Amethyst and Tanzanite saplings, and the end stone in the atomic calc, and nothing pops up :o
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    posted a message on List of sites stealing Minecraft content. StopModReposts!
    I'm all in favor of getting this stickied on the main Mods section of the forums. Sites like these can create many problems that end up bothering mod devs and modpack creators. Thanks CoolSquid for posting this, hopefully it gets more visibility :)
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    posted a message on MalisisDoors 1.12.2-7.3.0 / 1.11.2-6.1.3 (01/02/2018)
    Will you be adding support for Carpenter's Doors? At least for the animation, not sure how possible that would be :P
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    posted a message on [HUGE LIST] What to do when bored in Minecraft?
    Here is a LONG list I found in 1.2.5, just buildings but they're still relevant now!

    1.2.5 To Do LIST

    Aircraft Hangar
    Airport Control Tower
    Amusement Park
    Animal Pen
    Animal Shelter
    Archery Range
    Art Gallery
    Artillery Defence
    Asylum (comes in a variety of purposes)
    Bandit Hangout
    Bath House
    Bio Dome
    Blasting Pit
    Boat House
    Bomb Shelter/Safe House
    Bus Station
    Car Wash
    Community/Recreational Center
    Construction Site/Zone
    Court House
    Defence/Lookout Tower
    Demolition Site
    Dog/Wolf House
    Dry Cleaner
    Dueling Arena
    Farm [Automated]
    Farmers Field
    Flag Pole (With flag)
    Garbage Dump
    Gas Station
    General Store
    Government Building (Ex. Parliament Buildings, White House)
    Grocery Store
    Guard Tower
    Helipad/Landing Pad
    Historic Building/Location
    Lumber Mill
    Lumber Yard
    Machine Shop
    Magician's/Wizard's Tower
    Market Square
    Meteor Impact Site
    Military Complex
    Mill (Lumber, wheat, reed...etc.)
    Mine (Open Pit, Shaft, Strip)
    Missile Silo
    Mob Examination/Testing Facility
    Mob Spawn Building
    Nether Portal Laboratory
    News Station
    Nuclear Missile Drop Tower
    Nuclear Missile Testing Town
    Office Building
    Oil Drill
    Oil Pump
    Oil Rig (on sea)
    Orchard (Apple, Orange...etc.)
    Parking Lot
    Pirate Bay/Cove/Town
    Port Crane
    Port Docks
    Port Warehouse
    Power Plant (Nuclear, Coal-Powered, Wind Turbines...etc)
    Processing Plant
    Public Pool
    Radar Dome
    Radio Station
    Radio Tower
    Redstone Facility (place for redstone mechanics)
    S.A.M. Sites
    Science Laboratory
    Shooting Range
    Space Elevator
    Space Ship Launch Pad
    Spider-proof Walls
    Sports Center/Field/Rink
    Storage Shed
    Store (Food, Tools, Weapons, Supplies/blocks)
    Subway/Mine Cart System
    Sunken Ship
    Tool Shed
    Town Hall
    Train Repair Facility
    Train Station
    Train Yard
    Tree House
    Underground Parking
    Underwater Facility
    Walking Path (Through a forest)
    Water Treatment Plant
    Water Wheel Building
    Zombie Fortress
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    posted a message on Compact Machines v1.21
    First of all, love the idea!! It would be really nice to have ore tripling etc in one block. Only suggestion I have is to label each side of the compact machine with the compass direction from the interface. It is a bit confusing at the moment trying to figure out which side of the block is which :)
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    posted a message on Help Please
    Are you making sure Minecraft is running using your GTX graphics card? My modded one defaulted to the built-in card (Intel 3000 which is super slow), and i got terrible frame-rate. Then I switched it to my NVIDIA card and I get a smooth game!
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    posted a message on Nova's survival journal.
    Thanks for sharing! It's always interesting to see how everyone starts out, most have different ways of doing so :)
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    posted a message on please help me :)
    Then you'll have to either ask the admin to allow fall damage, drown the mobs, or manually farm them.
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    posted a message on please help me :)
    I don't think this is possible, since the game pauses when you switch windows. Why don't you just set up an automatic mob farm instead?
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