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    Sort of hard to find stuff about the plague. When did it end, how deadly was it, and how much writing do I need to do just to get into a server that I know almost nothing about?

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    --OOC Information—

    Minecraft IGN: canpotatoesfly

    Prior Roleplay Experience: I’ved played some D&D. been in a few discord RPs, and gone on a few RP servers, that’s about it.

    Define Power-gaming in your own words Doing something that should be impossible, such as dodging a projectile moving at mach 5, or doing something that they realistically couldn’t do.

    Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Using information your character would not realistically know while IC, such as creating a perfect space shuttle without learning how to actually build it, or somehow knowing about a group of thieves without ever hearing about it.

    Define Role-Playing in your own words: Acting as if you are something or someone else.

    --IC Information—

    Character name: Falko Scholl

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Character Description: Falko is a lanky man with sunken brown eyes that seem to always make him look angry, messy, somewhat short, sandy brown hair that occasionally falls onto his eyes, and a modest height of 5'8. His skin is somewhat pale, and shows no signs of scarring or lasting injuries. He usually wears dirty, loose, and tattered brown clothing, and he refuses to wear shoes for some odd reason.

    (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s physical appearance, including height, eye color, and skin tone.)

    Character Occupation: Local Shady Alchemist

    Character Personality/Traits: Falko is always up to no good, whether he's starting a robbery, joining a bar brawl, or convincing a 'friend' to do something stupid(Half asleep while writing this so excuse any poor English). He hardly ever trusts anyone, which makes it quite hard to form friendships. When he does form them, its usually because they've helped him greatly or benefit him in some way. One of his favorite pass-times is drinking, and he's not one to let a good opportunity to play a little prank slip by. Due to being poor, Falko is used to uncomfortable environments, lack of food, and having few luxuries to enjoy. Additionally, he doesn't seem to worship any gods.

    (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.)

    Character Biography:

    Falko grew up in the city of Falkvard, raised by his father Niel and his mother Melanie. Most of his family's money was lost when the city of Falkvard fell to the Pact Races, which left him in an unfortunate situation of being poor, and caused his great grandparents to move to Barkamsted. His parents had moved from Barkamsted in the hopes of making more money to support themselves and opened up a small shop in Falkvard. Falko would often need to help out. Usually he'd just make deliveries, or maybe even clean the place. His parents taught him how to read and write, hoping it'd make things easier for him.

    He comes from a long line of alchemists who dedicated themselves to learning everything there is to know about this strange practice. Obviously, if most of his family members are focused on alchemy, they'll want Falko to be focused on this as well. Because of this, they started to teach him alchemy at the age of seven, though he had a hard time understanding it until he was a few years older. Even to this day, he is no master, but he can at least create simple things, and practices daily.

    At the same time, a deadly plague started by an unknown cult started to spread. When news of this arrived and the family got word of this deadly virus, they started stalking up on food, ingredients, and other necessary supplies, not wanting to risk going outside unless they needed to. This financially hurt the family even more, and Falko was forced to take this alchemy lessons much more seriously. His family expected him to work even harder than before in order to help them with their current situation. Luck clearly wasn't on their side. Luckily, their preparation and self-quarantining seemed to be effective. Though they were a bit hungrier than usual, nobody in the Scholl family had caught this mysterious disease. Maybe they weren't so unlucky after all.

    Something that sets him apart from the rest of his family members is the fact that he never really takes anything seriously, and will always try to find a way to make something strange happen using what few resources he can find. He'd usually try to blend into crowds, make an attempt at pickpocketing, only to place the objects in the pockets of someone else. Recently, for an unknown reason, he decided to separate from the rest of his family and move to another part of the city, leaving the trinket behind.

    (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences, you must reference server lore)

    Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)


    Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

    A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

    Falko watched as the Pact races started a riot, his frown slowly turning into a grin. He’d quickly search for a nearby tavern, ordering a bottle of ale before once again returning to the crowd. He’d then slowly and quietly walk behind an Orc, raising the bottle by the upper half before slamming it into their back and running, pointing to the closest person(barring the orc). If he actually managed to get away without having every bone in his body broken, he’d burst into laughter.

    For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?

    “****.” Falko had forgotten to bring anything he could actually use for combat. How stupid of him. He broke into a sprint, running towards the exit to get away from that thing. He clearly didn’t know close quarter combat, and he wasn’t anywhere near muscular. This made it obvious that he wasn’t capable of combat at that time. If he got out of the tomb, he’d start spreading rumors of a hidden room inside of a tomb that allows you to resurrect the dead,and a great treasure hidden nearby.

    --Magic Application--

    (Optional, this form must be filled out if you want your character to have magic at all.)

    Magic Biography:

    (At least three paragraphs about your character's relationship to magic, and how they may discover their potential.)

    Strangely enough, Falko seems to have avoided magic entirely for most of his life. Whenever a known mage would walk the streets, Falko would stay inside, mainly because he has no means of defending himself should the mage attack him. Whenever he encountered unknown entities with strange physical properties, he'd face the other way and walk forwards. If a scholar were to ask him about magic, he'd ignore the scholar and walk away. Certainly strange for someone with magical potential.

    Falko only learned about his magical capabilities when a High Elven merchant who had recently obtained a few artifacts decided to park his wagon on a street and allow people to get tested for magical attributes, free of charge. The young man's family all got tested by the merchant, showing no magical potential whatsoever. They then went to Falko, asking him to take the test. Tired of their requests, he decided to just get this over with. He went to see the elf, and the elf gave him a trinket. The elf then asked Falko to try and do a strange task, and repeateded this process of switching out a trinket and asking Falko to pull off some strange feat until, for the first time, the prankster managed to turn the the merchant's shirt from blue to orange. The man then offered to sell Falko the trinket, though Falko had no money he could offer in exchange, and so he left emptyhanded.

    The strange merchant told him he had alteration magic. When Falko returned to his family, he just said he had no magical aspects and left it at that. Unbeknownst to Falko, the merchant only had trinkets for the aspects of Holy, Alteration, Water, and Telekinesis magic. Because of this, he never learned of his two other aspects, Illusion and Dark. The alchemist didn't even think about venturing into magic until he was 17, though he was unable to practice with his due to his family's lack of money, and didn't bother reading about it to avoid questions from his family. He also slowly began to accept strange and mystical people and things, avoiding them a lot less than he used to.

    Please describe the magic system, including its limitations in your own words:

    (Two Paragraphs, please mention how one would cast, the limitations to casting and specific races, and the consequences of overuse)

    For one to cast, they need to use a trinket with either a higher level than their magic or a level on the same level as their magic. If they used a higher level of magic with a lower level trinket, the trinket would shatter. For example, if someone with Feeble magic went to cast with a trinket that could be used up to Strong magic, they’d be able to successfully cast their spell. But if someone tried to cast a spell on the level of Powerful magic using that same trinket, the trinket would shatter.

    Depending on how many schools of magic you mix together, the amount of energy you’ll lose may increase. If one were to cast 3 schools at once without mixing them, it’d also be more exhausting, and you could only use up to 3 schools. Additionally, you can’t use magic in a place outside of your character’s field of view, such as behind the user, or fifty feet underground while the user is standing on solid ground.

    Training your magic requires IC emotes, and must be done often. If someone stops practicing for a long period of time, they’ll slowly regress and their skills in magic will weaken even faster than it was being trained. Most people are usually limited to the spells they’ve aspected into. Certain races have different maximum aspects they can have. For example, humans can only have 3 aspects, so they can only use 3 aspects of magic. Another race might have 2, so they can only aspect into 2 magic types. Magic types you don’t aspect into can be learned up to medium level.

    You’re also limited to only casting 5 spells from the highest level of magic you have, and twice as much as the level above what you’re casting. Because I’m bad at explaining things, I’m going to write an example. Your highest level is Medium. You cast a spell that requires a level of medium. You can now only use that five more times. Then, you go to cast a moderate spell, which can only be used 10 times. Feeble 20 times, Weak 40 times, and it changes depending on your level of magic in that aspect. If you use more spells than this, you roll a 1d20. This is called overcasting. To start off, you need to roll above a five. The more you overcast, the higher this number gets, going up by 2 each time. For instance, if you overcast 3 times, you would need to roll above an 11. If you fail to roll above the number required, you will be unable to use magic for the rest of the day.

    Please describe how you would use a weak trinket with your characters first/only aspect:

    (Try to be creative, while acknowledging its limitations and utility uses)

    Falko would set up a sign near a tavern on a rainy day, offering to clean people’s clothes for a low price. I would list an exact price, but I don’t know much about this world’s economy. He’d then use the weak trinket and his Alteration aspect, being the first one he had, to clean the clothes. Doing this every day, he’d slowly begin to make money, eventually saving up to buy an alchemy permit and some lessons, allowing him to profit even more later on.

    -Please note that some aspects are set when a character is born, while others are up to practice. The number of aspects you have is limited by your character's race, but they may have less than the max should you so choose, but they will not be able to regain that lost aspect naturally-

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