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    Quote from ACr4zyMoose

    Not sure if i will get a reply but im getting an error

    bad heartbeat! (name cannot be null)



    The bad heartbeat would not be difficult to patch, and should work fine for small servers. However, there are still some internal issues which will come up if too many people join (20+ concurrently). I'm not planning to develop it any further beyond fixing heartbeats upon request, so if you want something that will be updated a lot, try something still actively under development, like fCraft. As teqx mentioned, it's probably not a good idea to bump a year old topic, so please PM me with further comments and concerns.

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    NOTICE: This server is NOT intended to be a ripoff of TheOne's Lava Survival. This server
    is simply an idea I had after an accidental lava flood on my main server that ended up somewhat similar
    to TheOne's. If TheOne so wishes, I am willing to change my server name.


    Hi Guys!
    Calzoneman's Lava Survival Server is a server I recently started hosting that I would like to
    put out there for everyone to know about. I don't have any screenshots yet, but here's a basic description of what happens:

    1. The OP on duty announces which area (where applicable) will be flooded. There is no specific time of the flood (this makes it more interesting).
    2. Players build their bases/bunkers/whatever to prepare for the flood.
    3. At a time randomly chosen by the OP, the lava is released and floods the designated area.
    4. Players work to prevent their bunkers from being flooded while still exploring the newly flooded area.

    The gameplay takes place on one of my specialized maps. (So far) There are 2 basic map types: caves and land.
    On a caves map:
    The map size is 128x128x64 and is made up only of rock. It contains a network of interconnected caves, some of which connect to the surface.
    The caves that connect to the surface are labeled with a number, and the OP (perhaps after a vote) decides which area will flood 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    On a land map:
    The map size is 64x64x64 and contains a randomized terrain. Players are free to build wherever they please and lava is released from the sky.

    I have modified the server memory arguments and all floods should work with the designated map sizes.

    OP Policies:
    OPs should go light on bans as after all, the map will be reset after the flood. If someone is annoying another player, they will be asked to stop
    and then kicked if they continue.

    We need OPs!
    OPs are responsible for:
    -Flooding designated flood zones
    -Resetting the map after floods
    -Handling disputes between players

    If you would like to OP please contact me but I would prefer if you've played on the server before.

    If you have a map you would like to see used please use the following format and send it to me:
    -128x128x64 (Caves) or 64x64x64 (Land) size
    -Adminrock sealed lava source at the uppermost elevation of the map

    Server Uptime varies with my schedule, and also depends on if I have OPs available to run things. If we can get enough OPs I could run it at most from
    4:30pm EST to 10:00PM EST on weekdays and 10:00AM EST to 11:00PM EST on weekends.

    Hope to see you on the server sometime!


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