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    Quote from ACr4zyMoose

    Not sure if i will get a reply but im getting an error

    bad heartbeat! (name cannot be null)



    The bad heartbeat would not be difficult to patch, and should work fine for small servers. However, there are still some internal issues which will come up if too many people join (20+ concurrently). I'm not planning to develop it any further beyond fixing heartbeats upon request, so if you want something that will be updated a lot, try something still actively under development, like fCraft. As teqx mentioned, it's probably not a good idea to bump a year old topic, so please PM me with further comments and concerns.

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    I joined today and I didn't see anything. Is there any civilization or creative mode or is this just flat out survival with computers thrown in?
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    Hey guys,
    I've had the same skin for over a year now; it's one I created myself and I like it a lot better than the default one, but I noticed in-game one day that it had been reset to the default green shirt guy. I've tried reuploading multiple times from the Profile page of www.minecraft.net (both in Firefox 3 and Chrome), but nothing happens to the skin after I click upload. Clicking the "use this link to show the skin to other people" link opens a page that says "...Or not" I searched for fixes to this problem but most of the other ones seemed to have deeper issues (website not loading, browser issues, etc.) whereas this one does not display any indication of error other than that it simply doesn't work. Is skins being broken a known bug or is there a fix for it?

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    You can type /help to see a list of commands, and type /help commandname for specific information on a command. The server name, motd, etc. can be changed by editing server.cfg
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    Either add

    to ranks.txt and then start the server,
    or type
    /owner yourusername

    from the console while you are on the server.
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    This "brilliant idea" has been suggested countless numbers of times ever since multiplayer came out. No. It won't work. Inevitably, someone will get unrightfully banned. Let's face it, everyone has their own moderation policy, so what one person might consider bannable may only deserve a warning to another. Nobody deserves to be banned on every server, it's just not fair.
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    posted a message on uMiner [Minecraft Classic Server Software]
    An open-source lightly featured Minecraft Classic server
    Written in C# using the .NET 2.0 Runtime
    Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


    I've been working on my own little classic server for a while and I've
    decided to release it. uMiner has been in development for several months
    now and has basic features implemented. With uMiner I aimed to create a
    simple server software to be used for basic servers and server mods. I've
    made many mods of other servers and I aimed to make uMiner easy to mod without
    having to strip useless build features.
    Following is a list of features currently implemented in uMiner:
      [*:1ijzstuz]Basic TCP listener and client handling
      [*:1ijzstuz]Threaded I/O
      [*:1ijzstuz]Basic World class and mapsending (single map only, no multiworld)
      [*:1ijzstuz]Basic administration commands (with name autocompletion)
      [*:1ijzstuz]A /place command to build grass, [still/active] :Water: and :Lava: , and :opblock:
      [*:1ijzstuz]5 basic ranks with colors (banned, guest, player, operator, owner)
      [*:1ijzstuz]Commands runnable through console window
      [*:1ijzstuz]Dated and timed logging
    In addition, I've included two different chat features for players of rank player or
    higher: color codes and special characters. Color codes correspond to the minecraft
    color codes (0-9 and a-f) and are prefixed by a % sign (for example, %5 hi there!).
    Special characters are symbols in the ASCII 1-30 range and are displayed using a code
    which can be found by using /chars.
    One of my other goals with uMiner was to make it usable on multiple platforms.
    uMiner runs under Windows and Linux(under mono). I have not tested it on mac because
    I don't own one, but if the mono implementation is the same it should work.

    uMiner's source code is publicly available at http://github.com/calzoneman/uMiner,
    which also includes Releases built under Visual Studio Express 2008 and under MonoDevelop. If you just
    want the release file, you can download it here. Both downloads include a converter
    to convert your .dat Minecraft levels (classic only!) to the .umw format used by uMiner. The converter is
    written in Java and will prompt you for filenames. See the batch file in DatConverter/.

    While simplicity is desirable in some situations, some people would prefer a more developed
    build server. I have been developing uBuilder, an extension of uMiner, for my private classic server.
    uBuilder includes common features such as /paint, /cuboid and /replace, /copy and /paste with loading/saving
    of copied chunks, message blocks, and a user statistics system. I will be continuing to add to uBuilder
    and I am in the process of working out how I'm going to separate uBuilder and uMiner source code. uBuilder
    is not available for download yet, but I am working on getting it prepared for download.

    I hope that you will find a chance to try out uMiner. Whether you like it or absolutely hate it,
    please consider contacting me to tell me your comments, ask a question, or suggest a feature. You
    may PM me on the forums or visit me in #uMiner on irc.esper.net.

    Thank you,
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    posted a message on Minecraft Classic Mods???
    What you're looking for is a custom server. There are lots available. If you want something that's complex and full of features, look for MCLawl, as it is probably the most fully-featured server available. If you want something a little less complex but still with good features, look at MCSharp or iCraft. If you want something simple but with a few mod commands and customization, I'm working on a server called uMiner.
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    posted a message on Looking into server hosts, but have questions.
    Are you looking for hosting for Minecraft Classic or Alpha?
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    posted a message on Halo Ring Project - Flip Gravity?
    Currently there is no way to modify the gravity except to hack the client.
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    posted a message on Custom client wow register
    I don't mean to sound like a moderator, but please don't come asking about worldofminecraft around here, the regulars hate it. That's what the WorldOfMinecraft forums are for.
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    Quote from denied78 »
    Quote from wakapedia »
    this worked for me in the bat file

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar

    instead of using just "java" i put the whole path to the javaw.exe in quotes. (this is the default windows 7 64bit java install path)

    note: i tried setting it to 2048 but it gave me some kind of "could not create virtual machine" error

    Worked like a charm. I think the problem is there are different solutions for different OS. WinXP and Win7 are different solutions.

    No, the solution waka posted is the same as the earlier one, just that if you don't have java in your PATH variable you have to provide the full file path to it (C:\Program Files\etc...)
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    posted a message on SP map > MCLAWL how ?
    So far there isn't anything nearly as complicated as MCLawl for Alpha. There are several server wrappers for notch's server available in the Survival Multiplayer Discussion section, which add some administration and other functions, and there are some from-scratch Alpha servers being worked on.
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    Quote from iLevex »
    Or just get a static IP from your ISP? :wink.gif:
    I don't understand how you put this link to the heartbeat message for Creative servers.

    It doesn't, but a lot of players will bookmark their favorite servers for Creative, so if they bookmark the tiny.cc link instead, then only the owner has to update the tiny.cc link and everyone's bookmark still works.
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    posted a message on Any Recommended Minimum Server Hardware Requirements?
    As far as I know, the only way to kill mobs in alpha multiplayer at this time is to set them on fire.
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