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    [quote]There is currently an overhaul going on with this mod, I have had a change of heart. I do not feel like copying Runescape directly and would rather take inspiration from it and create my own magic based mod, (possible Alchemy inbound as well). The current magic system with the rune crafting and staves + spells will stay the same, I would love people to test the magic system part out and list spell ideas in the comments, because sometimes as a programmer we are not always the best at coming up with creative ideas. Metals will still be in the mod but are currently being put on hold, and will most likely be incorporated with the magic very closely (crafting magic weapons).

    The time has come for me to release the first playable* version of the mod, no way is this mod finished yet.

    Link to my website which has page for this mod as well as a forum to report bugs and discuss the mod.

    This mod aims to recreate the world of Runescape in Minecraft, now before people say "Copycat, someone else has done that" I'll tell you this that only 1 person has actually released their 'Runescape' mod. There are many Runescape mods that have looked very hopeful but the authors have just disappeared, now the one mod that has been released was not a very good depiction of Runescape it had some feature but was mainly about mobs.

    Anyway I aim to bring as many of the professions to the game that I can, so far Magic and Runecrafting have been added to the mod and although not complete you can actually use them in survival without spawning anything in.

    I have spent the last two weeks solidly laying down the basis of the mod which means adding more stuff should be easier now and daily builds are going to be released.

    Although the mod is now available only download if you are curious or would like to help test the mod, you can submit bug reports at the Runecraft 2 forums. http://bit.ly/1nD4n0V


    If you would be interested in helping with Runecraft 2 in any way please post below with what you would be interested in doing.
    Even though there is not much to do a short mod spotlight would be helpful just so that people can see what is currently in the mod.

    LF modelers and texturers to make anything from Runescape so that i can quickly add stuff to the mod, currently looking for wood textures and tool models. Post if you want to do any and what.


    • 4 types of Runes which can be created at their specific altar
    • The 4 different types of altars naturally generate in the world, each one is accompanied by two nearby rune essence veins
    • Rune essence randomly spawns on the surface
    • 5 types of staves craftable in the game, normal,air,water,earth,fire. Normal does nothing special besides allowing you to cast the selected spell in the spellbook, but the elements reduce the rune cost of that type of spell by 1 (conveniently that means each spell is free if you have the right staff)
    • Currently each of the strike spells does the same amount of damage
    • Magic Experience is gained per spell cast
    • Spellbook contains 5 spells, 2 straight away (air strike, home teleport), then water,earth and fire strike are unlock later as you level up. The Spell book has a GUI and you can hover over the spells to show their tooltips with handy info
    • Levelling for Magic and Runecrafting has been implemented although each level requires 10 exp which is nothing, but this is alpha
    • Runecrafting can be started by collecting a randomly dropped Air Rune from a rune essence vein, using this to create an air talisman allows you to start converting rune essence into air runes at the air altar.
    • If you turn 5 or more rune essence into air runes at one time you have a chance at getting a random water,earth,fire rune. (!Use the first one of each to make that elements talisman)

    • All ores are added with a custom model i made
    • Ore drop their corresponding item
    • All altars are available and work with rune essence and their corresponding talisman

    If you like this mod or my other one then donate :D


    Playing with the mod now

    To play with the mod in survival, make sure the configs for Ore World Gen and Altar World Gen are set to true before generating a new world.

    Your first step is to create a book, then finding a Rune Essence vein. With the book and one of the rune essence create a spell book, also create a staff. You now have the ability to cast home teleport (/sethometeleport sets the location you come back to), you can also cast air strike if you have air runes.


    Requires Forge

    #Warning from version 0.0.5 and until further notice the mod uses some texture assets which are quite large, (currently the Rune Pickaxe is 768x768). This is purely for testing and will most likely be moved into an optional texture pack at a later date. People with decent graphics cards should be able to run it perfectly fine since only a few items are high res not the whole world like a high res texture pack. I'm using a Radeon HD 7850 (2GB) for reference. Please try the mod still as you may be able to run it fine, if you get out of memory errors this could be caused by having java 32-bit on a 64-bit machine, or not allocating enough memory to Minecraft. #

    The Runscape Logo and many assets used within the mod are owned by Jagex LTD and I do not own any of them. Some textures have been created by me and should not be seen as an accurate indications of what the game looks like. Although I try to imitate many features of Runescape, some have to be adapted to fit Minecraft.
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    Ok we can do this Saturday 12PM GMT, would be best if you connect to TS3 server 30 mins before and so i can start getting people onto the server
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    Quote from willsterman2

    Call who is going to be the host? I am guessing there may be a problem with this because I am from the uk and some of you may be from the USA so time zones may be a problem.

    Will im in UK as well, im going to be host, which is why i want to be only person recording from birdseye view for first episode.
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    I have just finished replicating the map from Direwolf20's Wrenched Gameshow.
    Aside from the airship and spawning house, i have replicated the arena to the block.
    This means i am the first person (that i can see after searching the forums) to have replicated the map and open discussing it. I have a few things i just need to fix (like what the hell goes in the crystal chests) and then the server is ready to be played.

    So i am basically looking for a list of people who want to compete as builders, and people who would be looking to judge.
    For the builders i would prefer if you had a decent prior knowledge of Tekkit 3.1.2 (yes! 3.1.2 that means no forestry, i was considering downgrading but decided no to) they must also have a desire to compete (this is to stop time wasters and trolls)
    Judges should also have an extent knowledge of Tekkit, and if possible very competent builders thus giving them the knowledge to fairly judge the builders.

    Application Template
    Role: Judge/Builder
    Any other info:

    Hope this gives people a chance to be able to play this amazing idea :)
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