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    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone have any feedback regarding my YouTube channel?


    At the moment I am concentrating on Factions but I will be making a survival island based let’s play (my previous one corrupted)

    I am just learning how to edit videos on Premier Pro and also just learning how to make Thumb Nails. Do you guys have any resources any of you may use? Like effects or overlays?

    I am really keen to try and make my channel something that people will enjoy.

    Thank you so much for your time.


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    Hey guys,

    So I have started recording my raids that I do on Blaze and now OverLord realms from SaicoPvp. I am still hell new and my channel is mega small, however I just thought I would share it with you :)

    I am still learning and have only just started, so be patient with me.

    I can't cannon (I know, kick me now) so I mainly raid un-claimed bases. I know that isn't everyone's bag.

    Everyone has always been so awesome and kind on forums, so here goes .....


    I am thinking of doing more of actual factions when Blaze resets, so showing making my base, more levelling up and stuff like that .

    I am going to start a new Survival Island, as the sound was so bad on the first three videos, I do not think I could save that series :(

    Thanks again


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    Hey guys,

    So I decided to make a Minecraft channel on YouTube so I could experience my journey with with people - I am loving it so far but my sound is what I’m having trouble with.

    I use a Snowball mic and Auditions Adobe is what I use to try and help the sound. Does anyone have any tips on how I could improve this?

    This is my channel so far:


    I didn’t want to delete the vids and start the island again as it wouldn’t be authentic as I would have already played it before - if that makes sense?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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