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    posted a message on Shoulder Surfing - Modded Third Person Camera
    If the original creator gave permission you should start a new thread for the 1.7.10 version.


    Also thank you for helping the community in your first and second posts, not many people do so you deserve +1.
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    posted a message on Shaders pack B (for Shaders mod by karyonix)
    It's been a while since I posted here but I was thinking that you might want to make the waves bigger and less frequent when raining to simulate a storm.
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    Quote from rylechoco009»
    reply to the dyeable leaves and beds PLC I wanna hear an answer if its possible or not

    Yes it's possible, I'm working on the leaves part right now.

    Is it possible to use the Block.whatever on a specific coordinate?
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    posted a message on Sprint Block Climbing (Gamerule or Effect)
    This is a pretty simple suggestion so I'll try to explain it well.

    The Gamerule or Effect:

    /gamerule _____ (a suggestion would be great)
    /effect # (block height) (speed, optional)
    The Potential:

    This has three different uses that I can think of:

        • Faster creative travel
        • Server Games and lobby customizations
        • Adventure Maps

    The Possibilities:

    • A customizable command
    • A gamerule
    The Premise:

    When using the sprint key the user will climb blocks that they run into. This could be customizable with /effect or fixed with /gamerule. With effect it could climb as slow as ladders (or water) or as fast as slabs.
    The downside:

    Could be used in hacked clients (cheating).
    Any suggestions are super helpful and help better the idea.

    If this belongs in small suggestions or is redundant please let me know.


    I broke the poll. (it's fixed now)
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    posted a message on Create-a-Smiley Competition - July 2014 - Submissions closed
    I'm working on one that will be the best one ever (in my opinion).


    Its done (all 250? frames of it) i'm not so happy with how it turned out at the end so there are two versions.





    I lost some quality to the gifs.

    Also feedback is great.
    PM me if you want the pdn file. You need an addon to use it though: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/13454-animated-image-24-agif-apng/
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    posted a message on [x512 - 1.7] - Cynips's Synesthesia -
    Here are the screenshots: http://postimg.org/gallery/6xhwjmlc/

    The map is Vertoak by fish95.

    The shaderpack is an edited version of DeDelner's CUDA.

    This took a long time because I manually changed every color value that I saw in the shaderpack. I also used desaturate in Super Secret Settings. There is still a little bit of color that I couldn't seem to get out.

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    posted a message on Mod Request: Roughing It (foliage drops, 2x2 makeshift tools, and other tweaks)
    I love these ideas. If there are any sprites left I would like to try.
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    posted a message on Say What YOU Think should be in Minecraft 1.7!
    Quote from dannsair2

    all the stuff in here http://www.minecraft...-modular-boats/ for ocean biome and the sea creuters idea combined.

    omg yessssssssss.


    skeleton horses ridden by skeletons and wither skeletons. only in hardcore to give hardcore mode more arrows flying by your head. :Skeleton: This will get lots of hate but I think its awesome.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    More world types:

    Low rolling/flowing hills with lots of trees grass and flowers.

    Major Mountains:
    Crazy mountain formations
    Mostly Flat:

    Basically superflat with custom terrain, one block height diversity and biome diversity (includes lakes/oceans).


    A swamp world with low height diversity and lots of swamp biome (possibly part of Mostly Flat).


    Would include a bunch of oddly shaped skyblocks (basically parkour) with few trees and open resources (coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis, emeralds, lava) and sky villages

    Survival Island:

    Automatically generates only one tree on the only one small landmass above ocean water level, a dungeon, cave system, chasm and the spawn point at the center of the island.


    Custom terrain based on world type: (ore commonness, tree commonness, village commonness, lake commonness, ocean commonness, villages (. schematic), village commonness, mountain commonness, biome diversity, custom temples (.schematic)(biome specific), temple commonness, dungeon commonness, mineshaft commonness.

    *when custom terrain, villages or temples (except by world type) are generated hardcore is not allowed
    I would like to see more dragons because of their mystic effect on the game. These dragons would be untamable unhostile unless provoked and color:biome specific (eg. white for snow biome, red for mooshroom, ice for frozen ocean, blue for ocean, green for forest, fire for nether, stone for mountain).

    Fish would have different breeds and shapes (like horses) and would each drop 1-3 (2-6 with looting) fish (based on size) when killed or hit by a fishing rod (casted).
    Wolves: More wolf breeds.

    Grey Wolves: Bigger, tougher, fiercer, tamable. Less common than regular wolves.

    Black Wolves: Bigger, tougher, fiercer, tamable. Immediately hostile. Will not be in groups. Less common than regular wolves.
    More Temples:

    Quote from Ruthimaru

    I want dragons to be added really bad...including metallic dragons..DONT HOLD BACK THE SILVER PEOPLES!

    Silver dragons...
    I like it.

    Quote from Michlin2012

    Maybe there could be an eagle that we could fly and attack mobs with, and when it died it could drop out feathers and some other things or tame it with raw fish. How awesome it would be. :)

    Quote from choobaca34

    Hey everyone, new Villager Ideas

    First, it would be like the villagers wouldn't look like "squidwards" anymore, instead they would use minecraft skins
    2nd, they should actually be able to grow and eat the crops.
    Also, they should have villager guards around the village, so when zombie sieges break out they can defend themselves
    Villages would also be more common, also, get rid of friken gravel! it looks horrible
    5th, you could tell them to build a house for you and all you have to do is give them the materials for the certain house type.

    Hope you liked my ideas,

    New villager skins, types and actions would be nice.

    Quote from Maxskywalker

    Accuracy I bow enchantment. It makes the bow shoot straight (along the X-axis; you still have to deal with arrow drop).

    Forget I...
    I-V would be boss
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    posted a message on Design Challenge: free-floating, self-powered flying machine!.
    Quote from aidanlaurence

    Guys I did something just need a piston and an Spiston basically you put a redstone block on the piston then take it back then put it beside the sticky piston so it gets the normal piston back!!!!!

    we already found this out. that is basically how this thread started except this thread started with levers
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