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    posted a message on If you think Hardcore is Cake Walk...
    Doing this right now. Food is tough to come by, but I've lived long enough to get an iron pick. Still alive, will update when I die.

    Edit: I actually managed to gather the wool for a bed, so, for my own curiosity, I slept to see how it would mess up the game... nothing happened. Still dark out.
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    posted a message on Pigs are really useless.
    Pigs used to be the only mobs that dropped food. Now, cows and chickens also drop food, as well as useful materials. Currently, pigs are really only useful for transportation, and they are quickly being overtaken by horses in that respect. In short, pigs were once the most useful mob, but are now the third least useful mob in the game (just ahead of squids and bats).

    Please, Mojang, give the pigs some love.
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    posted a message on Zyinx (1.5.2 and 1.6) [Survival][Creative][Minigames]
    Hi everyone! The Zyinx 1.6 server will be opening tomorrow with a temporary survival map that will transition into a very fun set of worlds and minigames!

    The 1.6 server will be live at this IP on July 1st: connect.zyinx.com:25567

    If you want to see what it will become once all of the plugins we are going to use are updated, you can come check out the Zyinx 1.5.2 server, which has been running for several months and has established a close-knit and friendly community

    The 1.5.2 server is live at this IP: connect.zyinx.com


    What is on Zyinx? Well, here's a list of all of the active worlds available to everyone who joins:

    Free-for-all PVP
    2 Free-roam adventure worlds

    As for plugins, there are too many to list in any practical manner, so here are some of the favorites:

    Grappling Hooks
    Factions (in survival)

    Come visit the website at http://www.zyinx.com. We also have a Mumble server (information on the server website).

    Note: This is a g-rated server. Swearing will result in a mute and 3-5 minutes in jail.

    Remember to join us in our temporary 1.6 survival world as soon as it's up!
    See you there!
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    posted a message on How do YOU kill each hostile mob?
    My strategy for all hostile mobs: man up and charge at it with a sword. If a sword isn't available, a potato or a steak is an okay substitute.

    It works better than you might expect.
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    posted a message on Ive heard of an arrow to the knee, but this is something else!
    Once an arrow got stuck in my face and I looked like a unicorn.
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    posted a message on The food you prefer to eat?
    Usually baked potatoes. They're pretty easy to get and restore a decent amount of hunger. I use steak and carrots as backup food.
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    posted a message on Need help getting back to spawn point
    Quote from Jmaz24

    Wait compasses point towards spawn points? I thought they pointed North.

    My explanation is that you always spawn at the northern magnetic pole of the world.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] SMALL SURVIVAL SERVER [1.4.5] Band New [similar to MindCrack]
    There seems to be a thief on the server. Someone stole several bookcases from my enchanting room and a few iron blocks from koolplayer's hub frame.
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    posted a message on [Vanilla] SMALL SURVIVAL SERVER [1.4.5] Band New [similar to MindCrack]
    IGN: cHa0sFeRrEt

    Age: 17

    Reason for wanting to play: I like playing vanilla Minecraft, building stuff, seeing other people's builds, etc. Also, the mindcrack-style setup is something I really like.

    Goals on the server: Build some cool stuff, and try to automate as much of it as possible (I'm learning redstone, so it should be pretty fun).

    Favorite Mindcracker: Etho, I love the stuff he makes.
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    posted a message on Worst Death in Hardcore Mode?
    I was cutting down a tree and then I got one-hittted by a dinosaur from a mod that I forgot to uninstall. Two minutes in, already need to make a new world.
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V
    Beamed Truth
    Battered Hum
    Debate Thrum
    Breadth Mute
    Bathed Muter
    Drumbeat The
    Batted Rheum
    Tabued Therm
    Breath Muted
    Bather Muted
    Bah Muttered
    Mattered Hub
    Teared Thumb
    Harmed Butte
    Hatted Umber
    Mutated Herb
    Thereat Dumb
    Theater Dumb
    Theatre Dumb
    Harem Butted
    Theta Dumber
    Tear Thumbed
    Rate Thumbed
    Tare Thumbed
    Ham Buttered
    Ham Rebutted
    A Embed Truth
    A Debut Therm
    A Tubed Therm
    A Dumb Tether
    A Berth Muted
    A Thumb Treed
    A Thumb Deter

    My friend wanted a list of anagrams for buttered ham. I copied this from an online anagram generator.
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    posted a message on 1.4.5 Survival Server [Vanilla] [24/7] [No Lag] [NOOBS WELCOME]
    Looks fun. My IGN is cHa0sFeRrEt (sorry about the wacky caps, you may want to copy/paste that to your whitelist) and I'm 17.
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    posted a message on story of your username
    So, the ferret part of my name comes from the fact that I like ferrets. I don't remember where chaos came from though... it had some kind of significance when I made the name... oh well. I replaced the o in chaos with a zero to match my similarly-named Xbox gamertag. As for the crazy caps... I'll be honest, I only did that to annoy people trying to read my name.
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    posted a message on YOUR leading death cause?
    A tie between fall damage and cave spiders. Why cave spiders? Because my XP trap sprung a leak one day and they got everywhere.
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    posted a message on First thing you said when you saw minecraft
    "Looks blocky."
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