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    Hey I was just looking at your model pages and I understand now why you guys were putting off the godzilla mod for so long it was because you guys were working on making more mobs from the super heroes mod because before I just thought you were editing armor but you were making mobs this whole time I understand what you were trying to do at this point and the models on angiurus and komonga looks awesome but are you removing rodan for the next update or do you not have his model available yet i'm sorry for being grouchy about this mod in the past not being up but I understand what you were trying to do and it does take a lot of work, time and dedication for this. I think the next update will look fantastic and i'm excited to battle angiurus and komonga soon keep up the great work.

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    When is there going to be a update with this mod. Please at least 1 extra monster or a few extra texture changes would be a good enough update I want to see what you guys have been doing for the longest time or is this mod dead?

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