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    Quote from Mithey»
    You can't move when you are in the cannon otherwise it will be off. If you can't get it working for some reason you can do this though: /tp @a 3214 237 -976

    I wasn't moving at all. Ended up accidentally getting up there through a nether portal in the ethechs lab level though lol. The other cannons in the level were also not working, but just went into creative to cross those gaps. Overall I gotta say I didn't care much for this level. The village area at the beginning was nice, except one of the buildings was destroyed by creepers or something before I even got to it... Then with all the blazes and ghasts in areas made of snow and ice... almost made it impossible. The rainbow road part felt like I should have had jump boosts, but no such luck, had to break carpet and place blocks at every step... then the thing with the terra restore was blown up by a ghast while I was working on spawners. finally get to the end, grab the wool, and fell down. dead. and for some reason spawned way back at the beginning of the map's original spawn area, despite having hit several "set spawnpoint" buttons throughout the level and not sleeping in any beds since.

    A lot of the levels were frustrating, but I felt like I had to conquer them (and eventually did). This one, however... I just wanted to quit it. I ended up just using creative to get the recipe and legendary bow, and restore the structure the blown up terra restore was supposed to unlock.
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    Ooh, the start of bukkit mods being remade in forge... I like where this is going.
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    Quote from The Jakyll

    Okay guys, can we stop talking about such silly things like whether Eloraam is a robot or a collective-consciousness!

    Let's talk about her mod :)

    I'll start it off, what is your wishlist for the future of RedPower 2?

    That it gets released before 1.5 is out.
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    Quote from Zexks

    Ummm, every single mod author that uses adfly makes money off their mods, by selling ad space.

    I wish mojang and the forum staff would crack down on that. It is disrespectful to Mojang, disrespectful to the community, and prone to malicious advertising injections like the one that flagged this forum as malware. Not to mention it encourages all of this egotistical douchebaggery.
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