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    ive found an odd mod interaction. if you have ElecCore and Redstone paste Redstone pastes render derps out. ive posted it here with screenshots also https://github.com/Elecs-Mods/ElecCore/issues/18

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    Quote from DoomX777

    Hello, I would like to add some idea for the ranged ( bow ) weapon:


    - Fibre ( string )
    - Arrow Head
    - Arrow Tail
    - Arrow Rod
    - Large Arrow Limb
    - Long Arrow Limb


    - Bow: 1 fibre, 2 Arrow Limb
    A normal Minecraft Bow

    - Long Bow: 1 fibre, 2 long Arrow Limb
    - Deal Additional Damage
    - Arrow Speeds are faster ( when shot )
    - Special: Tri-Arrow ( shoot 3 arrow at a same time )

    - slower draw speed

    - Ballista: 2 fibres, 2 heavy arrow limbs
    - Deal 2x Damage the arrow
    - Special: Ultra Shot ( shoot 5 arrow in wide form. defy gravity for the first 16 blocks )

    - Extremely slow draw speed
    - slower moving speed

    NOTE: to use Special just shift Right-Click


    Arrows always made of 3 parts:
    - Arrow head = determines the damage. some head can deal status effect to enemy. e.g lava crystal head will burn enemy on hit
    - Arrow Rod = determines the retrieval chance when hit an enemy. iron arrow are stronger than wood arrow. which mean they have more retrieval chance when hitting an enemy
    - Arrow Tail = determines the arrow speed

    I personally love the way this idea is laid out and i believe that this combined with a quiver which has maybe 5 slots and is viewable outside of the inventory screen and scrollable (similar to the way arsmagica spellbooks work) would make bows an awesome weapon.
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    when i harvest oreberry bushes i get "ghost berries" left behind and i pick up the items relogging fixes the ghosts.
    its its on a server.
    i couldnt get the pictures to work for me so heres my dropbox link for them
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    Quote from Laskeri

    Try updating? Looking at the changelog, mDiyo fixed Necrotic Bones dropping in a recent update.

    thanks that fixed it
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    how do i obtain necrotic bones? im killing hundreds of wither skeletons at my farm and i have got none
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    posted a message on [Tool] Geometry Guide v0.0.0 - Helps you build geometric shapes!
    is the site down? and the downloads too? i would love to have this.
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