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    posted a message on Minecraft shift key on mac not working properly.

    My left shift key for sneak is not working for every version of Minecraft java edition for me on Mac OSX. It works normally for typing and anything outside of Minecraft. However, when I'm standing still or in my inventory, it's kind of wack. Sneak doesn't work when I just normally click the left shift key by itself. But when I click any other key on my keyboard at the same time as the left-shift key, sneaking works. I am able to sneak while moving as a result of pressing a WASD key at the same time as shift, but this means I can't sneak while standing still without pressing a random key on my keyboard. In control settings, sneak is enabled to left shift already. I tried changing the controls for sneak to other keys to see what would happen and sneak works perfectly fine for any other key. Does anyone know a fix to make left shift work normally?

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