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    Quote from Criskillful

    1. You havent read the guard rules.
    2. Add more to Number 7.
    3. Its better if you have a link to said proof IN the application.
    4. Im pretty sure this is a troll application.

    Could use A lot more effort on Number 7. I wouldnt add the Rec by people but forgot the names. Its pretty much a hint to most that you made it up or are careless enough to forget. Other wise a good try. Same goes with you as well. Its better if you have a link TO the proof. rather than just saying it. (Ive seen frees that quit guard and got sent to C due to them lying about having proof.)
    P.S Font/size stealer D: (Nothing to do with the application)

    Cris, reread darius' app, he did read the rules.

    @Darius, if you truly wish to become a Guard, give us an amazing app! I'm not saying this app is bad, it shows a bit more effort than a lot of apps nowadays, so I would just expand on it a lot more. At least you read the rules, many do not. Good luck, and expand on your app!

    To all Guard apps:
    1. Don't lie about reading Guard Rules, it will be clear to us if you didn't.
    2. While this is not official, I have heard that #7 should be at least a paragraph long.
    3. For those who do not bother with rules, one word responses will be skipped.
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
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    Quote from Prancser6

    This one guy on the server named "Jboo33" has been breaking into the private furnace rooms while people were smelting, how he's doing it is simple.. he's using a pickaxe to break the door then quickly right clicking on the furnace you use to gain access to all of your items. well i took a screenshot of him breaking MY door while I was smelting and he stole all my iron heres the screenshot link. http://i49.tinypic.com/m7w2ko.png[/IMG]

    Now let us see the left side of the picture...

    Eeyup, I knew that was a top page get.
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    I am hoping alpha promotions are soon. I known of a few Guards who deserve it!

    However if I know Noakii like I do, it will be when we least expect it!
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    Quote from benjaminsaunders

    --Map Of Convicted--
    -C-Free only. D block, Guard areas, donor, And other courtyard/areas not included.-
    This is why ive been siting still in vanish the last 2 days :D I counted Ever. Single. Block. c:

    Top page get..
    Very nice ben, but C Spawn is a no-pvp area ;)

    Grats on first page :D

    Also, you should make a map of D Block and Omega. :)
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    Quote from Lodorenos

    Lodorenos' Guard Application

    1) IGN:

    2) Your age:

    3) How long have you been playing the server?
    Ever since iPrison v3 shut down (March), although I have not been active during the summer because of an exchange student trip to China.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?
    I have. I don't think Noakii has though

    5) Any experience with the prison genre?
    I started out playing prison style servers in December of 2011. I eventually found a great server called "iPrison v3" which was hosted by a player named Strizy. After a member named Miner Dillon used a glitch to his advantage and was distributing diamond blocks, I spent the time recording the incident along with the players who picked up the blocks. Action was swiftly taken against him (ex warden) and the economy was entirely reset. Through that incident, I came into direct contact with Strizy and a friend of his (Noah) on Skype, and was soon appointed guard rank. After a month or so, I replaced MinerDillon as a new warden. I was a warden up until the day iPrison shut down, and continued to be a warden on another server hosted by Strizy named 420craft, which was a drug server. 420craft has also shut down since then, and I have been looking for a new server to dedicate myself to.

    6) What is your time zone?
    UTC+1, Amsterdam.

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard?
    As stated above, I have extensive experience for the position. I can apply myself several hours a day, and my laptop (MSI GT683DX) will never lag while in game, assuring no mistakes in sword swings or other lag-based incidents. I am in college as a software engineer (University of Amsterdam), and speak 3 languages: English, Dutch, and German, so I can assist players in their own language if necessary. While being a warden on iPrison v3 and 420Craft, I built up a large experience with server plugins, commands, and especially permissions. My timezone is different than most, and adds a larger time frame of active guards online at different times of the day.

    Galuzer recommended I add more server related information to this question. In my time as a player on Convicted, I've seen many different types of guards handling events in different ways. From the young guard who thinks that his /jail command makes him better than all others to the more experienced guards who don't keep grudges and handle themselves in a responsible manner (I never want to say that being older means more mature, but generally a 17-18 year old teenager is more mature and prone to correct situation handling than a 12 year old pre-teen.). I'm not going to lie on this application and say that I'll always be online or that my life will be dedicated to Convicted. I have a job, I have college classes, rugby, and other non-digital activities that keep me busy. However, I can always find around three to four hours a day to dedicate to whatever I'd like. If appointed guard, that's where that time would go. While online, I'll do what I need to when it comes to guarding. A blue name does not make me better than other players, so I'll still remain active in terms of communication and friendliness to others. However, if someone has a sword out or if players are being attacked, I will take the correct action as described by the guard rules. I will not differentiate between a new C level player or a long time friend. I use correct grammar (even though I am Dutch and English is not my native language) and do not let video games such as MineCraft cause me anger. I don't see myself as the type of person who would "get bored" and do negative activities such as attacking players without cause or attempting to get revenge on someone who attacked me previously.

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard?
    I'm currently a B rank. I understand.

    Hopefully my guard application is taken seriously, and will be fully read and reviewed. I have an excellent microphone, so talking on TeamSpeak or Skype is a possibility. You really should look at that current guard though, Noakii, because he doesn't listen.

    This is my second time posting this application, as the first one is nearly 10 pages back and did not include a screenshot of my rank.
    Sorry for posting twice.

    This is a great app
    I think you could fit the job
    I will recommend.
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    IGN: builder1029
    Current rank on the server: warden
    Reason you were banned: aboose
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) aok79
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) seconds ago
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: i sowwy
    Any additional information: he destroyed the server again
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    Quote from duderobot123

    1) IGN:duderobot123
    2) Your age:13
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days)For over a month now.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?Yes i have
    5) Any experience with the prison genre?Ive played on dont drop the soap and now i play on convicted alot and i really enjoy this server
    6) What is your time zone?Eastern Standard
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard?I am best choice for guard because i will protect Cs from the mean evil Frees :P also i wanna try new things because free gets boring after a while.

    I have been recommended by a few people but i forgot names.
    Also tell me what i can do better in this app.
    I am decent at pvp have tons of swords to fight people with and would be a responsible guard and not abuse my powers.
    I will also try my best not to rage/be rude to people (im always raging/capsing on the server :P ) Ive been a member of convicted for a while and would like to become a guard.
    Thanks for having a look at meh app :)

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? I do have a picture of my rank i will post it when needed if im demoted or i quit.
    Sorry if the color f*cks up your eyes :>

    Duder, please do not post your app every page, or else you will not be accepted. This goes for all of you guys spamming apps. Reposting every 10 pages is barely acceptable, but every page is just spamming. :/
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    Quote from Nosetouch

    To micheal who I believe said that griefing isn't allowed in free this is vipers original post about free third clearly states that griefing stealing ect are all allowed

    Congratulations! After a dismal life behind bars, you've finally been set Free! But the fun doesn't stop here. You are now allowed to enter and exit the prison as you please. The Wilderness has no rules. (Besides server rules) Griefing, stealing, etc. are all allowed. However, prison rules must still be followed when inside the facility. You are also free to join the growing city of Omega, where you'll experience a multitude of fantastic perks. Mine at leisure in the NetherBrick Mine or StoneBrick Mine, the two most profitable mines on the server. Explore the Nether through the only portal on the server. Buy and sell at the Omega Market, which allows access to almost every block in the game. EXP potions and most other types of potions are also available for purchase.

    I have seen I think 1 unban for a hack in my time on the server which was auto fishing but you spent time on this which will help you good luck as Doug stated a unban for something like this is rare

    Sorry Nose, Mich is right. Briefing is now bannable. This is an old quote and it seems to me as if Viper forogt to update it. I have a Free alt, and there is a sign that states briefing is bannable. Look at your quote. Note how it lists the StoneBrick mine as one of the mines. This was repaced by the Pumpkin Mine sometime in July.

    This quote is officially old.
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    Quote from benjaminsaunders

    just an fyi. this will never happen. dosent matter how much you push it, basically everyone in power is against it :U

    I know, I know. Not trying to push it either. It just seemed like a good idea when m0d presented it. Gained a lot of support too. Nevermind, I won't press the matter. I said I just wanted to better explain myself. It was denied by Noakii, and that's his call. Alright, I won't mention it again unless it is a consideration in the future. Thank you guys for at least hearing me out.

    With that out of the way, I still would like to know when the next Alpha elections are. I know I have been asking a lot about this lately, I just think we need more to better help the spam attacks when they occur. Of course, it's not just these spam attacks that are the main problem. There are a lot of xrayers that need to be taken care of too. There are a few Guards that have been a Guard for as long as I can remember. (I started playing in May, so I know who's been Guard for a while and who hasn't.)
    • Definately MichaelM8, he has been Guard longer than I've even played the server o_o
    • I think Minepro has been a Guard for while as well, at least that is what a lot of people say.
    • 1 other I can't think of the name at the moment...I think it was Baz.
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    Quote from Noakii

    • New Rank for Guards can't happen because it would cause lots of begging and seems like Guards just want the quickest route to higher power.
    • Citizen will make Convicted repetitive, there is already Omega for Free's.
    • Guard Block would make guards want to stay there rather than do their actual job.

    I understand the positive and negatives to all of my suggestions. However, this is what I was thinking. I have no say in if this become's a reality or not. You do, Noakii. You're a great warden and you know what's best for the server. Convicted wouldn't be where it is without you, and I'm not just saying that. It's true. Anyway, my reasoning:

    1. This new BetaAlphaGuard rank is basically like a Trainee Alpha. I just think that sometimes there are not enough Alphas to prevent Spam Attacks, (which seem to be happening a lot, recently,) so if an Alpha is not on, a Trainee Alpha could take care of it with a mute until a Full Alpha/Warden comes online. I know I wouldn't beg for this position, it is only for the experienced Guards. I would say about 1 or 2 months of experience would be enough for this rank. I only ask of this rank because I think it was a great idea, and I believe it could truly benefit the server. It could also be abused just as easily, however, and this is why it should only be given to the deserving Guards who know what they're doing. Entirely up to you and Viper, Noakii, you guys are the ones who run this server.

    2. Citizen, yes, could be a grind. That was the idea behind it. However, it is entirely optional. I just think that many Frees go inactive because there's nothing left for them to do. Some people might like to grind, which is why it is optional, as both ranks have access to the outside world. I mean, many Frees have turned to PvP/Killing Guards/Grinding Experience from the Mob Farm. You saw what happened when Viper upgraded the kits. Several Frees quit the server right then, just because killing Guards was harder. With this, it would still give them something to work for. I know we have the Omega lots, but, that's not a lot. Many people cannot get plots simply because there's no more room in the prison for it. With the plots in this new city, it would give these people a chance to actually own one and not have to worry about the restricted space within the prison facility.

    3. Yes, it probably would. Many people would want to become Guards just to see it. I see now that in retrospect it would probably not be a great idea, so maybe just make it a utility block? Have a potion shop here, Guard items here, maybe an Enchanting building there would be nice. Many people have been asking for a Guard Block, however I see now why it would not be a good idea.

    This post was not meant to undermine your authority/begging for it to happen at all, I just felt that I did not explain myself as well as I could have when I first presented these ideas. I understand if you reject them. Just trying to think of ways to make this server the best it could be. :)
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    Just a few suggestions of mine:
    • The new Guard rank, if ever made, (Noakii seems to be strongly against this idea, so it probably won't happen,) should be called BetaAlphaGuard c:
    • We make a new rank: Citizen. It basically gives access to a luxorious city with its own Mob Farm, Mine, Squid Farm, and rows upon rows of plots to buy. Citizen is a step up from Free and should cost 500,000 BP.
    • Guard Block. Many people seem against the idea, but I think it could work if handled properly.
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    Hia Baz! Your warp to Spawn doesn't seem to be working. It says Error: Invalid World. Me and Yog are stuck at the respawn point due to not being able to go anywhere. Thanks!
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    Quote from lmfao111222333

    Why deltaguard? Why not betaguard? (alpha = a, beta = b, delta = d)

    I don't really care if we get a new rank or whatever I was just wondering :3

    Wow. I thought I would be the first to suggest this name! I like Beta Guard.
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    Quote from kaboomFTW

    Current rank on the server:free
    Reason you were banned: don't remember
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban:(N/A if you don't know) don't remember
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) don't remember, it's been over 6 months or so.
    Why you deserve to be unbanned:it has been so long now and im still banned and waiting to be unbanned. i don't even remember why i was banned.
    Any additional information:please unban, i don't remember why i was banned. please unban, this was and still is my favorite prison server.

    Looking back through your previous posts, and according to my memory, you were banned in July for spider hacks. ._.
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    Quote from DangersClose

    If we went by that logic we would need to go unban Whiteboi and Aok.

    Very true...

    Well, this logic would only seem fair, but I don't think White or Aok have any interest in the server anymore...so...

    Let the unbanning of Aok79 and Whiteboii begin!

    (Inb4 White goes on banning spree #2 and Aok destroys the server...again...)
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