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    My opinion on Alphas - one must also keep in mind that a delicate balance must be struck when it comes to PvP. Yes, Alphas seem a bit overpowered with having access to super cheap opples, but Frees also have access to so much more. Alphas can't spend all day mining, or doing quests to get experience; they are expected to put much dedication into guarding as well. This means that they really don't have access to the money/resources Frees are capable of tapping into. You can look from either viewpoint - Alphas are overpowered, or Frees are overpowered. Neither side will admit to it, but both are almost equally overpowered. "But builder frees are so underpowered alphas are too op you only side with them because you were one." True I may be a bit biased towards Alphas, but that is because I was one myself - for nearly 15 months. During that time I had experienced problems from the Alpha point of view - a point of view in which Frees can be considered almost equally as overpowered as Alphas, if not more.

    "But how are frees overpowered?" Think about it: You guys have no obligations to guarding, as I stated above, and are therefore free to mine for as long as you want, uninterrupted, or to get as many enchants as you want to, never having to return to guarding. But what you must also understand is that Alphas are much more than PvP training dummies - they must also assist in moderating chat, catching and banning hackers, assisting new players in their troubles to the best of their ability, and so much more. To them, guarding is only half of their plate, so their moderating responsibilities, coupled with the dedication they must also pour into with guarding, leaves almost no free time whatsoever to make money, gain experience to enchant, or obtain the Sharp 6+ swords that you guys get from events. I know completing quests, or doing Noakii's events may not be as easy as a walk in the park, but you guys have all the time you need to complete those things (aside from IRL situations, but that is a different matter entirely.

    My point is, even though Alphas have free, already-enchanted armor that never breaks, you guys can also have so much more, if you put your minds to it. Another topic we can brush on is that you guys are free to use any armor you can get - Protection 4, Unbreaking 3 (as added to weapons/armor in 1.7), or any other kind of armor you guys get. Alphas are limited to their chainmail armor, which is practically the same as Protection 2 armor. I understand that your armor breaks, but now with Unbreaking being able to be added to armor, your armor may last nearly twice as long as it used to. What does this mean for Alphas? Their opples are now basically half as useful as they used to be, since fights can drag on for so much longer than they used to. If you also go the extra mile, you can bring another set of enchanted armor, quadrupling the length a fight would once have lasted.

    Opples shouldn't be too terribly horrible of a problem for Frees either - you have unlimited time to mine, so while you're getting tons of BP from mining, you're also creating your own opples by saving your gold. Then, you may use that newly-found BP to buy opples for 3.5k a pop (as blue said they were). With the inflation in the economy, that pricetag shouldn't be much of a problem at all - I remember mining in the Clay Mine once for about an hour and making over 100k BP. Then you have Alphas who basically can't do much to support themselves financially-speaking due to having tons of things to do, not leaving a whole lot of room for making money. You guys have more of an advantage when it comes to this; sure Alphas may have cheaper opples, but it shouldn't be terribly difficult for you guys to get opples just as easily. It only takes time on you guys' part to get just as many, if not more opples than an Alpha may be carrying on them. Alphas must also attempt to limit the amount of opples they carry with them, for if they were to carry 16 stacks on them (assuming if they were even able to afford that many), and they were to slip up once, and die, the price of opples would deflate even further, due to there being an overly increased supply as opposed to a critically low demand due to everyone having several stacks, thereby ruining the opple economy even further than it already has been.

    One must also take into consideration the sneak attack and Strength (or Chaos, which provides even more of an advantage to the Free) combination. Guards as a whole are not allowed to strike first, as stated in the Guard Rules. This is what I call the Sneak Attack method - where a Free sneaks up behind a Guard and chops them down before they have time to respond. It's not as impossible as it might sound; Strength increases your attack power be a lot. To demonstrate this point, I was messing around with SDA in the C Foyer yesterday. Keep in mind, he is a Chaos user and therefore has permanent Strength. I changed to Survival, and punched him. When he attacked me with his Sharpness 4 Knockback 2 Fire Aspect 2 diamond sword, I instantly died. Yes I was unarmored, but a one-hit knockout from a Sharp 4 is a bit unhealthy. When you have a Sharp 6 from one of Noakii's events combined with Strength, and adding in the Sneak Attack factor, you pretty much have nearly-instant kills for any guard - Trainee, Guard, or Alpha. The reason they have the guard buff (the extra hearts) is to neutralize the Sneak Attack method.

    And my last point, one of the longest-standing of Convicted history, is a Free being allowed the option of taking a jail. (This is basically the easy way out of any Guard fight). When a Free takes a jail, their armor may have been utterly destroyed, but they are allowed to keep their sword, which is something a Guard cannot do. So not only do Alphas have to work for their swords since a lot of Frees (not all, but most) tend to take a jail, but they also have a chance to lose their sword - a chance which is almost nonexistent to any Free due to the option of being allowed to take a jail.

    I'm sorry that this was an extremely long and probably boring post, but I thank those that have read this far. Hopefully someday this argument of Alphas vs. Frees may finally come to an end.

    One last thing, taking a look at the posts I've missed while typing this monster, we did reach 100 players the day before my promotion Fearless. (February 8th). Our new voting website (bit.ly/bainsvoting) may not record exactly 100 players since it does not continuously check for server population, but it will definitely show way more than 70 players online.
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    Quote from ragedavenger

    Ok, Time to make my official ban appeal.

    IGN: jjjomalley

    Rank: Free

    Warden/Alpha: Max

    Why should I be unbanned: didn't do anything, if you ask me to present my evidence, I will gladly show clean jars from everyone who uses the account a second time. (Me and my friend.) After proving my innocence the first time, Max refused to unban and has not said anything publicly. He is being very rude to me, and I would like to retract my congratulatory statement towards him. I tried to end a grudge, and Max is carrying this mess on. Basically, there are two possible things that could happen.

    1. Max made the wrong call and there wasn't xray.

    2. Some random person hacked my account, went onto this server, and xrayed.

    The second option seems hilarious, but if the normal users didn't do it, who did? That answer will lie in the data logs, and it would be nice if a Warden could check them for me. I deserve to be unbanned because I didnt xray, or some stranger hacking into my account is not something I can control, but it IS something I can fix. This for sure will not happen again, and whoever says "my account, my responsibility," I will disprove that right now. Tell me, how would YOU feel in this situation? Say, somebody hacked a Warden's account, and banned everyone. Would you want that Warden back on our server? Your answers are all yes, don't deny it. So why is this scenario any different? I should be unbanned for that reason.

    Additional info: Max, I'm not mad at you in any way. What you saw is what you saw. Everyone makes these mistakes, me included. I just wanna say sorry for reacting the way I did yesterday. But at the end of the day, its evidence over sight. That is how I feel, and I hope you can relate to that. Thanks,


    Number 1 isn't a possibility because max can't ban offline players, and if your friend logged on to that ban message, and you weren't on it either at that time, then someone was probably on your account.
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    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone, I won't let you guys down. As to final arrangements for my top floor, I have not yet decided. For my stuff, I am going to keep as memories of my Alpha days. Again, thank you everyone! I'm so glad to be a Warden of this amazing server! ^_^
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    Quote from ragedavenger

    Hi, I am posting to question the validity of top voter tracking. When I vote at 7AM every morning, there is a few people that have voted before me. At the end of the night, I'm at the bottom of the list. This is unfair because in the event of ties, the people who vote late get all the credit. Thanks,


    Quote from Carrotts55

    It shows other peoples newest votes but now mine. I know im prob being to obsessive over this I just dont want to not get the prize because of a voting leaderboard bug.

    Edit: (Apologies, I missed a few key details in you guys' posts). However, I doubt that every single person will be able to keep up with voting every single day, it will most likely begin to drop off at some point during the month; keep in mind that we've only made it through 5 of the 28 days of February.
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    Quote from King_Charles_

    Since when?

    Here since 2011 yet still a C Blocker?

    Well um, if you read my post. xD
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    Well guys, today marks the first anniversary of the Convicted Wiki! Thank you all for making it such a huge success! :)
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    Quote from WIZARD_OF_WILLY

    it says "Kicked Whilst Connecting To Convicted: Banned/n The ban hammer has spoken"

    Hmm...the best thing you can do is to just repost your Ban Appeal once every 3 days, the Ban Hammer has Spoken reason is pretty vague, so you could've been banned for almost anything.
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    Quote from WIZARD_OF_WILLY

    I Want Unbanned
    IGN: willywizard
    Reason banned: Idk It has been like a 1 to 2 years
    Time I Have Been Banned: Like 1 to 2 years
    Person Who Banned Me: Idk its been like 1 to 2 years
    Reason I want to be unbanned: well its been a long time and I got bored on other server and I haved owned a few servers but they keep glitching so I have gotten bored and then I remember this server. I didn't remember the name so I searched up prison servers. and then I remembered what it looked like and all the cool areas. Ok so to sum it up I WANT TO PLAY ON AN AWESOME SERVER AGAIN.
    I haven't played on a good server for months because I keep having to reset my minecraft because of glitches or someone hacks me.
    and to be honest and this is hard to say when u alreay owned 3 servers. This server has got to be the best server I have ever been on and played on. so please unban me and if possible even if u want lock me up in a cage for a few days I just want to play on that server

    If u don't unban me I understand...

    What does the screen say when you try to connect to the server?

    Quote from etrm12345

    I would like to apply for trainee
    My minecraft IGN is: etrm12345
    age: 15
    why: I would like to be a trainee because i know it is hard for other other staff members because your server is to popular and people try to get away with breaking the rules.
    how long I have played: about 3 and 1/2 months i think.
    I also love the server very much and i would love to see it grow and get even bigger.

    If you don't accept I understand.

    This isn't the correct Guard Application format, here is the right one:

    1) Username:
    2) Your age:
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days)
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?
    5) Any experience with the prison genre?
    6) What is your time zone?
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs)
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?
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    I haven't played for 2 years straight, but I always watched the server to an extent. I probably have put more play time into this server than I should have though, as I feel it is edging over a month of straight play time.

    And I am not the kind of person to start talking about my cat in the guard app to make it look longer.

    "Well you see, my cat can smell riots. So every time a riot is going on somewhere, my cat starts meowing. Therefore, I'd be a good choice for Guard because I have an extremely smart cat."

    Quote from Jagiellonia54

    The only problem I have with the voting for an end of month prize is the way the listing works. I was the first person to get 2 and 3 votes on my alt but I'm at the very bottom of list. If everyone votes everyday, even the people who voted first would be at the very bottom.

    The thing is though, everyone probably won't vote every day. And if they do, the way the listing works is that the person who votes most recently appears at the top if I noticed correctly. Therefore, you'd need to vote right before the listings reset most likely.
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    Quote from The_B0mber

    You've been here 2 years and you think an app like this is going to get you guard? Nope. Also, I hate to say it but - you havn't 'played' 2 years...

    Also, We are Page 4 on the voting website in Rank 96. Woop! :D

    And if you click Sort By Type, and click under Prison, we're on the first page. :)
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    1) Username: HueyTheGod
    2) Your age: 14
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) 2 Years or so
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes (lol i cant believe we still do this noakii thing)
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Only 2 ­ing years worth, so yes c:
    6) What is your time zone? Central
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs) I have played convicted for 2 years, and know almost everything there is to know about it. I have been guard many times before, and I have months of experience in the job. I know the rules, and know the difference between a prisoner ­ting his way out of things, and a truthful one. I am good at PVP, and can maneuver around quickly without hitting innocent players.

    I know I have had a rough history on this server, but I do not think that should hold me back from becoming a guard.
    8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline? Yes, but that doesn't mean I can't nag builder though right? c:
    9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard? A, Yes

    No please. :(

    Server-topic: I was amazed at such the positive response my book got, thank you everyone! :D
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    Quote from Kj0547

    IGN: Kj0547 Current rank on the server: Free Reason you were banned: I was banned for X-raying, I am deeply sorry, I thought that no one would ever find out, clearly I was wrong for not listening to the rules. I really love Convicted, it is clearly unlike any other prison server, possibly the best. Again, I am deeply sorry that broke this rule. Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Alpha, Cozy1 Approximate time of ban: 3:55 EST. Why you deserve to be unbanned: I feel that I deserve to be unbanned because I will NEVER ever break a single rule ever again, I know now that I should never underestimate the Wardens and Alphas Any additional information: (None)

    Please only repost once every three days. Thank you. :)
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    Quote from chandlersmith1

    Now I Want Straight Up Answers From Warden "Benjaminsaunders" And Players.

    Benjaminsaunders Question: Tell Me What Ever ****ing Time I Was Banned And What For.

    Players Question: Have You Ever Seen Me Banned Before???

    All Reply And I'll Get Down With Answers

    (I Know Benjaminsaunders Thought I Was Banned Before Because Of My Best MC Friend Deber08)

    Well as you said in your appeal below, benje isn't willing to consider an unban so there isn't much point in continuing to appeal. Also, it doesn't matter whether you were previously banned or not. As stated in the Original Post, in the AlphaGuard Rules, under What to ban for:
    Using mods or hacked clients
    PvP hacks, speed hacks, wall hacks, x-ray
    AlphaGuards are allowed to use the x-ray mod to catch x-rayers.

    As you can see, nothing is stated about a previous ban record. X-ray, in all cases, is punishable by a ban. Not a tempban, but a permaban. Now, whether the person who banned you is willing to give you a second chance is up to them. Benje clearly is not willing to give you a second chance, so the fact that people have said you were banned before when you were not is irrelevant. What is also not true is your claim that he permabanned you on the account of you thinking that he thought that you had been previously banned - which, as I mentioned before, does not apply to this case whatsoever. You were permabanned for having - and using - X-ray, which, no matter who you are, is punishable by a permaban.

    Quote from chandlersmith1

    Before I Start This Appeal I would Like To Say It Said "YOU MAY NOT APPEAL THIS BAN"
    But Please Read On.

    rank on the server:[Free] Also 40$ Donator
    Reason you were banned: X-Raying
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban:benjaminsaunders
    Approximate time of ban:1/12/2014 Northern Time Zone I Think At 4:30pm
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: have friends I will miss:(
    andThis Server Is My Top 5 Favourite,P.S I Also Have Wasted 40$ Donating If I Don't Get Unbanned
    Any additional information:I Will Give benjaminsaunders all4stacks of diamond I mined when I used X-ray,And I am very sorry :)
    P.S I posted This Like A Week Ago Thought I Should Repost ;)
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    Quote from Galuzer


    Guards are normal players of the server. They are expected to be somewhat mature, but they are allowed to swear.

    There are many rules, you probably violated one. Apart from that, you have no proof whatsoever.

    I am fairly sure that you killed him 3 times in 10 minutes, which means jail.

    Y U NO SNIP!11!111!1!!!one
    Silly Builder.

    Nicol (iNicool) quit Alpha yesterday due to his inability to stay active. And wow, I'm only silly some of the time. :c
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