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    Hey and hello,

    im looking for a tool or maybe a mod which can send text in chat from a txt file.

    I saw a guy sending a complete movie script in the chat a few days ago.

    There are chat spammers which can spam a single phrase but thats not what i need.

    Any suggestions? I thought about using auto hotkey but it would be alot of work to setup properly and i could not just change to a different txt file.

    Thx in advance!

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    posted a message on Looking for a Semi Anarchy/Survival Server

    Hey everyone,

    like the title says i wanna play on a survival server similar to anarchy servers like 2b,9b or Constantiam but with some rules.

    What i want is that dupes get patched and players caught duping get banned, same with lag machines,

    no hardcore racism in chat (dont get me wrong i like free speech but not tasteless trashtalk)!

    Basicly i really enjoy griefing bases and killing new players at spawn.

    I adore the beauty of these spawns where there is nothing but bedrock and destroyed lavacasts and such!

    The feeling that my base can and probably will get griefed by others is amazing.

    You actually have a reason to travel to the millions and build highways in the nether.

    The playerbase should be pretty active too but without premium queue or something like that.

    If the seerver is good i will donate a few bucks but i wont pay to play on a server.

    Well i guess thats pretty all i want and i get that there probably isnt a server exactly like that,

    but something in that direction would be fine for now.

    Hope some of you can help me out with some proposals.

    Big thx in advance!

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