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    IGN: brockrox99
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    posted a message on Rainbow Sheep - New and Exciting Ways to Liven Up Your Livestock
    Sheep Farm - Check
    Mob Grinder for XP - Check
    Name Tags - Check

    Okay, this WILL be fun :D
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    9/11 the goat one got me XD
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    posted a message on Nexus SMP Vanilla Server: [Whitelisted] | [Mindcrack-Inspired] | [Mature 14+] | [Friendly Community] |
    IGN: brockrox99
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Skype (Not required but preferred for messaging): brock_temper
    Timezone: Central Standard
    Favourite Building Block: My favorite building block(s) are (for flooring and pillars / structural look)
    Sandstone and spruce planks / logs. It's a tie, they make each other look good :D

    Why should we chose your for the server: I will be on daily, I have impeccable social skills, and am not afraid to lend a hand, and am a trustworthy player, all pack-a-punched into one.
    Are you mature (Honestly): Yes, if the other players are mature, I like a good joke now and then though ;)
    Strength's: I am a decent builder, I also like having a supportive community, that won't rat on all of my builds, I absolutely love having people to craft along beside, and would like some ideas from the general community on the server
    Weakness's: My own weakness, is when I am attacked (verbally) I tend to fight back, not report it to staff.
    Do you know how a nether hub works: Yes, I have watched a lot of Minecraft UHC recently and it mainly let's all of the players be connected with eachoter, even though they live 1000+ blocks away from eachother, I think this is ingenious and every server should have one.
    Oh no! Someone has pranked you. What do you do?: I prank them back :D
    What makes you better then an average Minecrafter? A supportive community, that always gives me awesome ideas :D
    Any other information that we should know about you?: Yes, I tend to be seirious about griefing, I don't like griefers and would rather not be associated with them, I don't see pranking as griefing,but altering my buildings is okay (to an extent) The shoop da woop episode, where genny alters Bdubs' house, I was like "Y U GRIEF?!?!?!?" AND 99 is my favorite number :D
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Whitelisted Server] [Apply To Join] [Fun] [Community] [Like MindCrack]

    Minecraft Name: brockrox99


    Skype (Needed): brock_temper

    Youtube channel link: Don't have one yet :F

    Will you do a YouTube series?: If I like the community, and the players, yes.

    Why do you want to join?: I would like a (atleast somewhat) grief free server, that has a fun and always growing community.

    How long will you be online per day?: 3-4 hours (per day) in the summer, but only 2-3 hours (per day) during schooling sessions.

    Words about yourself: Fun, entertaining (atleast when people have a humor like mine!) , and just likes to generally make new friends, almost like any other MC player these days.

    Where are you from (Time Zone): Oklahoma (US)
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