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    posted a message on I'm very close to a full VR experience in Minecraft PE but I'm stuck and need help

    Here is a quick screen grab of the 3D split screen effect using Tridef

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    posted a message on I'm very close to a full VR experience in Minecraft PE but I'm stuck and need help

    So I've been browsing and searching all night to try and achieve a fully working method to play PE with my VR headset (google cardboard). I'm currently very close but I've got a problem.

    I've purchased blockloader which gives me a very nice head tracking effect on the camera. I also have a bluetooth controller that I have paired that is working with the game and gives me movement control as well and block placing and destroying. This is all well and good but for it to work in a google cardboard it has to be in a split screen. I can achieve this by using Tridef 3d for android. it can launch Minecraft PE into a nicely done split screen.

    THE PROBLEM IS that I can't achieve the split screen and be able to have head tracking at the same time. Blockloader provides the head tracking and Tridef provides the split screen 3d, but they dont work together. for it to work, Tridef would have to be able to launch blockloader to get all the effects into one boot of Minecraft......but it doesnt work that way.

    One last solution that I can think of would be to ditch Tridef entirely if there were a blockloader mod that could provide a split screen 3d effect as well as the head tracking (motion tracking).

    I/we are so close to being able to play PE with cheap VR headsets and bluetooth controllers.

    SIDENOTE: I'm aware that this is all possible using Trinus VR and playing minecraft desktop version on your phone with it linked to the PC. I dont want this though. I like the idea of having it all contained on my phone (nexus 5) and strapping on my google cardboard.

    thanks for reading this all if you did., I'm happy to clarify if this confused the hell out of anybody.

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