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    For me the blast furnace feels like its a bit of a useless feature. One there is not a lot of ores that can be used with it.

    Two unless you have a large need for tons of iron or have a large scale iron farm then you probably not even bother using it.

    Three the food furnace is a lot better then the blast furnance since there is a lot of foods that can be cooked with it.

    Four why would I replace the original furnace that has been in most editions of minecraft when it works decently fine.

    I'd like to see the blast furnace setup to handle stone type blocks instead. Why because you have a variety of stone you can work with.

    There is nether brick, stone, cut stone, smooth stone, brick, glass, etc..

    This would help the player get a home up really quickly since that is a bit more important in early to midgame since the player is not going to have a lot of iron lying around. For me I don't even bother using the blast furnace.

    Still I like to hear what you guys think.

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    posted a message on 1.15 The bumble bee bat

    Since 1.15 is about the bees, I was thinking what if they added the bumble bee bat to Minecraft?

    I think it kind of fit in and considering it is the smallest bat in existence.

    It make sense for it to be as small as a bee or smaller.

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    posted a message on 1.15 The Bee update change for spawning hives

    I do like the idea of them spawning in with the hive but there is a problem.

    First if you upgrade your world from an older version there is a possibility the bees and hive may not spawn in at all.

    Plus I don't believe it operates that way, since they were not created initially it means they won't spawn in since it is not newly generated.

    This means no honey, and no hives, and no bees.

    Second what if the player explored all their biomes already that would have them. Is it okay for the player to be denied the ability to have the bees?

    I don't think that would be fair.

    Third you have to create a new world just to have the bees.

    Those are the current problems with the current iteration snapshot that stands now.

    I was thinking what if the bees create the hives depending on a variety of different settings.

    The hives would still be rare but the bees would create them at a low 5% ceiling which would be attached to trees.

    Still I like to hear what you guys think.

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    Quote from fedaazahran»

    What about making away to put potion on phantom makes you can tame it and mounting it so you can fly also after potion he doesn't die from sun ?

    I think its a good idea but maybe it is a type of feature that should come from either beating the wither or the ender dragon. Also maybe a food source such as zombie flesh should be added so they need to be fed similiar to horses, wolves and foxes. Maybe a jousting weapon or a bow and arrow would make for a good idea. I support this idea. How is the phantom controlled?

    I think they do have their purpose kind of same like the horse. Imagine in skywars being able to ride on phantoms in a similiar way like dragons but in the air. You could do jousting, dragon fire breathing, it opens up a whole slew of possibilities.

    Quote from jdc997»

    Endless free flying in survival is OP. Since their wouldn’t be any other reason to tame them or keep them alive, no support.

    Doesn't being able to sprint, having elytra, riding a horse, riding a pig, ridding a donkey also break the game?
    Those transportation allow you to go faster then you normally can by walking.

    This would be very OP. This would break the meta of the game and servers as well.

    No Support

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