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    I seem to have the same trouble as others here. I find "great seeds" posted but then when I load them on PS3, they don't work.

    This is the best seed I have found in a while, randomly generated. Still seems to work in the latest update in August.


    This is a good seed if you like horses and mining.

    Spawn between 2 villages in plains. There is also a village in the desert. (3 total)

    Found 1 jungle temple (no desert temples)

    Nice size swamp where Slimes spawn (near desert village) so you can make your leads.

    Does not have a mushroom biome.

    The best thing about this seed, it has the biggest abandoned mineshaft I have seen. HUGE. Located near the desert village. It runs into a giant underground ravine and cave system. Tons of free rail.

    Have also found at least 7+ spawners - 1 above ground. There is a stronghold and endportal (near x -62 y 44 z 113)

    Abandoned library (x -97 y 38 z 128)

    Have found 5+ saddles and horse armor (all found in spawner chests).

    Haven't found a ton of diamonds but enough to craft armor and tools.

    Hope it works for you!

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