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    posted a message on Internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.readTimeoutexception
    Quote from Billbobland

    have i have this same problem.
    it could be your antivirus software. may be the problem
    i have kaspersky if any of you do then its the antivirus software that is making this error.

    I don't have a antivirus or anything to protect my computer, I still have this problem
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    posted a message on PrisonTech [Tokens]
    This is not a guard app or anything like that, I'm posting this here because I can't on the official forums, This has been going on for as long as I've been playing on this server and it needs to be fixed, I have been getting lag spikes that last around 10 - 15 seconds and it causes me to lose in PVP and fall in holes in the mines, it only happens on this server so I know that its not my MC or my computer.
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    posted a message on Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!
    Sometimes the videos dont load, It says missing plugin but I havnt found a link to the plugin, When I try to download java for no reason at all, my minecraft crashes. Halp
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    posted a message on Minecraft Servers are Broken?
    So when I was going on the hive to play a game of Hide And Seek, I couldnt log in, So I went to a different server, I cant log in. I've loged-in and out many times but I can notice something is strage around MC now

    Normal players online

    Players now

    So Im guessing this is a glitch so I just wanted to make a post on it, is anyone having the same problem?
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    posted a message on 1.5 Redstone Update Released!
    I didn't really like the update, mostly because of the multiplayer glitches...
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