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    Hey sorry big oof I mean could you please post her when it is out it would help people that don’t look every day on 9minecraft

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    Please add all the dragons because with the first one there was five or six so it would be wonderful to have some more variety

    Quote from AzhanJaved1»

    Got a suggestion for the mod. Tell me what you guys think:

    ●If you spawn a night fury, there should be a chance of a night fury spawning with a single tail fin. If you tame that night fury, it wont be able to fly because of it's missing tail fin so the player has to craft one in order to fly.The crafted tail fin would work only if the player is riding the dragon. There could also be an automatic tail like the one in Gift of the Night Fury where the night fury will be able to fly on its own.This could be used like if your dragon falls from a certain height it will back to the ground but if you've equipped the normal tail fin or no tail fin at all and the dragon falls, it'll the try to glide but won't be able to do that properly and hurt itself (you can give the falling part an animation).

    This was just my opinion and i could'nt have elaborated it more than this. I know that the mod just resurfaced and is still in development but i think it'll be a cool feature. pls tell me what y'all think

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    its not a bad idea actually, kinda like it. We will have to look at it and see what we can do with it, thanks!

    we are going to be adding all dragons from the franchise and series

    they will

    its not yet out, but it will be

    we arent sure when exactly, but it will be for the newest version available

    could you post when you release it pls

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