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    Me and a few friends just started a brand new whitlisted server with the goal of creating an active friendly community. Send me a PM if you are interested in joining and we will go from there

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    I am planning on starting a whitelisted server and have a total of around 25 members including me (currently at 2 including me). The server will be for any age and the only requirement will be that you have to have a skype. This is to make communication much easier and give me the ability to announce events that we will have (like UHC) even if you are unable to talk on a mic it will still be a requirement. Here is the application that you fill out and and comment bellow OR PM to me if you are interested in joining:


    Minecraft Name:

    Skype Name:

    Minecraft Experience:

    What you look for in a server:

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    What I like to do in Multiplayer: I enjoy to be a high member in the multiplayer committee and help people out with my modpack experience. I've played very little attack of the B-team, but have watch a bit of Generick and Bdubs series' and it looks like a fun pack to play with. I like the new mods that you added and I plan on creating a really cool base on Earth, Space, Mars, and every other planet I can get to. I was suggessted to this server by Woodspil, I've played with him before and still do on a vanilla minecraft server, but I've missed modded for a long time.
    Age: 15
    Hope to see you soon,
    Logan Hayes
    (you can call me Blue)
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