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    Once again, I've been helping develop HeroKGs server, and once again I say its tons of fun. Each kit feels unique and powerful.

    Adding to this, his balancing technique is that if a character is too powerful, buff other characters to match. Theres not much behind a paywall, and the map is immersive with room for expansion.

    All in all I say its great and you should definitely give it a try if you like feeling powerful without being OP.

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    I'm being held against my will on this server! HeroKGC is enslaving me and forcing me to use my fabulousness to build epic dungeons, arenas, and more!

    I'm being forced to use some fancy furniture plugin to decorate all these builds!

    And when theres no building, hes making me use this plugin, some factions alternative.... Something with amazing new raiding techniques and turrets...

    It truly is frightening. All the custom ranks, special features, and powerful custom enchantments are overwhelming.


    I need immediate assistance! But be warned, he guards this server with friendly staff members, along with a cooperative player base. I bet that if enough players were to join this server, we could stand up to him and take over!

    If you couldn't tell, I'm kidding. This server really is a unique experience. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you are bored of the same old factions, or are looking for an alternative to basic survival. You can do quite a lot on this server, and its constantly expanding.

    I can't wait to meet you on Apex Kingdoms!

    Peace, out


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    Anyone who found this thread and is interested, this project is restarted over here


    So, thats nice. GG MLG BRUH :nssnss: by Drazile12

    -BassDropGames :Sheep:

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    posted a message on MineTropolis super hero RP ☆looking for Beta Testers!☆ ☆Hiring Now!☆

    Guys, I've been doing some building for this server, and I just wanted to give y'all some more info. This server has a character creation system that allows you to choose your powers depending on what your preferences are. It also allows a sides system between villains and heroes. The builds are really awesome looking, and you have an entire city to explore.

    Another cool feature is that you can design your own secret lair! And I don't mean you get a small room to place heads in(Although there is an apartments system :P ). No, I mean you can actually build the entire lair. The whole schebang. Then you can pay to have it copied from the building world to the city. Fabulous, right?

    To finish it off, I want to commend Hero and the rest of the team. I have not met everyone yet, but from looking at the city that they have built, I have grown to respect them. Really talented. So, yeah.

    Anyways, Beta testers are welcome and necessary, so if you like the idea of being able to run around a city using powers that you chose,defeating villains or robbing banks, and almost complete customization, sign right up!

    -BassDropGames :Sheep:

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    That's alright. Thanks anyways for trying. I'll try to get a better graphics card.

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    Well, I have nothing to take a picture with, but it's in the only port that it fits in. And my dad, who works with computers for a living, says everything is right.

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    Yes it does, so it's not a mod incompatibility. I tried reinstalling both mods as well, and that didn't work either. I'm wondering if I should just get a new graphics card, as the problem is probably on my end.

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    Actually, I'm not on a laptop.

    But I tried it anyways and it did not fix it.

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    I'm not a computer guy. More my Dads thing. So forgive me if I noob my specs up

    Graphics Card : Intel (R) G33/G31 express chipset family

    OS: Window 7

    (Tell me if you need anything else, as I've never submitted anything before)


    Carpenters blocks

    McHeli 1.0.2

    Animation API 1.2.4


    Artifacts API-1.7

    Asielib 0.2.3

    Bibliocraft 1.10.5




    Custom Swords 0.14

    Damage indicators 3.2.0


    Dimensional Pockets


    Extra utilities 1.2.12

    Fossils and Archaeology revived-7.2.1

    Gravity Gun 4.0.0

    Grim3212-Core v.0.2

    IChunUtil 4.2.2

    Inventory pets 1.4.3

    Loot Bags -1.8.1

    Lucky Block 5.1.0

    Lycanites mobs

    Mantle 0.32

    Maple Pets 1.0

    Mobius Core


    Omniscore 0.0.6

    Openblocks 1.5.1

    OpenmodLib 0.9.1

    Optifine HD_U_C1

    Origin 3.3.0

    Player API 1.4

    Pokeball mod 1

    Project Superhuman v1.2

    Pun mod 1.6

    Tardis Mod 0.99-220

    Vehicular movement 1.2.2

    Veinminer for 1.7.10

    Wiimod 1.1

    Witchery 0.24

    Xaeros Minimap 1.9

    That's all. I should mention that I would not be suprised if the issue was on my end, as I have had graphical issues before. Never with block textures though.

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    posted a message on Dimensional Pockets

    Few things. First of all, I love this idea, as I have always thought that there should be a mod that did something like this but was always too lazy to look it up. Secondly, when I go into a pocket dimension, the walls are blank white. Normally I would think that it's a graphical glitch, but the connecters still load the "Plug" things and the nether crystal still shows the corner thingys(You know what I mean.) . I can't figure it out. I went through all the optifine settings and nothing seemed to fix it.

    Now from the mod reviews I watched, I collect that the walls are supposed to have stars and void on them. Any thoughts?

    P.S. This is quite modded, but I'm not sure how many mods count as lots. So if 43 including libraries and APIs count, then I'm pretty heavy. If not, I'm not.

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    posted a message on Earth: The Server

    Ign lotsasibs

    I'm sooo excited to try this\

    After posting this,I saw the date of the last reply.

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    posted a message on Super Hero RPG

    Too bad.It was a cool idea anyway.

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    posted a message on Know Any BIG Mountain Seeds?
    I made a world using the seed "templeatspawn",and it has one really big mountain(x:-90,y:75,z:143)along with some weird land formations.No pictures though,it's a surprise.

    For more info on it,I got it from here.

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