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    I have a condition that makes using my hands/fingers, well let's say not as easy as it should be.

    Minecraft is my favorite game ever and I've been looking forward to playing on PC for a long time. For the most part I can handle most of the controls enough to still enjoy gameplay and I'm sure eventhough I'll never be great at them, it will improve a bit over time, however one BIG issue I'm having is flying in creative mode.

    I've been searching for weeks for an answer to my problem and the closest I've found is a data pack by seth bling. It addresses most of my issues except the biggest one, sneak/descend being the same key. I know most ppl have no problem pushing shift and space at the same time, but my hands cant manage it.

    If there is anyone out there that might be able to help me I'd be eternally grateful.

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