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    posted a message on New forum structure
    Awesome job :D

    Now I can get to my favorite topics easier!
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    posted a message on Who plays SSP?
    Lately I've been playing SSP. A few reasons for that.

    Lately my internet hasn't been the greatest thing to play minecraft on. But besides that fact I still played SMP at a friends house quite a bit. The people usually end up messing with me or tear down my house. So lately I've been enjoying SSP I even went to my friends house and played SSP.

    I like building in peace and I always like the feeling (Wow I did that building all by myself)

    In which case if you really wanted to show off your buildings you could always make it a multiplayer server with Logmein hamachi or get your ip in the right place for people to play with you.

    I usually end up making back up worlds all the time just because I don't trust many people.

    If you build something in survival mode, You feel like you've accomplished something. It may be to yourself not because people won't believe you did it. But because you enjoyed it and shall keep building.

    Human beings all around the worlds whole nature is to create. Which is why Minecraft hits the very heart of the things you build.

    The Real question is. Who doesn't want to create?

    Because wether you create in peace or while people are tearing down your house during your building process.

    Once it is complete you get that good feeling about you making you want to build something else.

    sincerely --- blackeyedgamer

    P.S. Keep on creating :)
    or be amazed at your friends creations
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    posted a message on Virtual Craft -in the making-
    Yea I realize that. there are little virtual boy fans out there. I am just making something i'd like to see. if you want I could make something you'd like to see.

    and making it 3d would be cool.

    and I agree about the wooden planks. maybe I will change how they work.

    I am mainly doing this for fun. cause making texture packs are fun to me. Maybe because I have no life. ha ha.
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    posted a message on Virtual Craft -in the making-
    This texture pack holds a well reminder of a very old game system where everything was red. Didn't go for a while but the games were much fun.

    Here is a little teaser of the pack.

    It isn't done yet of course. Let me know what you think :)
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    posted a message on MineCraft Maze built in Creative mode -New Texture Pack-
    I have been building a Maze. Quite a big one for people who love challenges. so far I have built 13 levels and just 7 more to go. I also need to fix a couple slight bugs but for now it is do-able.

    To-Do List!

    [] Add Prizes
    [] Make each mode of the mazes easier to get to
    [] Build the other levels
    [] Add Hall of Fame
    [] Add Time Statue (a Statue of your minecraft character Built in the hall of fame)

    Sound Exciting? for the people that love a challenge you shall. Warn you though. Its not easy :D
    (except for the easy mazes of course) but you must complete All of the mazes to get put in the hall of fame

    for now it is an in progress project. And I have a lot of time to lose.

    In other news I have made my own Retro Theme. Not yet public but its quite cool I think. For all of you Retro fans. Think of the Virtual boy put in MineCraft :)
    I have made piece by piece each and everything you see ^^

    pics will be up soon.
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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    I have a Very big problem. It says for windows. I own a mac ... "sadface"
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