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    posted a message on Nyan Cat actually helps me.
    Quote from Ryushi

    Conjure up the all consuming Nyan Cat and voila, all your mind races with is the rainbow trail of Nyan Cat and it's awesome beat.

    Although this is completely off topic...well not completely but somewhat, "it's awesome beat" isn't "it's" beat, the only unique part is the word "nyan" actually being added to the song. Need proof? Here's the original song, and yes I know it's a stupid video.
    Anyway, back on topic, if this helps you sleep then you're addicted to a poptart cat which means you're officially messed up.

    By the way, imma put this out there right now: So many of my posts make me seem mean or stuck up because people can't actually HEAR me, they only see what I said which is why i'm putting it out there right now that I hope nobody takes anything I say as being negative.
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    posted a message on 1.8....
    Running off the assumption you think permadeath is losing everything upon death, it only means you lose experiance and levels, and leveling up on its own is likely to only build up on what we already have, so it's optional and not a necessity to level up to make use of that diamond pick you crafted seconds before dying or something. Hunger isn't an issue, is it really that hard to kill a pig every now and then? Creative is being implemented too so for those who don't want the survival crap or whatever they can play creative. Lastly, bosses, so what? If they're like Terraria you don't even need to fight them, if they're not, they're likely not to come attack you in broad daylight or something anyway. Do not forget, also, this is an INDIE game, and not only that but Notch is for the most part the one in charge, he and whoever helps him actually MAKE the game (as in actually put the code into java and MAKE the game) can decide what to put in the game, and even if he gets help from us, it's his decision to put it in or not, and if you don't like it you're more than welcome to leave.
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