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    We probably all want a pet update,i say it should be called the Paws and Claws update.It adds new mobs,items,blocks,etc.

    This is what is i would if i could make this update!


    • A dog mob:Basically like the cat mob,basically different kinds of dogs.you can still tame a wolf but it will not change...it would be a tamed wolf still.
    • A bird mob:Similar to a parrot but does not dance and looks different,there would be many kinds of birds,Bluebirds,cardinal,parakeets,cockatiels,robins,etc.


    • A leash item:it acts like a lead but,it can only work for tamed mobs
    • reinforced lead:This item is a lead that is harder to snap and break off a mob


    • Pet beds:this is so if you pets die they will respawn (only cats and dogs) they also sleep in it.
    • Fish bowl:You can use a fish in a bucket and put it in this glass fish bowl,it looks like a glass block just a little different.
    • Bird cage:This block you can put your parrots (and/or bird mob) inside of it by get them on your shoulder then right clicking the cage,there is a small bird cage that can fit one parrot (and/or bird mob),a medium bird cages that can hold 2 parrots (and/or bid mobs),and a large cage that you can fit 3 parrots (and/or bird mobs) inside.
    • Bird Cages

    • Small Bird Cage: 1 block tall
    • Medium Bird Cage: 2 blocks tall
    • Large Bird Cage:3 blocks tall

    More ideas coming soon!

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