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    posted a message on Craters in Maps
    ....perfectly circular hole in the ground? you must make an arena, man. stand in the center at nightfall and wait for the zombies to rush you.

    Also, it is almost certainly a cave that spawned above ground.
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    posted a message on TNT Cannon Science -- Revived!
    I just wanna know if anybody's tried the longer ranged cannons in a server. Will the TNT explode when it reaches that 300 block range?
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    posted a message on EosCraft - [24/7] [Dedicated] [99.9% UT] [50 Slots]
    This is probably a bump.
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    posted a message on Tribe Wars [Tactical PvP, Dedicated]
    Time Zone:Central
    Play Times:any time from 3 PM to 10PM
    Previous Server(s):EosCraft, a friend's private server, in multiplayer creative The Archives
    Reason for leaving:haven't actually left any of those excpt the Archives, which was due to loss of interest in creative
    Previous PvP Experience:not much, other than hunting my friends in the private server
    Any other information you'd like to include about yourself: I can lick my elbow
    I accept the rules in their entirety and understand that they can change at any time: Yes, assuming raiding chests counts as a legitimate means of obtaining goods.
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    posted a message on The unnamed server
    In game name:elitepastafa
    Steam Username: N/A
    Reason for joining: server sounds neat
    Other info: I like poultry
    Clan: not in a clan
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    posted a message on EosCraft - [24/7] [Dedicated] [99.9% UT] [50 Slots]
    Here to request that beautifl whitelisting

    *What is your in-game name? Elitepastafa
    *How often will you be playing? Every now and then. It really depends how much I like the server
    *How old are you and where are you from? 16 from the US of A
    *Will this be your primary server? If not, what is your main playing server? no. A friend's private server
    *Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why? Yes, back when I first started playing. I was banned from The Archives for building a narrow bridge over a lava pit beneath a spleef arena.
    *What have you built in the past? This can be from singleplayer or another minecraft server. All kinds of things. My personal favorites are all hidden away in my secret places.
    *Do you agree with the rules? Yes
    *Do you prefer to use a mic to talk or write in game. No
    *Do you like pie? Yes. That you even had to ask is an insult to my pie-lovingness.
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    posted a message on Structure for an Rping server
    Quote from LegoSaur »
    P.S, the assigned roles should have all the assigned gear, which the crafter gives them. Guards shouldn't have picks, miners don't need axes, etc. etc.

    I disagree with this. Miners should have a sword and a bow in case something happens to their guard. e.g. The guard dies by lava, or by creeper, or wanders off and never escapes the clutches of these horrible caves that amek up most of the world.
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    posted a message on DEAD - LOCK PL0X - The Civil People of Survival [CPoS]
    Quote from Lukisod »
    This sounds like how I want to play :smile.gif: I'd like to lend my bow to CPoS

    Hunter, Scout, Forest dweller

    And I my pick!
    Digger of symetrical underforts.

    I also do a bit of demolitions, but it's not exactly my best ability.
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    posted a message on Deity Game
    seeing as I desperately wanted to join but the waiting list was already so long, then Yes, I would love to see another one of these pop up
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    posted a message on Stuck in a Room
    Announce your comradery to all of them in a heartfelt speech. Wish them luck, then tell them you'll see them on the other side as you stride epicly into the next room.
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    posted a message on Play tutorial level
    Quote from Silvertie »
    The tutorial should have a "sergeant" mob at every step of the way, and he tells you what to do as you navigate the adminium obstacle course.

    ^This. It is needed. And at the end, I can see this:
    *scene: Adminium walls to either side. A lava pool in front.*
    *crispy noob*
    *screen pops up: "Avoid lava at all costs."*
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    posted a message on Frag'n'Cue present: Adderator-X
    that should be correct, but then again, I've never been good at converting bases
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    posted a message on My ideas on the survival mode useable objects
    actually, spiders are very hairy. I expect the web block would come from some kind of weak secondary ranged attack of theirs. Y'know, they shoot at you, then it slows you down to about the speed you move in water. You move out of the block and can destroy it to get the web block.
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    posted a message on Minecraft gift giveaway
    Ah, I do believe Notch said in his blog you would be able to gifdt until the new year. Anyways, I wish I saw this thread a few weeks ago, because I had just finished this:

    The last one is a height comparison. Top is a 4x4x4 block of stone. Bottom is the same block of stone from the top of the tower.

    My username is elitepastafa
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    posted a message on The Begging Thread.
    Ah, yet again I'm to late and miss someone giving away their gift.... Ah well. If you decide to, username is elitepastafa.
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