Interests Herro!! Im Elísabet from Reykjavík Iceland. I am following my husband to Disneyworld but he is a dedicated player. He bought the game for me so I could help him hole out a mountain and I did but I havent done much else in the game I´m afraid. But I did make an icelandic lets play vid whilst at it. It wasnt interesting though. We have a two year old son who is a Capt. Sparklez fan and he has watched a wicked amount of Minecraft music videos but he can´t come. This trip will be about us being kids not parents We will be staying at the Disneyland hotel...(the big palace) and I kinda feel I have to rent a princess dress and a tiara just to be let in. This will be our first romantic getaway since the baby and since I am a rideaholic, I can´t wait to wander around the park when arnthorsnaer (my man) is checking out something that I haven´t heard about. But of course I´m excited about seeing Notch, Vechs and Yogscast. And buying oh so much from Jinx. Oh...and I have a seamstress making my Creeper outfit for the party. Costume is mandatory right? I would love to meet other wanderererers Stats: Elísabet 35 years old Married to player arnthorsnaer Content Manager for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service ( Have danced in a mall, published a book, released an album and birthed a boy in the middle of my lunch.

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