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    Interested in joining a long-term survival Minecraft server that focus's on Surviving, Exploring, Building, Technical Gameplay and also being Silly?
    ↬ We are on Version 1.16.3 Java Edition
    ↬ We are on Hard difficulty
    Semi-Vanilla with Minimal plugins
    ↬ Cheating, Griefing, and X-raying are bannable offenses
    ↬ We also strive on being a 18 and over server
    ↬ The world was created in May of 2020. Message me if you are interested in becoming a member of our community. (You will need to be interviewed to join first)

    Discord: *•.¸♡ 🎃👻 Heather 👻🎃 ♡¸.•*#0181

    Or join our Discord and message the bot You Need Support#7408 to get interviewed!


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