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    Welcome to my newest supermarket map!

    I originally planned on posting this on PMC, but their website was having issues so I came here instead.

    This map is based off Woolworths/Countdown, an Australiasian (AU/NZ) grocery store chain. Woolworths is Australia's largest retail company, and its New Zealand subsidary Countdown is New Zealand's most common supermarket.

    Although the store itself is not as large as the one in my last supermarket project, this one is more modern, has a large carpark. surrounding landscaping and a more accurate and modern interior.

    Because both Woolworths and Countdown are very similar stores, I have decided to make 2 copies of the same map. The only difference is the branding of the stores. These are both avaliable for download below.


    • Using 1.14+ is highly recommended and is essential for the best experience.
    • You may edit and re-post this map, as long as I get full credit and there is a link back to either this page or my PMC page.


    (Google Drive)

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    (Google Drive)


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