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    The background needs to be coloured to the amount of ores you can find at those levels.

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    This should be SP as well, I wouldn't mind a random spawn.

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    posted a message on Village mod based around transportation and worldly trade. (Immersive Trading mod request)

    So I've been wondering about this for some time now but most mods which features villages mainly include things like running your own village which is great and all but I'm not the kind of don't exactly want to be a guy who likes to run a village, I was thinking more along the lines of a Wondering Trader or generic villager role which current mods don't support all that well.

    The mod I had in mind would focus on trades, more specifically, the perceived value of items based on supply & demand.

    Trades are normally conducted in a central market area as opposed to approaching villagers randomly asking them for trades, I was thinking of separate buy & sell mechanics.

    Before I go into the nitty-gritty of what I am aiming for, buying should always be higher then sell prices at least most of the time within the same villages though prices can and will fluctuate so investing in a particular bulk material and investing in a 'stock market' in terms of resources might be reasonable.

    So when it comes to the groundwork, IE: general village mechanics:

    • Villagers would farm crops, sell the crops, another village would buy and process crops into food and trade it back to the villager, same with resources and tools needed for farming and the materials needed to farm.
    • Houses which the villagers work would have their own inventory, IE: a chest to store items in.
    • Villagers would be given names.

    So now the bones are in place, lets build onto the buy mechanics:

    • Buy mechanics are dictated by the supply / demand model by the villagers around it, this builds on top of the buildings and farms that generate with the village, depending on how much the villager has in his unique chest would dictate the price, modulated by the temperature and rainfall of the area.

    When it comes to selling, lets set some ground proceedures before going into core mechanics;

    1. Players should no longer approach villagers, the player enters a vacant stall at the market.
    2. The player puts items that he intends to sell into the stall slots and sets prices (I'm thinking in emeralds that runs along side vanilla villages).
    3. During the player's visit, villagers would approach the player, the player would find out what the villager desires and what he's willing to pay for it, if the player is reasonable with their pricing and has a high reputation the villager will accept full price for the item.

    So now that we have the mindset in, lets build up the mechanics a little more:

    • While selling items, villagers may say in chat what they intend to buy, the player can right click a villager at any time to check.
    • When it comes to selling items, higher prices generally result in fewer sales especially if you aren't able to compete with another seller selling the same item.
    • If the price the player selling for is undesirable, then the villager has 2 choices, to haggle (if the difference isn't too great) or leave the stall, they may or may not return and try again at the end of the day with a slightly more favourable deal if the player has not packed up before then.
    • Internal mechanics should dictate in a general sense that selling prices are lower than buying prices, which would help limit exploitation within normal rules.
    • Villagers may tell the player in chat what they intend to purchase.

    So we come to addressing loose ends that could be exploited;

    • When it comes to Stealing which includes stealing crops and stealing from the village chests directly, stealing and grieving, like with every player, is frowned upon and if the player is caught doing any of these acts, the player's reputation would decrease, which results in fewer villagers willing to trade with the player in either buying or selling transactions.

    Advanced features:

    While I've been thinking about this mod while writing this up and i've come up with certain things.

    • If you've achieved a certain reputation in the village, certain villagers may come up to you and ask for product contracts, which normally involves giving them a bulk load of a single material of varying size in bulk for a negotiated fixed rate for a certain sustained time rate, which may be renewed or renegotiated if you do well.

    When it comes to working in a village, the same mechanics apply though because of the constraints, you need to perform an actual role in the village as the mod should incentivise you to not buy a product and sell it at a profit.

    Trading - How it's meant to be done, if you have alternate ideas and concepts, you're welcome to voice them, I feel that any other things, the mod should be self-balancing according to the supply / demand mechanic.

    Not sure if the player's vaccant, that ticks around the village should be sped up until the village has caught up with the player.

    Edit: As for mod compatability, It should be compatible with Immersive Transportation and Immersive Railroading.

    I was thinking of it being called "Immersive Trading" but yeah...

    Edit: I've been thinking about being a resident in a village, everyone's going to have their own plots, their own houses as well as allocate land and stuff, you're going to need to let the villagers know you're buiilding there, either actively (going to a town hall or sorts and buying it) or passively (changing blocks which haven't yet been taken by a villager). I'm not quite sure and it's not up for me to decide.

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