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    posted a message on MalisisBlocks 1.12.2-6.1.0 / 1.11.2-5.1.0 (01/02/2018)

    Can I somehow increase the range the Player Sensor picks up the signal? Like double it?
    Oh and also make it invisible?

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    posted a message on Invisible Blocks, no idea why.

    Hi there guys!

    I started playing Minecraft again recently and I've installed SEUS PTGI E6 and Forge and some mods, and some blocks were invisible and I was like "it's okay, it's because of the shaders" but right now I found out it wasn't. I installed a mod called MalisisDoors and MalisisBlocks and some blocks from this pack are invisible (I turned off texture packs and shaders to show you it's invisible with everything off) - https://imgur.com/UjoSasN
    You can see where the block should be...but it's invisible.

    Any idea why and how to fix them :( ?

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